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This article sets out some of the issues around these two highly important trace minerals, as well as highlighting their benefits and usage for various conditions, including cancer and diabetes.

Selenium is essential to health

There has been a great deal of fear spread around selenium supplementation. The mainstream song has been about toxicity, even at low levels. Whilst the “safe allowable levels” set by the RDA for selenium were far too low to be effective in helping to overcome cancer.

In fact, high levels of supplementation MAY NOT pose a realistic risk of toxicity.

They are actually essential to health and in higher amounts they can significantly help overcome existing cancers/. Whilst in lower amounts prevent cancers.

Natural sources are diminishing

Almost all of our soil is now so badly depleted in trace minerals that selenium levels have dropped far below the amount that is effective.

Brazil nuts were traditionally high in selenium. But now the levels have dropped to the point where you would have to eat about a pound of them a day to have any therapeutic effect.

Why Selenium and Chromium work  

Given the complexities of human biology, there are a number of reasons why high levels of selenium and chromium are effective at overcoming and preventing the following with similar high dosage levels (see below for further details):

  • Cancer
  • Type II diabetes,
  • Metabolic syndrome,
  • Insulin resistance

Cell energy

To understand the main mechanism by which selenium and the chromium help us, we need to look at one of the most significant characteristics of all cancers.

One of the primary differences between cancer cells and healthy cells is in the Krebs cycle and thedifferent ways they metabolize fuel to create their energy.

Healthy cells

Metabolize fuel by combining it with oxygen to generate energy. This involves a complex cascade of chemical reactions that take place in the mitochondria of the cells. The entire cascade is known as the “Krebs Cycle”, after Hans Krebs.

Healthy cells combine oxygen with a wide variety of other fuels to generate their energy. They can metabolize proteins, fats, amino acids and sugars to generate sufficient energy.

Cancer cells

In contrast, Cancer cells cannot utilize Oxygen in the same way for their energy generation. Instead, they MUST rely on “anaerobic metabolism” which is a metabolism that does not use oxygen, or “glycolysis” which uses some oxygen, but not efficiently. Glycolysis can be thought of as a form of “aerobic fermentation” and is also 16 times less efficient.

Sugars feed cancer cells

Only sugar and Carbohydrates (carbohydrates break down to become sugars) and Glutamine (amino acid) lend themselves to anaerobic metabolism, or to glycolysis.

Hence why sugar is the primary fuel that allows cancers to grow and thrive.

Glutamine, alone is generally not present in sufficient levels to fuel cancers. So its Sugar and/or carbohydrates that really is the key. Cancer cells will not thrive on fats, or proteins as fuel. Cancer needs sugar.

PET Scans

If someone in the conventional medicine sector disputes this, ask them to explain how a PET scan works! You will soon see their eyes cross and their faces turn bright red.

Selenium and chromium Lowers blood sugar

So this is where selenium and chromium come in, as when adequate amounts of both are present in the body (in bio-available form), they work with the pancreatic and liver enzymes and keep blood sugar levels low.

The effect is actually quite dramatic. Yet, this does not lead to the low energy symptoms that someone with an unstable blood sugar problem is likely to experience.

Give a person with type II diabetes high doses of selenium and chromium and see how very quickly their blood sugar stabilizes to a healthy level and the type II diabetes appears to be completely resolved. As well as their blood insulin levels become normal.

Prevent the formation of cancer cells

Even more dramatically, high levels of selenium and chromium affect the energy metabolism at the mitochondrial and so have the potential to prevent the formation of new cancer cells as well as helping to repair the metabolism in new cancer cells, essentially turning borderline cancer cells back into healthy cells.

Weight loss

These effects also make high dose selenium with chromium very helpful for losing weight. Of course, eating a healthy diet, with the right ratios of protein, fat and carbohydrates is still important. But selenium and the chromium suppress hunger and cravings, as well as dramatically increasing the efficacy of a healthy diet.

Recommended Supplier

Until recently, obtaining selenium and chromium supplements that are in the right form and are highly bio-available has been a real challenge.

We have found the best to be Innate Response Formulas which you can find on Amazon, just click here: Selenium and Chronium

CAUTION: Only take the selenium and chromium from Innate Response Formulas at the high serving. Absolutely do NOT take other selenium and chromium supplements in high quantities, as they may cause serious harm!

They are made from whole foods and in the right form, so that they are well absorbed. They do not pose a significant risk of toxicity, even when taken in amounts well above the RDA recommendation.

As more viable suppliers become available, we will update this article accordingly.

How Much Do I Need?

You will need a different amount, depending on whether you are working to overcome an existing cancer, or to prevent a new, or recurrent cancer.

Beware, you will need a lot, as each tablet contains low amounts of the two trace minerals.

Overcoming Cancer dosage

Selenium – Take 20 to 24 tablets every day (1,000 mcg to 1,200 mcg)

Chromium – Take 4 tablets each day, (400 mcg per day).

Take 5 selenium + 1 chromium tablet first thing in the morning and then repeat this 3 times more spread out over each day. With or without food is equally effective.

Preventing cancer

For those who may not have an active cancer, but whose goal is to prevent a recurrent, or new cancer, the above amounts can be halved to a general maintenance and preventive regime:

  • First thing in the morning – 3 selenium + 1 chromium tablet
  • Mid-day – 2 tablets of each
  • Supper time – 3 selenium + 1 chromium tablet
  • Last thing at night – 2 selenium only

Seek the advice of a professional

Of course, we highly recommend working with an expert in this approach to dealing with cancer. Your expert can help you to fine-tune the schedule.

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