Leading an increase in censorship across the alternative medical field, meet Fiona O’Leary, a cyber bully that will stop at nothing to prevent any opinion, or viewpoint around the subject of vaccination damage and autism and Aspergers.

She is angry. She is focused. She is relentless. Be warned.

This is an update. Original article March 7th 2019

Since publishing an article about the Murder of Dr Bradstreet last week (mid June 2019), where we highlighted Fiona as one of the vital links and instigators in the brutal murder of Dr Bradstreet, complete with an accurate countdown to his death on her Facebook page and months of bragging messages after his death, Fiona has been on the rampage once more, threatening and hounding Dr Bradstreet’s family, who so bravely chose to tell their story.

Here are some other important updates:

Fiona doesn’t ever want to to find a cure to autism, as she will lose her lucrative career and benefits pile. She is still at it now 4 years later. Despite many court cases against her, she is still attacking anyone who even mentions helping children with autism. She even attacks autistic children for attempting to cure themselves.

The parents of Special Needs children in Ireland have serious concerns and want her away from their children, whilst also is described as the most Evil woman in Ireland.

Any parent who posts positive results with GcMAF in any of our Facebook Groups like GcMAF Oracle come under attack from Fiona and her cronies, who set up multiple fake Facebook accounts in order to verbally attack them. Often having them then investigated by social services and have even had these children removed from their home, just as they are seeing improvements.

This behaviour and open intimidation proves difficult for people to share their story and knowledge openly, for fear of reprisal, or the threat of having their children taken away.

Whilst Fiona and her husband chose to Crucify members of their own family at Easter

Fiona’s latest Contact details

Fiona O’Leary – 00353 85 727 0302

Tim O’Leary (Husband) – 00353 86 355 4598

Regarding contact info and details the info has been released on social media by them both (the put up their birthday cakes and ages)

Fiona O’Leary DOB 10/09/1971 age 47

Tim O’Leary DOB 24/11/1972 age 46

Address: Knockaduff Dunmanway P47 RT61 County Cork Republic of Ireland EIRE

Emails: [email protected]

[email protected]

TWITTER: @fionapettit71 (Fiona O’Leary)

TWITTER: @tummayo (Tim O’Leary)



YOUTUBE: Call To Action Video Campaign Against MMS/CD as an Autism Treatment




Please also read the original article below for a complete background on this dangerous troll

Autism Rights Together

Autism Rights Together

Fiona calls herself an ‘Autism spokesperson’ and is the self appointed ‘Managing Director’ of Autism Rights Together (ART), which has a grand total of 6 members (pictured) and carries no official status as an organisation. It’s merely a self published Facebook Group, YouTube channel and Tumblr page. But it’s mere existence, in her mind, has justified her extremism and is a stick with which to beat the world. The worst part is that she entices and manipulates innocent, real autistic children into the group, as new members. Then using their real names and profiles, she claims they are victims suffering at the hands of whomever her latest target is. They are pawns in her game of mass mind control.

Despite many withheld complaints, existing court cases and hundreds of imminent lawsuits against her, Fiona O’Leary is still on the attack. In 2018, she was kept busy going back and forth to court, for charges such as deformation of character, harassment and violence.

Yet, her selfie style video updates have continued unabated, even during her gagging order, she continued to post. But its what she does behind the scenes that is truly devastating. In reality this is a very driven, very determined, angry, sociopath. And what she really wants is total censorship of anything that is new, or beneficial to autistic people.

Doctors have died, people have been sent to jail, lost their children, their jobs, their practices, their income, their homes and their minds. All at the hand of this very vindictive driven narcissist, who makes 450,000 Euros a year (which is over half a million US Dollars) peddling hate and destroying peoples lives.

Please, voice your protest and sign our petition to ban Fiona from Social media

Uniformed Thought Police

In the digital age everyone is allowed a platform to air their views and to state their mind. It’s called Free Speech. The social media revolution has led to much change and heated debate, especially when it comes to health. But when your message is one of hatred and abuse, should you be allowed as much air time as this?

We cannot engage in debate with her, as we tried that many many years ago, at the beginning of all of this. Listening is not a strong point and her only message is to stop, kill, end. There is no compassion, no understanding, no remorse for anyone outside the immediate circle of herself.

