Various treatments for breast lumps that do not harm


Breast lumps can give anyone a jump scare! After all, not all lumps are benign and some of them can indicate cancerous growth. But the good news is that they can often be dealt with by eating natural foods, supplements, and changes in lifestyle.  

There are many types of breast cancer. Many of them can be caused by hormonal imbalances. These imbalances can often be triggered by the stress of unresolved family issues, close relationships and other emotional factors. They are known as the mammary glands for many reasons as we tend to carry our emotions in this area.

Thus, it is crucial that you try to resolve these issues and also check your hormones regularly and seek to balance them naturally – with practices like yoga, meditation, and an all-natural diet as well as other supplements. You can also get bioidentical hormones from certain clinics to restore balance within your body and mind.

If you examine yourself regularly, you might have noticed a few irregular lumps every now and then. They come, they disappear. Is that a cause of worry, you ask? We would probably say that these lumps are likely to be fibrocystic breast tissue – but, do consult a medical practitioner if you notice anything unusual.

However, the question remains – can these lumps be treated naturally? Yes, they can be. In fact, we have a list of natural cancer care foods that are known to work effectively for those battling cancer.

Here is what you need to know about this issue. 

How to treat breast lump naturally? 

The perfect natural treatment for breast cancer is hard to find. But, a combination of powerful anti-carcinogenic foods can turn the tables for anyone battling cancer. As far as benign tumour conditions like fibrocystic breast tissue are concerned, these can be treated with the following methods.

Iodine to for fighting breast lumps naturally 

Iodine is a powerful estrogen regulator in the female body. It also regulates hormonal balance via the thyroid gland. If you think you have irregular breast lumps, you can increase Iodine intake as per your physician’s direction. Take Iodine rich foods like cod, tuna, seaweed or dairy products like cheese and yoghurt regularly to help with breast lumps naturally. Moreover, you can also try over-the-counter drugs known to help with lung and breast cancers. Selenium, Chromium and Thymulin along with GcMAF are other effective treatment routes you can take to alleviate cancerous tumour conditions.

We also recommend effective pharmaceutical routes via medicines like Herceptin if it helps in cutting-down cancerous tumour growth for patients and this is now available via most specialists and oncologists.

Red Raspberry Leaves 

Red Raspberry leaves are a powerful herbal solution known to help with cystic tissue in the breasts. Take it in the form of tea, or add it to your salad – it works the same way as the Iodine. Raspberry leaves regulate excess estrogen that causes irregular lumps in the breast tissue and can also help balance other hormones.

Avoid Caffeine 

Studies haven’t shown a link between caffeine and breast cysts. However, some women find symptom relief after eliminating caffeine from their diets. Consider reducing or eliminating caffeine — in beverages, as well as in foods such as chocolate — to see if your symptoms improve. 

Try Advanced Gerson Diet

In case of breast lumps or cancerous breast tumours, the best diet to follow is the Advanced Gerson diet, with added nuts, for a good natural cleanse. The best Gerson clinic we have found is run by Dr Vickers at his clinic in Tijuana Mexico, called the Northern Baja Gerson Center, where he has actually advanced the Gerson therapy to achieve greater results in treating cancer and other ailments, with great success, by adding Hyperbaric Oxygen, Ozone therapy, immunotherapy, as well as much more and at a budget that is more affordable than any other clinic we have found.

Medical practitioners have long argued about leading a sustainable life without much medicinal intake and invasive medical procedures. And, natural supplements and alternative medicines are the ways to achieve such a lifestyle choice.

In favour of a healthier-self, stay tuned to our blogs for natural healing and treatment resources.

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