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Modern life is all about ‘paying your way’ through it as it happens. Though nobody asked for it, capitalism is still centric to our society – to our idea of success, growth and happiness. The ‘go get it’ mindset fostered into the narrative of the ‘American Dream’ has shaped not just our country but also has had its fair influence on the eastern world.

That being said, the modern life we’ve built on the money-centric values, consumerism and idea of an ‘ideal, successful’ person are already haunting us. Despite the technological havens, advancement in healthcare and personal-development breakthroughs, stress, depression, anxiety and broken spirits are on the rise.

Who is to blame for this? Our ignorance? Or the world around us that imprints on our minds?

Depression – leading worldwide disability 

World Health Organization’s Depression Fact Sheet states this fact clearly. 264 million people across the world, from different age spectrums, suffer from depression. WHO credits depression for being a critical underlying factor in the global burden of diseases. While diagnosis and treatment for depression have taken many advancement leaps, the actual background problem largely remains unaddressed by the governments.

An average person can only go on for so long without breaking. Yet, the pressure of being more productive, competitive, paying taxes, buying insurance, earning more and creating security for your loved ones is too strong to let go of our inhibitions and worries. This loop further throws people into the pits of addiction, broken relations, and other worrisome fates.

Food is the other critical part in deciding our quality of life. For instance, unhealthy eating habits can also trigger depression. Researchers have found that the deficiency of Arginine, an amino acid, is linked to chronic depression – something that can be addressed by switching to a more natural and balanced diet. You can read our article on this topic here

Moreover, the global Covid19 lockdown has tied all of us indoors – leaving us with Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is crucial for our overall mental & physical health. Though remaining indoors for too long depletes us of Vit D and in turns, compromises our immunity as well!

While Maeng Da Kratom can help stimulate the brain naturally and fend-off depression, we’ve also written this quick-read article to protect your immune system and keep depression at bay in situations like the lockdown.

Mental Burnout is real 

Almost all the sane people out in the world are busy earning an honest living. Yet, far too many of them are stuck in jobs they don’t love and committed to corporate missions that are incongruent with their internal values. Overworked, underappreciated, unhappy; this is the basic storyline of almost every employee out there.

Constant exhaustion, lack of motivation, pessimistic outlook, depression-like state and anhedonia – these are some of the signs that tell a person may have reached the point of mental burnout. 

Mental burnout can have many underlying causes. Most common ones are prolonged stress, sedentary lifestyle, too much sensory stimulation (parties, intoxication, etc.), lack of sleep and isolation.

The carrols of passion we were taught somehow fail to rekindle our spirit in this ever-demanding world.

Declining physical health 

Besides the tax on our mental health, physical well-being in the modern world is not winning any trophies either. Rising diabetes, obesity, cancer, developmental disorders in children, and high/low blood pressure cases have already triggered an avalanche that our future generations will have to face.

In 2014 alone, the world saw 422 million diabetes patients. Moreover, 17 million people die each year due to cardiovascular diseases (majorly heart attacks and strokes). Aren’t these numbers alarming?

Breaking the loop of hell 

While the modern narrative is busy maximizing our human-potential at our own cost, there are still some effective changes you can make to keep your mind, body and soul in harmony. Besides the fundamental requisite of positivity for every human to survive, The following are some simple, yet powerful mantras for beating the tolls of toxic modern lifestyle;

Work-Life Harmony 

It sounds like another ‘corporate’ scheme for employee well-being. But, creating work-life harmony will drastically improve your quality of life. The key here is to worry about work ‘when you are at work.’ And, focusing on home and family when you are with them. A critical aspect of building a harmonious work-life routine is mindfulness. This brings us to our next remedy.

Induce Mindfulness 

Too much of emotions, good or bad, cloud our cognitive abilities and rational judgement. Though, staying calm, being aware of our immediate present (not the future & not the past), and focusing on what needs to be done are keys to induce mindfulness inside our chaotic heads.

Buddha was the first one to address this philosophy. The best way for you to induce mindfulness is practising meditation. Close your eyes and think about nothing. That is how you get started with zen meditation.

There are many online courses and guides that will help you master meditation and mindfulness. These can be one of the best investments for your well-being to date.

The bottomline is to take a step back, look at the world’s narrative from a bird’s eye view, and decide if you want to buy it.

If your answer is ‘NO,’ then you have already defeated the shadow with your inner light.

Stay healthy, stay awesome.   

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
The Healing Oracle Team
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