Her only plea is acceptance and financial support. For, she is too busy to work a regular job. This self labelled “carer” spends 15 hours a day online, her only motive is to SILENCE anyone with an alternative viewpoint to her own.

Contact Dr Gabrielle Stuart

If you are a a doctor and have experienced any of the kind of harassment and ill treatment mentioned in this article and had any direct involvement Fiona, then please contact Dr Gabrielle Stuart in Ireland.

He thwarted a complaint to the Irish Medical Council by her and has kindly offered to help any fellow professionals in a similar predicament.

Dr Suzanne Humphries

Dr Suzanne Humphries is behind the groundbreaking documentary Vaxxed is now an ongoing target of Fiona’s.

Her influence over media channels continues

Facebook are now clamping down and controlling the reach of anyone who speaks out against Vaccinations, or builds a following. It’s a well known policy and much of this ground work is led by Fiona.

The confused illogical arguments she she spouts are those of the mainstream. Big Pharma’s little mouthpiece. But do not underestimate what this woman will do.

She is behind the recent move of Amazon Prime in removing any material that would in anyway question, or document, the motives of mandatory vaccines, from its service. Movies like Vaxxed

Fiona’s hate campaign list

Here is a small selection, of her ever growing rap sheet:

Dr Jeff Bradstreet an autism specialist, was harassed and murdered at her hands

Dr Gonzales Spoke out against autism was openly harassed by Fiona before he was murdered

Suzanne Humphries (as mentioned above) from Vaxxed is one of her targets and Fiona will not stop. She has had the documentary stopped in many countries and her campaign continues to date. Even going so far as to assault Suzanne Humphries last year, at a Premier of the documentary in Ireland.

George Hook Broadcaster She made a fake rape video to discredit him

REGRET charity for Girls damaged by Gardasil vaccine Facebook Group – in fake profiles with Lorraine Murphy a psychiatric nurse, Fiona O’Leary and her trolled the paralyzed and disabled girls on the page to the point of near suicide.

Vera Twomey and her daughter Ava who campaigned to legalize CBD oil in Ireland to stop Ava’s seizures (Vera now has a legal prescription for it and Fiona O’Leary terrorized this woman all the way) Ava has been seizure free for months now

Caudwell Children’s Charity John Caudwell a mobile phone billionaire who donated half his fortune to help special needs parents, Fiona O’Leary made a hate campaign against the man and his charity and reported them to the charity commission. Fiona objected to him giving special needs parent’s money for treatments for Autism. She said they shouldn’t treat it, just accept it. No wrong doing was ever found.

Autism Trust UK Charity Fiona O’Leary conducted a malicious Hate campaign against Polly Tommy its founder, reporting them also to the charity commission for opening centres to treat Autistic children. No wrong doing found.

Reported CEO of Irish Autism Action (IAA) for wrong doing – no basis to complaint. Fiona had to pay for a scone at a meeting and wanted her money back. She was incensed.

Anna Kennedy OBE – Autism ambassador. Fiona O’Leary complained to the charities commissioner and tried to stop a conference Anna arranged to discuss Autism intervention. She also terrorized those taking part in the conference until they agreed to pull out for fear Fiona would go after their families.

Carol Povey – Head of NAS UK – a hate campaign against Carol was the next target as she wouldn’t agree to do what Fiona and Emma wanted fast enough.

Kevin Healy Autism Advocate and NAS ambassador – was made an advocate ironically, against bullying. Became bullied himself by Fiona.

Radio host Sean Maguire continues to receive aggressive attacks and seems entrenched in an ongoing hate campaign for even wanting to discuss the topic of autism.

Mark Grennon a Church Bishop was hounded by Fiona for 10 years.

Kerri Rivera has been a focus of Fionas for treating Autism.

Dr Patrick Vickers is now her latest victim

Amanda Mary Jewell is one of Fiona’s obsessions. Responsible for my 3 prison sentences in 3 different countries which she arranged for talking about the health benefits of B17. Her delusional belief is that if she takes me down, then I take the entire holistic community with me.

The above is just a small list, as her victims are in the hundreds, with the count climbing.

