First, an ‘incurable’ virus took over the world and now – the vaccine is here too! This global media narrative, that grows bigger as it feeds on fear-mongering, is eerily similar to a large scale orchestrated smokescreen for the world population. Creating the problem and then marketing its ‘only’ solution has been the oldest trick in the books of capitalism.

The haste in deploying COVID19 vaccines into the market tells it all. Vaccines are destroying lives and they are a medium to establish control. Corporations like Pfizer want to ‘launch’ their vaccines at the earliest with a focus on maximum dosage consumption. This can be deduced from the enthusiasm of people owing to the United Kingdom’s recent clearance for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.  

As per the news reports, the vaccine will be available in Britain from next week as the first batch of 800,000 doses flies in from Belgium.  UK’s top health officials are calling it ‘one of the biggest civilian projects in history.’ When in truth, numerous safety protocols have been bypassed – all in the name of a disease that is not even contagious and has a well-documented cure. This is engineering a global catastrophe at scale – consciously.

Common Lives Don’t Matter 

Behind the veil of enthusiasm from people and short-term psychological relief from the new vaccine’s news lies a plethora of disconcerting facts that nobody is talking about.

We must not forget that Pfizer got an ‘emergency clearance.’ That means crucial clinical trials for this vaccine are being skipped, and safety protocols are being neglected. People and officials seem to have forgotten the terrible side-effects and adverse events caused by it. Or rather, the truth has been subdued by powerful investment groups behind the development of the vaccines and their distribution for our “health” and “betterment.”

The emergency authorization of the vaccine is clearly a desperate move by UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to hush down the public criticism over his pandemic control planning and policy. More than that, something far more ominous is brewing in the shady underbelly of these big pharma manufacturers.

Pfizer is the same corporation that was fined $2.3 billion for illegal marketing of an off-label drug. In fact, the dark truth about the pharma industry was brought to light by Pfizer’s former VP back in 2017.

Can we not accept the precedence of doing the ‘right’ thing over being ‘first’ to do something that might have disastrous effects at scale. Maybe not! Because where there is money to be made, the truths are often distorted. And we’ve already talked about how vaccines are responsible for rising cancer and autism cases in the nascent generation.

We, the people, must make it clear that we won’t fall for such deceptions, and sabotage the lives of our children intentionally.    

The time has come for all of us to monitor global events through the lens of rationality and critique. Because not every rule means well for you, and the so-called ethics of global medical policies are actually deceiving the general public.

We ask why?

65 years ago fund raising commenced for Cancer Research, with billions of dollars in donations every year they are still no closer to finding a “cure.” This is a huge FAIL however you look at it we see much the same options of the very same chemo, radiation and surgery, with little by way of a cure and ZERO by way of prevention.

Yet the billions of dollars continue to flood in and cancer research get a pat on the back for failing every year. Where is the vaccine that destroys cancer? Where is the vaccine that cures diabetes? 

Both Cancer and diabetes individually have destroyed more lives than Covid. There has never been a cure for the common cold, so do you really believe that in just months that a “cure” has been found for COVID 19 and it comes in the form of vaccine? No research or longevity studies needed, yet the claims of “cure” and prevention are HUMUNGOUS but so is the propaganda, fear mongering and profiteering.

Will the cost be to your health or that of a loved one? the cost of this “”cure” looks like it  will be people’s health and the vaccine in this case CAN NOT be reversed. Remember this or you or/and a loved one may pay dearly later…

Why do we have Quarantine when never in the history of infectious diseases have healthy people been subject to Quarantine?

The Vaccine only allows for its use in the case of an EMERGENCY

The Vaccine remains in Trials ONLY until 2023. If lockdown and Quarantine ends, this ends the emergency administration of the Vaccine. So as things stand now, you, your children and loved ones are the trial for the vaccine. This is the Only reason for quarantine and lockdown. Hence it is now an endemic, which means it will NEVER end!

Will you be taking the Vaccine?

Let’s look at the word Vaccine and break it down: Vac-Sins because we have headed into a Vac-Sin-Nation with our eyes wide open to the dangers!

Trust only what is right for you.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
The Healing Oracle Team
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