Medicinal herbs and their phytocompounds are being increasingly considered to be helpful in alternative cancer treatments. Many clinical studies have reported the benefits of herbal medicines on cancer patients’ survival, immune modulation, and quality of life.

Some clinical trials used these herbal medicines in combination with conventional therapeutics. These studies investigated the use of herbal medicines for various cancers and the development of randomized controlled trials (RCTs).

Clinical Usage of Herbal Medicine with Anticancer Effects

For Breast Cancer

Though any significant role for vitamins & selenium in preventing breast cancer has not been diagnosed yet, some anticancer activities have been reflected in vitro. In a controlled trial, some patients with invasive or non-invasive breast cancer received small doses of vitamin A preparation. Within some months, a significant reduction in recurrence of local breast cancer in premenopausal women was found.

Phytoestrogens are classified as water-soluble isoflavones & lipophilic lignans. Found in high abundance in soybeans and lignans, Isoflavones are also found in linseeds, wheat, fruit, flaxseeds, & some vegetables. Soy-derived phytoestrogens are advised in treating breast cancer through undergoing tamoxifen therapy. Some traditional Chinese medicines constitute several anti-breast cancer agents and can be classified into six categories: alkaloids, coumarins, flavonoids and polyphenols, terpenoids, quinone, and artesunate. Such compounds have been taken as health foods for decades and recommended for routine public use.

For Lung Cancer

Lungs are the most common site of metastasis of tumours. Conventional chemotherapy treatments have limited benefits due to the severe toxicity of different anticancer agents like gemcitabine, docetaxel, paclitaxel, vinorelbine, and etoposide. Recent research suggests that some herbal medicines and phytochemicals have lower toxicity and can potentially benefit from formulating a lung cancer therapy strategy. Some traditional Chinese herbal plants are also bearing positive results in treating lung cancer. This is the reason behind the high proportion of patients (77%) opting for herbal medicines alongside conventional treatment for lung cancer to increase anticancer effects.

For Liver Fibrosis and Cancer

Liver fibrogenesis is a process in which secretion & gradual decrease & degradation of extracellular materials take place. This can happen due to the activation of hepatic stellate cells, causing death due to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Unluckily, there are no clinically satisfactory or successful therapies for such patients. Herbal medicines are the only way out to figure out a strategy against liver fibrosis and HCC. Some medicinal herbs are being used as a treatment in China, Japan, and Asia. In 2007, a scientist from his research provided a systematic review of the mechanisms of action of medicinal herbal compounds, like oxymatrine, salvianolic acid B, and curcumin in the treatment of carcinogenesis & hepatic fibrogenesis. More future trials similar to the present ones are needed to address the specificity of herbal compositions in inhibiting or suppressing hepatocellular carcinoma or metabolic liver cancers.

Herbal Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

Smoothened (SMO), a compound of the sonic hedgehog homolog (SHH) signalling pathway, are being evaluated to explore its potential in treating pancreatic cancers. Study shows Cyclopamine can weaken the recruitment of bone marrow precursor cells (BMPCs) into cancer cells and reduce the formation of tumour vasculature. The cancerous vascular system turns out to be unstable after treatment with cyclopamine. Encouraging data suggests that this phytochemical obtained from TCM herb should be systematically explored for its efficacy and other SMO-targeting anticancer drugs.

Use of Herbs in Adjuvants in Traditional Anti-Cancer Therapies

Many Chinese herbs are being used alongside chemotherapy or radiotherapy to improve the efficacy of cancer therapy. Such practices have been highly frowned upon by many western physicians for different reasons. There is a need for increased consultation & coordination with physicians to understand the use of certain herbal medicines as adjuvants to traditional therapy.

With Dr Ronald Klatz explaining how many people in high positions don’t want to cure cancer. This comes from the fear associated with losing a living if a cure is discovered. Such cases are a fierce representation of how power is taking over health and well-being to exploit people.

Those who cannot afford these treatments have any options left over believing the alternative treatments for cancer. For those who can afford, there is no escape from the adverse effects that come along with the so-called modern-day treatments.

Read here about how cancer is already a sign of a weakened immune system and how chemotherapy attacks it repeatedly and acts as a poison for the patient!

Natural cancer cures are nothing but the lifestyle that has been lately foregone from our lives. The comfort from technology and our busy lives are to blame. Lately, we have a generation who least cares about nature and the blessings of natural remedies to chronic diseases.

Centuries ago, various plants & herbs were used as medicines and disease therapeutics in most human cultures. With modern pharma taking over, we now least care about the traditional treatments that saved people in ancient times.

Many scriptures talk about the medicinal properties of food, the way it is consumed, and its impact on our bodies. There is a need to instil that traditional mindset and inculcate lifestyle and food habits that naturally work to boost our bodies.


The human body is the most complex creation of God. The self-healing capacity of a human body should not be underestimated and allow proper space to work. There are many therapies and ancient practices that the pharma and medical industry may want to keep under the veil. But, as a human, it is our responsibility to explore our roots and treat our bodies in the best possible manner!

If you are committed to living a healthy lifestyle and want to start today, check out some excellent natural remedies for chronic diseases and cancers!

Till next time; Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!

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