There are many ways in which the human body can be healed. Here, we aren’t merely talking about recovering from a disease but healing the mind and the soul. The traditional cultures in many Asian countries believe firmly in a linkage between the body, soul, mind and heavenly energies.

Many studies have been analysing the impact of spiritual healing therapies on patients suffering from chronic illness or even cancer.

In the Chinese tradition, prayer, spiritual healing, and meditation are the most frequently used spiritual therapies. These therapies focus on correcting the patient’s energy and aura and helping those who are looking after the patient.

According to an ancient practice, Ayurveda majorly defines the role of Chakras and its alignment in the well-being of a person. So, let’s explore a little what is it all about.

An Introduction to Chakras and how can one keep them aligned!

The Sanskrit word ‘chakra’ means “wheel”. It refers to the energy vortexes that are responsible for aligning the spine and the head. These chakras hold the energy of feelings, thoughts, deeds, habits, and even more than what we can imagine.

A 4,000 years old theory of ancient Indians suggested that there are seven chakras, along with numerous other ones, which is now slowly believed and proved through research.

Chakras are nothing in physical nature, but it influences the body and mind profoundly. They determine how you feel or act and how you harbour disease and heal.

The 5-Phase theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine has been an integral part of medical acupuncture for 2000 years. The research of John R. Cross has resulted in a further evolution of this 5-Phase theory to include the Ayurvedic chakra energy centres. Using chakras, a doctor can appreciate the integration of human organ systems, neuroendocrine system, and personality attributes (positive/negative) associated with each chakra.


Chakra Names Coupled major/minor chakras
1. Base or Root Crown & Brow
2. Brow or Anja Base
3. Heart Solar Plexus
4. Crown Base
5. Social Sacral Throat & Minor Spleen
6. Solar Plexus Heart
7. Throat Sacral


So, now that you know the Chakra’s, you can read here which chakra is associated and aligned for which disorder!

Chakras: How do They Help?

Embrace Your Human Nature

Chakras teach us to honour the needs of being human. The lower chakras (i.e., the sacral, root, and solar plexus) have to do with earthly and physical matters. The heart chakra at the centre holds energies related to kindness, love, compassion, and empathy. The upper chakras (i.e., throat, crown chakras, and third eye) relate to integrity, expression, intuition, and awakening. Each chakra holds importance for health & well-being. It offers a pathway for deep inner fulfilment and a guide on how to embrace human nature.

A synergy of Body, Mind, and Soul

Your body manifests what you feel, think, and experience in your mind and heart. Your body fluids, organ systems, and cells process your emotions, frame of thoughts, and environment. The same works for your spirit; your body and mind feel & thinks is reciprocated within your spirit. The chakra system helps you control and avoid any puzzling with mind, body, and soul. Constant communication & synergy is the main goal!

Duality Creates Balance

The chakra system brings in the dual nature of humanity for greater balance in life. The root chakra makes you strong and anchored; sacral chakra lets you flow & adapt. The solar plexus makes you fierce, powerful, & determined. These qualities challenge you to grow in opposing ways and help you find the equilibrium.

Reveals Your Uniqueness

It takes a lot of emotions, perspectives, deeds, and memories to create the energy of a chakra. Since the composition isn’t linear, the chakra system teaches us to honour our journey. A better connection with what is stored in your chakras makes you gratified for who you are today, leading to happy living and a healthy and conscious mind!

Enhances the Power of Subconscious

A significant part of your manifestation comes from health, relationships, and finances and their imprints. These resources from family, culture, and society feed the subconscious and influence the chakra vortexes. This information directs your experience of reality and how you respond to it. Once you establish the correlation, you can stay aware of your consumption of thoughts to build resources. This helps you remain in the positive aura and let the energy heal your body. Read here about how we become good at what we practice!


Self-observance or svadhyaya brings awareness of the chakras. By being aware of your thoughts or behaviour, you can determine if your chakra is strong or weak. You can explore the limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions, and difficult memories that may block your energetic body through reflective writing.

Lastly, nurture your chakras through affirmations, crystals, reiki, and lifestyle changes. Meditation, yoga, pranayama, and visualization are tools to support your energy field once you identify the energetic blocks.

Some studies suggest complementary spiritual therapies in cancer care as an alternative cancer treatment to reduce the side-effects of the treatment processes! The body has a self-healing capacity. A balance in the Chakra system ensures that this capacity remains intact and energy flows in the best possible manner.
After all, every human, at their cellular level, depends on positivity for survival!

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