Governor Cuomo forces fines on hospitals for not using vaccines


Under the new world order of the global “plandemic” regime hospitals have lost nearly all their rights when it comes to managing their own patients care and wellbeing. The end of the individuals voice, choices, and civil liberties.

As we now see New York Governor Andrew Cuomo advising the hospitals of New York city how to operate whilst imposing huge fines for not following his dictatorial hard-handed measures.

So successful has the marketing campaign been that people are very understandably fed up with lock downs and restrictions, so afraid of mutating viruses on every surface and other human being that the vaccines are lauded as the ONLY solution. The golden bullet. Potentially the wolf comes not in sheeps clothing, but wearing a white coat, face mask and brandishing a syringe full of toxins.

The gold rush is on towards the only solution that was ever going to be on the table, vaccines, vaccines and more vaccines.

According to Natural news: “Throughout 2020, hospitals received financial incentives from the government for every covid-19 diagnosis. Now the broke, shutdown state of New York looks to get that money back from the hospitals by fining the hospitals if they don’t force the vaccines into the population fast enough.”

When there are so many natural cures to a disease that carries “99.95% survival rate, we see these stories crushed and doctors silenced over their use of anything natural, anything that boosts the immune system and does us good.

The new experimental RNA vaccine being rushed to market in record time, has already shown alarming side effects and comes from a company with a less than shiny record like Pfizer

As Natural News points out: “Hospitals should be providing patients with comprehensive, informed consent about these vaccinations, instead of operating out of fear and coercion. Doctors must follow the American Medical Association’s code of medical ethics, of which, informed consent is essential to any medical intervention. By rushing to get “shots in arms,” medical professionals are forced to betray their code of medical ethics. This forceful culture of vaccination will inevitably maximize vaccine injury and bring about a new wave of hospitalizations.

Vaccination is an individual choice, not a government mandate

New York hospitals will also be fined if they vaccinate in an “inequitable” fashion. The state desires that certain groups of people be vaccinated first, and each herd of people are to be vaccinated in the correct order, or the hospital will be fined. Should a clinic administer the vaccine to somebody before their turn, they could face a fine of up to $1 million.”

Whilst hospitals will also be forced into their own form of marketing and drug sales in order to meet their quota: “In order to get as many people vaccinated as possible, hospitals will have to use aggressive marketing campaigns and coercive tactics. Cuomo’s medical tyranny is pushing hospitals to abandon informed consent. His actions are pushing New York one step closer to mandatory vaccinations.”

The media, government, the CDC, the WHO, big tech and corporations have waged a war on our health. We are no longer able to distinguish between any type of disease, natural treatments have all been banned and any alternative voice is crushed and dismissed as false.

Can we still talk about constitutional rights without it all sounding fairly perverted under the fear promotion and medical marketing of the Covid story?

Whilst according to Fox News the mandate is to give these potentially dangerous vaccines to health care workers first: “There is no one cause,” of delays and the governor said he agreed with the federal prioritization on the top priority… it’s all health care workers who come in contact with the public… because they’re most likely to be infected.”

This is of course one way of looking at, but if you consider “shedding” where the recently vaccinated person is now carrying and therefore transmitting the very disease it is supposed to cure, ie actual Covid-19.

The after-effects of the vaccination to healthcare workers will be varied, some may well suffer side effects and illness, whilst others may not, they may simply unwittingly spread the virus further and faster due to the amount of contact they will then have with potentially sick people to whom they will shed the virus.

Many of these patients will be suffering from stress and low immune systems which is when people are likely to suffer the worst effects, due to their compromised immune systems. And so, the vaccinated become the vaccinators. One might call that a perfect storm to increasing the infection rates and making it all seem even more scary than it currently is.

Our advice is don’t let stress and fear take away your fighting chance. Stay well, stay positive, take Vitamin D3 and boost and support your immune system. You only have one, don’t let them take that too.

Love and light and stay safe by looking after your self.

Source: Natural News

Fox news


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