How Modern Agriculture Is Putting Poison On Our Tables?


Countless studies, research, and reports have found that pesticides and other toxins used in agriculture contribute to global health problems.

Observations compiled over the years (since the commercial agriculture age dawned upon us) show that these chemicals have been shown to cause cancer, brain damage, developmental toxicity, and more.

This blog post will discuss how modern agriculture is putting poison on our tables – so to speak – and what we can do about it!

Modern Agriculture and Its Products are Toxic

Pesticides and other toxins are the deadly side-effects of the agricultural age. As yields have increased, so has our exposure to these chemicals in everything we eat.

In fact, some studies show that when mothers – who may ingest pesticides from food or water while pregnant give birth to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Chemical-laced food increases these odds by a staggering 60%.

In addition, many more cases of childhood brain cancer could be attributed to glyphosate contamination. Studies like this one also found direct links between ASD risk factors and chemical exposures such as household cleaners, plastics used for packaging foods, Teflon pans used in cooking at high temperatures… all of which were present in more significant quantities than ever before due to modern agriculture methods!

How Chemicals Have Infiltrated Our Food Chain?

The first step in this process is to identify the pesticides that are found on our food. This can be done by analyzing fruit and vegetable samples for pesticide residues and comparing them to what’s considered safe amounts.

The USDA has a system called Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) which limits how much of any given chemical will remain on fruits or vegetables after they’re washed off with water. MRLs help keep people healthy by ensuring that crops aren’t sprayed more than necessary- as there have been cases where farmers would spray their crops multiple times until chemicals could no longer stick to their skin!

However, we find that many countries do not regulate these standards, which means that some produce may contain these toxic chemicals in 20x excess amount than what is deemed safe.

Can We Escape The Poison in Our Plates?

When we look at the food supply, there are over 100,000 chemicals in use. Many of these go unregulated and unless labeled as “organic,” can be present on our plates. With this many toxins around, it’s no wonder that both mental and physical health show signs of decline when exposed to them!

However, there are options to ensure that you eat healthy, chemical-free food. Some of these alternatives include;

  • Buying produce only from local farmers using organic cultivation methods
  • Eating natural and nutritious food
  • Avoiding processed food whenever you can
  • Buying produce from Hydroponic farm producers

Moreover, if you have the knack for gardening and cultivating home-grown food, you can grow your food. Check out hydroponic home-grow systems that can give you a year-long fresh harvest of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

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