The history of her abuse

If you look back on the timeline, her strategy has always been to destroy anything that helps autism. Or indeed anything that even uses the word. But her main point of contact is always the cures:


The original attack on me (Amanda Mary Jewell) started back in June 2015, at the same time the doctor’s murders began. Despite my being ex-communicated from the Genesis II church in 2013 for my open stance AGAINST MMS II and Enemas, Fiona went after me, confused by the facts and for some reason believing I was actually giving enemas!

I was publicly debating and questioning the use of Enima’s with Kerri Rivera, as I feel there are far better alternatives than giving children such invasive colon therapy and its associated risks. Yet Fiona is unable to make that switch in her head and so her attacks on me began.


Her next point of attack was MMS, or Chlorine Dioxide which is legal, safe and used throughout the food industry. It’s used by Governments and food manufactures and is FDA approved.

Even the Pharmaceutical industry use it to sanitise their laboratories, whilst the U.S. Government has done research for many years on the safety of using chlorine dioxide in many daily applications. Now, they have patented it and are working with it around the world. It’s even used to clean tap water. It is no more of a bleach than a lemon juice.

So once Fiona heard it might help autism, it gave her a focus. She pursued anyone and everyone involved in its work and research. Unable to remember its name, she simply labels it “bleach” (common household bleach is sodium hypochlorite and we all know the harm that can do. So she on camera she fantasised about the harm good people were doing with this utterly different chemical compound, it in order to demonise them and their work.


As GCMaf became the biggest and most effective cure for her two favourite subjects of Autism and Aspergers, so it became her obsession to stop it. It was an even bigger threat to her livelihood, whilst also a healthy revenue stream for her, so she went after anyone tied to GCMaf, including us. Again.

She was very pleased to be involved in the jailing of David Noakes and Rodney Smith a the end of last year, as ever Fiona was at the forefornt of this witch hunt.

Once again, David Noakes was imprisoned not for selling GCMaf, as the judge clearly stated that GCMaf was not the one on trial, but for money laundering. But the victory was enough to satisfy her blood lust that day. The video has been since removed.

Her doctor

She went after her own doctor publicly, who exposed to her repeated selfie style videos, saw that it was clear Fiona did not have Autism, or Asperger’s, as she had once diagnosed.

In fact, her doctor felt tricked. Fiona had learned (along with her two children) the characteristics and was a good enough actress to dupe her into a diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and Autism.

But due to medical practice you cannot go back on a diagnosis, once its passed. So Fiona relentlessly and shamelessly hounded her, her friends, her family and her work colleagues.

She went after Dr Finbar McGee for recommending MMS to his patients, with malicious newspaper articles

Dr Jeff Bradstreet

The worst of all, was her pursuit of at least two doctors who are now dead. Namely American doctors Jeff Bradstreet and Dr Gonzales. She is proud that her “research” has led to their deaths.

She harassed Jeff’s phone and the FDA on a daily basis, until they finally went for his licence.

She even had a countdown on her Facebook page, stating when Dr Jeff Bradstreet would die. It was exact, to the day. She continued to brag about this for several months, until it was finally removed.

His murder in June 2015 was recorded as suicide. According to the Police investigation he shot himself twice in the chest. Yes twice. In the chest.

A doctor, should he ever be willing to take his own life, would know that shooting yourself in the chest is not the fastest pain free route to a quick end. It’s the opposite. And he did it twice? How is the even possible?

Jeff and I had just discovered the link between autism and vaccine nagalase and we were successfully treating autism with GCMaf and as a main part of protocols. He was found dead soon after.

Vitamin C

It’s been proven that Vitamin C can help with autism. So that was next for Fiona, as she targeted Vitamin C Groups on Facebook and anywhere she could find them.

Dr Patrick Vickers Her latest victim, who despite us only ever meeting once briefly, Fiona claims he now works for me and is now out to destroy him by any means necessary. Dr Vickers has had his practice for around 3 years. I liked what he was doing at his clinic. The patients were happy there. He is a good man. He clearly does not deserve Fiona’s hate campaign.

Pharma backed

She has the corporate interest and maintains the mainstream argument, all be it from an extremist perspective. But how much rope does one person need? The school yard bully has a laptop and Smart phone and is NOT afraid to use it. And so she has forged herself a lucrative career as an attacker. Some may call it activism, but this is more personal than that.

