Prostate cancer is the most common spite among older adults. Many studies prove that treatment of metastatic cancer with hormone therapy temporarily controls symptoms by 70%-80%. The progressive metastatic hormone-refractory disease remains a therapeutic challenge. However, therapeutic approaches can be tumoricidal to hormone-refractory cancerous cells and improve the quality of life without causing adverse effects. Extensive research shows that highly activated macrophages can kill cancerous cells and explains why intratumor inflammation eradicates cancerous cells.

The activity and working of VDTP/Gc-MAF:

Study shows that Gc protein is the precursor for the principal MAF. However, the MAF precursor activity of prostate cancer patient Gc protein is lost or reduced, as their serum Gc protein is deglycosylated by serum α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (Nagalase) secreted from cancerous cells. Deglycosylated Gc protein can generally not be converted to MAF, resulting in no macrophage activation. Macrophages are the primary phagocytic and antigen-presenting cells. Macrophage activation is the first and inevitable step in developing humoral and cellular immunity; this deprivation leads to immunosuppression.

Studies show advanced cancer patients have increased serum Nagalase activities, resulting in no macrophage activation and severe immunosuppression, which is why cancer patients die due to overwhelming infections like pneumonia.

Stepwise treatment of purified Gc protein with immobilized β-galactosidase and sialidase generates the most potent VDTP/GcMAF, which provenly shows no adverse effects in humans. Research proves that the administration of 100 ng of VDTP/GcMAF to humans maximizes macrophages with a 30-fold increased ingestion index and a 15-fold increased superoxide-generating capacity in 3.5 hours.

VDTP/GcMAF has a potent mitogenic capacity to act on the myeloid progenitor cells, resulting in a 40-fold increase in systemic macrophage cell counts in 4 days. Macrophages activated by VDTP/GcMAF develop many receptors that recognize the abnormality in cancerous cell surface and kill cancerous cells. Human macrophages were treated in-vitro with 100 pg VDTP/GcMAF/ml . A prostate cancer cell line LNCaP was added with an effector/target ratio of 1.5; approximately 51% and 82% LNCaP cells were killed within 4 and 18 hours of incubation. This in vitro tumoricidal capacity of macrophages activated by VDTP/GcMAF is motivating researchers to investigate the therapeutic efficacy of VDTP/GcMAF for prostate cancer.

VDTP/GcMAF therapy as a remedy can eradicate metastatic breast and colorectal cancers most effectively. The serum Nagalase activity of cancer patients is directly proportional to tumor burden; serum Nagalase activity is effectively used as a diagnostic index for a variety of cancers, a prognostic index for radiation therapy, surgical resection of tumors, and VDTP/GcMAF therapy for preclinical and clinical mammary adenocarcinoma models and colorectal cancers.

VDTP/GcMAF Therapy for Prostate Cancer:

The therapeutic history of some prostate cancer patients before VDTP/GcMAF therapy can be found here. The availability of PSA measurement has aided prostatic cancer diagnosis and prognosis. It has been found that the serum Nagalase decreases during VDTP/GcMAF therapy for tumor-bearing prostate patients, and the PSA remained unchanged.

To conclude, we can say that availability of precision measurement of serum Nagalase, the curative rate measurements of tumors during VDTP/GcMAF therapy, and the estimation of the degree of tumor differentiation is possible. The rising significance of VDTP/GcMAF therapy for cancers has been dramatically enhanced by discovering cancer cell-specific Nagalase that can accurately monitor the rate of tumor regression during VDTP/GcMAF therapyRead here how to combat prostate cancer naturally!

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