Autism Spectrum Disorder


It seems like developmental disorders are on the rise globally. Of these, Autism Spectrum Disorder seems to be emerging fast, given its sporadic yet frequent reported cases. If you think you know someone with Autism Spectrum Symptoms, this blog will give you all the info you need to know. 

What is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD is a complex developmental condition that poses challenges for children and teenagers in non-verbal communication, speech, social interaction and OCD-like repetitive behaviours. If not diagnosed or addressed in time, it can lead to a troubled childhood and adulthood – and compromise with the quality of life of a person.

What are Autism Spectrum Symptoms?

As the name of this developmental condition states, ASD shows, within a ‘spectrum,’ many different symptoms that vary with the individuals. All of these symptoms resemble Autistic traits and are characterized by developmental challenges for a person.

However, the symptoms of ASD are broadly divided into the following two categories;

Social Interaction & Communication Challenges 

This includes difficulty in understanding the context of the conversation and indulging in a back-and-forth talk. This can be accompanied by an unwillingness to talk about feelings and emotions, difficulty in deciphering the social cues and emotions of others, and so on.

Odd and Repetitive Behaviours, Activities & Interests 

Children with possible ASD can be seen with OCD-like repetitive compulsive behaviours. E.g. Arranging their toys in a definite sequence, using odd-speech patterns to communicate (like twisting the words, etc.), being unable to cope with a changed routine/schedule and experiencing rare sensory aspects – like indifference to temperature, pain, being overwhelmed with loud noises, etc.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have identified the following specific Autism Spectrum symptoms in young children:

  • Not responding to his/her name by 12 months of age
  • Not pointing at objects to show interest by 14 months
  • Not playing “pretend” games by 18 months
  • Avoiding eye contact or preferring to be alone
  • Getting upset by minor changes
  • Flapping their hands, rocking their body or spinning in circles
  • Having unusual and sometimes intense reactions to the way things smell, taste, feel and/or look

What are Autism Spectrum Therapies & Treatments?

Though, Autism Spectrum Therapies work well for children & teenagers if implemented on time by a qualified medical practitioner. As we’ve pointed out before that Immunotherapy GcMAF can treat 90% of Autism, it can very well help in the treatment of ASD.

Besides this, there are some therapies that can streamline healthy mental & emotional development for children diagnosed with ASD. These therapies include;

Occupational Therapy 

This therapy aims at making children & teenagers better at everyday tasks that fall into the spectrum of ‘normalcy.’ E.g. Buttoning clothes, tying shoelaces, holding spoon & fork, etc. The idea behind occupational therapy is to make ASD-diagnosed children better at life in school, work & play.

Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) 

This type of therapy uses rewards to reinforce positive behaviours and teach them new skills. Parents and other caregivers are trained so they can give the ASD child moment-by-moment feedback.

Treatment goals are based on the individual. This may include social skills, communication, personal care, and school work. Studies show children who receive early, intensive ABA can make big, lasting gains.

These therapies when coupled with immunotherapy GcMAF can do wonders for a kid diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum disorder.

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