Body's Self-Healing Capabilities


Have you ever wondered how our body is designed to heal itself? Nature is wise and has designed humans almost like super-effective mortal machines.

A healthy body can easily heal wounds, fights infection, kills cancer cells, repairs damages, and fights the aging process. Let’s see how the human body can heal itself.

Healing happens in various ways…

Here are the supporting examples;

  • Cells can heal themselves when they show unhealthy symptoms or replicate to replace damaged cells. If you break a bone, the body immediately produces new cells for healing. When your skin is injured, platelets in the blood clot to stop the bleeding, white blood cells remove the dead, damaged cells and new cells repair the damaged tissue.
  • Our immune system is meant to deal with intruders like viruses, bacteria, & toxin substances. Mucus traps foreign materials & various organs, kill organisms, and a type of white blood cell called phagocytes to engulf & destroy invaders. While many think of inflammation as a problem, it is the body’s reaction to an injury or infection, allowing the immune system to focus on restoring health.
  • Bodies also heal & regenerate themselves through stem cells. When a fetus is formed in the womb, embryonic stem cells divide & differentiate into required cell types to mature into a fully developed human baby.

How do routine activities aid Healing?

During deep sleep, a huge portion of repair & regeneration is done by the body. Not getting enough sleep decreases the amount of time your body is most effective at healing and weakens your immune system. This makes your body susceptible to illness and slows down the healing process from natural daily activities.

Moreover, a nutrient-rich diet is vital for healing processes. The body needs it for optimal energy to sustain critical biochemical processes. However, a poor diet can be a source of environmental toxins, which build up and put enormous strain on the entire system. A poor diet can cause inflammation & contribute to digestive disorders.

Likewise, exercise stimulates blood flow, brings oxygen & nutrients to the cells while carrying toxins away. It helps you sleep better & enhance your mental clarity while reducing emotional stress. Researches show, exercise not only improves health but plays a significant role in aging & fighting cancer. Stress & toxins, and even our psychological state, impacts our health.

Choose wisely for your health

People consider popping a pill as a treatment for common and complex ailments. Though, keeping yourself adapted to a naturalist lifestyle may allow your body to self-heal and function optimally – keeping diseases at bay. Diet, workout, and a clear mind can give us the quality of life we’ve ever wanted.

So go take it and spread the word 🙂

We do the research you decide,
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The Healing Oracle Team
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