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Cancers and tumours have been troubling the human race since decades and clinical trials are under run to find a cure for it. The pharma giants too fight to find a sustainable treatment to deal cancer. In the meanwhile, there are researchers claiming successful use of cannabis in supportive care and treatment of brain tumours.

Use of CBD oil in for medicinal purposes has been driving controversies worldwide. There are people who strongly stand by the fact that it works but a majority of them have formed a perception against the motion.

Substantial data from studies shows that CBD Oil can be used to treat cancer by eradicating cancer cells and stopping metastasis, in most forms of cancer.

Research shows that THC present in cannabinoids penetrates the blood brain barrier and is why it is so effective with brain tumours. Many other medicines cannot penetrate this barrier. Perhaps this is the reason why it is recommended by researchers that the stronger full spectrum oils (considered for brain tumours due to higher levels of THC) are best administered rectally to avoid the side effects of the THC. There is also the medicinal patch within the anus that can improve the absorption into the bloodstream.

Let’s explore a little into what is CBD oil and its potential scope in treatment of Brain tumour and Cancer!

What are Cannabinoids?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a non-psychoactive chemical compound derived from marijuana. CBD are multitarget substances. Cannabinoids are known to play active role in the treatment of cancer as palliative interventions against vomiting, nausea, anxiety pain, and sleep disturbances.

Today’s scientific results suggest that cannabinoids could play an important role in palliative care of brain tumour patients.

Scientists are examining human and canine brain cancer cells to look if cannabidiol could be a useful therapy for a difficult-to-treat brain cancer. A study looked at glioblastoma, an often-deadly form of brain cancer that grows and spreads fast. With survival rates for not improving significantly, CBD oil brain tumor treatment and this recent research might possibly help those looking for a relief!

In a breakthrough study from the United Kingdom, positive results were found to treat aggressive form of brain cancer by using a combination of synthetic cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol.

Here are some ways Cannabinoids help Brain Tumour and Cancer Patients!

Cannabinoids and its uses in Palliative care:

Palliative care is related to symptom management & supportive care for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. It focuses on improvement of quality & duration of remaining life of patients. Since long-term drug safety is crucial, palliative effects of cannabinoids on mood, pain, appetite, and radiation/chemotherapy-induced nausea & vomiting, have been studied. Study showed multiple therapeutic effects can be achieved with only one product. The benefits include reduced pain, spasticity, depression and anxiety; improved mood and sleep; increased appetite and weight; etc.

Cannabinoids Help in Improving Multiple Cancer-related Symptoms

During the past decades researchers reported significant improvement of numerous cancer-related symptoms like depression, fatigue, anxiety, sexual function, constipation, itching, and sleep disorders. Studies also show THC & concoctions having antianxiety properties when administered in low doses. Overall, positive effects have been noted in patients, although definite conclusions are a little vague due to differences in study quality and assessment methods.

Anticancer Effects of Cannabinoids may be able to Prolong Life

One of the most exciting properties of cannabis and scientific evidence for anticancer effects dates back to 1974. Marijuana’s psychoactive component, THC slowed down the growth of breast cancers, lung cancers, and a virus-induced leukemia and prolonged lives by 36 percent.

Astrocytomas and glioblastomas are most frequent brain tumours among 180 different types. In most brain tumors the endocannabinoid system is upregulated & seems to be under epigenetic control. Tumors express not only CB1 but also CB2 receptors and the expression of the latter usually correlates with tumor grade. Interestingly, some kind of pediatric astrocytic tumors, such as subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (which occasionally cause mortality owing to progressive growth) also display high CB2 immunoreactivity.

Read here about how the father of an 8-month-old baby opted for a non-conventional treatment with CBD Oil for Brain Tumour. The benefits not only left everyone gaped but made the baby’s physician a believer of the benefits of CBD oil/RSO oil.

Cannabinoids have Antitumor Effects on Glioma Cells

Cannabinoids decrease tumour progression by at least 2 mechanisms: apoptotic death (tumour cells) and the inhibition of tumour angiogenesis. It has also been reported that cannabinoids inhibit tumour-cell migration and spreading. Cannabinoids also block the activation of the vascular endothelial growth factor pathway, an inducer of angiogenesis.


Many publications demonstrate the potential benefits of cannabinoids to treat cancer and brain tumours. There is a possibility to combine it with other therapies and see the effect. Healthcare must be a choice for the patients. It must be provided by only those who are really considerate about health & improvement of life. Be it chemotherapy/radiation or the conventional practices of using CBD oil, the patient must have their say.

After all, every person has the right to decide their line of treatment, especially related to a life-threatening disease like brain tumour or cancer.

At healing oracle, we have always advocated for treatments that come from the lap of mother earth, for no one knows a cure better than her!

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