In the height of her powers she confessed to working for the BBC, Channel 4 (in the UK), The Times, The New York Times and many other mainstream outlets.

Please see the original article for more on her list of misdemeanours and hate crimes.

Words from a letter to a Newspaper in Ireland:

“Fiona O’Leary is not authorised to speak for anyone other than herself, she has no job no organisation and is a self proclaimed spokesperson – ART is a tumblr page nothing more.”

“This woman is the scourge of so many Autistic people and Autism parents lives and has been involved in hate campaigns towards hundreds of people, including parents, professionals and even her own family, many of whom who have nothing to do with her. 

Exaggerating the children’s claims of disability to get services
See this video where she admits the scam and says plainly she exaggerated her children’s difficulties, to sway the benefits agency into their supporting of her family.  See minute 24.53 for the revelation of lying to the authorities to get financial “support”

Reflection – posted to Youtube by Fiona O’Leary 11th April 2016

24:55 Fiona states: “ if you get any support in Ireland like if you want to get supports, for a child in school or whatever you have to make it sound as drastic as you can to get those supports we’re actually told that by the professionals you know so you’ve got to go out there and technically lie to get any supports.”

Autism acceptance
In the video she says Autistic people are not the same and not accepted and that people should just accept this is a condition, not a disease. Whilst, also wanting the  acceptance that they are different enough to get all the financial benefits this entails.

Ability and time to work
Although work is exactly what she does do, she works very hard in her self appointed role. In the REFLECTIONS video Fiona O’Leary talks about how she went to study courses and goes all over the country and was offered a role in IAA (turned it down as the CEO didn’t offer her enough money) She later vilified the IAA and this man all over social media.

Allocation of a Council house in suspicious circumstances
The O’Leary’s pestered Cork County Council and got politicians to write letters for her to get her a council house. It is a 6 bedroom 3-bathroom house on 1 acre of land that was purchased by the council from the private sector and handed over to her in February 2018. 

Their needs are for a 4-bedroom property. And no other council house in the whole of the country comes with an acre of land. The land registry lists Cork County Council as the owner who purchased the property a month before giving it to them. Evidently purchased especially for them.

Campaigner against abusive treatments
Fiona O’Leary says that she is a campaigner against abusive treatments. But she says every treatment that any parent uses for Autism is abusive. She puts up a smoke screen that parents who use supplements, treat their children’s gut and health issues are all ‘abusers.’ She says the alternative health industry is all Anti vax and connected with MMS.

There is little evidence of MMS in Ireland, yet she sees it around every corner.  In reality she has done more to promote MMS world wide than anyone. No one knew what it was before she made it famous.

She has suspected and persecuted many families and all have failed, with Gardai, Tusla and HPRA. All she got was one guy a small fine after she tricked him on the phone to entrap him. She can give no credible evidence of children who have been injured by MMS as she claims they die in droves. No Autism parents endorse child abuse as a way of life for their Autistic children yet she says everyone is an abuser, except her.

We just hope that whoever reads and shares this article is not attacked too, as this simply highlights her cause and gets her a few more views, but mostly the best thing to do is block and report her.

Contact Dr Gabrielle Stuart

If you are a doctor and have been one of Fiona’s victims and need some help, please email Dr Gabrielle Stuart in Ireland. He thwarted a complaint to the Irish Medical Council by Fiona and is happy help any genuine cases of harassment.

Contact Dr Gabrielle Stuart

If you are a a doctor and have experienced any of the kind of harassment and ill treatment mentioned in this article and had any direct involvement Fiona, then please contact Dr Gabrielle Stuart in Ireland.

He thwarted a complaint to the Irish Medical Council by her and has kindly offered to help any fellow professionals in a similar predicament.

Please, voice your protest and sign our petition to ban Fiona from Social media

Please also see:



Final note

We do of course expect a backlash from merely publishing this article, but people need to understand this woman has a lot of blood on her hands.

It is important to note that not at any stage do we care to, or have ever mentioned her children’s names. That is simply factually incorrect. Of course all of what Fiona says is factually incorrect, but this must be highlighted as an utterly fraudulent claim.

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
The Healing Oracle Team
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