Irish Fraudster Fiona O’Leary rakes in 120k euro/140kusd yearly by claims of Aspergers! She suppresses cures for Autism and harms her children.

Irish woman Fiona O’Leary rakes in 120k euro/140kusd yearly by claims of Aspergers! She suppresses any cure for Autism and is harming her children.

A woman from Ireland named Fiona O’Leary continues to damage her 5 children in-order to keep them untreated and retain their diagnosis of special needs like herself. Fiona O’Leary has been able to fleece Government funds to the amount of 120,000 EURO or a whopping 140,000 USD yearly without having to work. She is also given a mansion to live in for free. Fiona uses it like a badge of honor that her children are autistic and speaks openly about this. It was always about the maximum amount of money they could claim. This woman over promotes vaccination despite so much research of connections to Autism and other damage.

Fiona O’Leary rakes in a minimum of 120,000 EURO / 140,000 USD yearly. The family would lose money if treated so they hide the research that may lead to cures and attack everyone who is treating children. I am just one in a line of many of her victims. With no boundaries Fiona does what it takes to hide and or destroy anyone mentioning treatment or cure.

At the age of 42 Fiona had enough knowledge to pass a test to say she has Asperger’s Syndrome after researching for years how to perfect her condition to fool the benefits agency. This imposter and her husband have managed to beat the system thus far and went about fooling the world with their poisonous lies to blacken anyone who opposed them.

Many parents and practitioners have now hit back to expose this scandal once and for all.


Family members living in the house, in order:

  1. Tim O’Leary husband receives unemployment benefit and rent allowance a total of 22,021 euro yearly.
  2. Fiona receives disability and child benefit for the 5 kids comes to 16, 756euro yearly.
  3. The oldest adult Autistic 25 year old gets disability plus a yearly grant comes to 22,604 yearly
  4. then next Autistic (son) gets DCA (a disability grant for therapy! let’s not forget Fiona is against all Therapy) that is a total of 7, 214 euro yearly
  5. child 3 4 and 5 have an income from additional supports as a dependent of Tim who is unemployed so they get 1,800 each so that’s x 3 grand total for household income is 73,992 euro 85,000usd tax free. Fiona is not done yet, in addition the family gets a benefits package.
  6. Household benefits package for Carers Free TV license Free travel pass for the disabled person and one accompanying person on all public transport buses and trains nationwide Disabled parking permit Free Healthcare Baby grant when baby is born 500 Medical cards x 7 people / 2 adults and 5 children Free prescriptions Free glasses Free in/out patient care Without medical card A&E visit – 100 GP visit – 50-60
  1. Monies earned from sold stories to the press annually 30,000 EURO

Grand total for working the system and never having to work again over 120,000 EURO yearly, that’s a whopping 140,000 USD per year.

Fiona stops at nothing, is there no length she will not turn to?. Fiona is taking monies under false pretense from the church funds:

In addition to the above, Fiona rakes in more. Enough is never enough for Fiona’s jet setting lifestyle. Committing further fraud,  freebie Fiona  also claimed the Communion grant for each child once they reached aged 7. This is a one off grant given to get an outfit for the day of 300 euros. Despite they are atheists and no child ever had a communion!


Attack on myself

These are the most recent attacks on myself and my family

**Ding Dong Fiona O’Leary goes after the Avon Lady** • u/totallycredibleblogs

**Ding Dong Fiona O’Leary goes after the Avon Lady** As Fiona O’Leary continues her downward spiral scraping the barrel of barely credible…

There is a spate of people after that Fiona one lately! It’s not just me!

There is a wonderful Dr named Suzanne Humphries and Fiona hounded and tried attacking her. Please see this video made at the Vaxxed screening showing O’Leary & Co. baying for blood![/embedyt]

The People of Ireland had been eagerly waiting for the movie Vaxxed to come to Ireland due to popular demand and in the name of education. Vaxxed booked a venue until Fiona called up the theater saying the movie promoted child abuse! Fiona hounded the theater to cancel. The Tivoli Theater then agreed to the screening. O’Leary and crew turned up as a hate mob screaming for the organizers to come out of the theater so they could attack them.

The same has happened this week again with an event in April. Fiona is already on to the hotel to get it cancelled. I appeal to all in Ireland to ensure freedom to watch Vaxxed and any other information or conference they wish to attend as a personal decision. The people should not have the viewing hampered or freedom of information. These people speak truth and Fiona will stop at nothing to hide any truth that doesn’t suit her agenda.

Fiona against the drug rehabilitation centre, pictured with her sunglasses ranting:

Sheila Mary Maclean, Scientology, Narconon and the Pulse Light Clinic

Amanda Mary Jewell – Fiona O’Leary Fake MMS Scandal • u/totallycredibleblogs

**Amanda Mary Jewell – Fiona O’Leary Fake MMS Scandal** Fiona O’Leary has been persecuting Amanda Mary Jewell since 2014 when she found Amanda…

Fiona O’Leary is, I believe partially responsible for the death of Dr Jeff Bradstreet and other Murdered Doctors. She hounds them like a blood hound. She continues her attacks. This woman is pure Evil. Here is her friend and joint leader of an autism group Emma Dalmayne who claims to be an Autism specialist and advisor now (having previously been outed as a fake journalist after complaints to the NUJ UK)

Emma in this video exposes the reason for attacking anyone trying to help people with Autism. This group of Fiona O’Leary and Emma Dalamayne in Emma’s words do not want to be ‘fixed’. Emma has six children she’s also claiming for in the UK all with a diagnosis of something. They therefore set out to destroy the lives of anyone that is making headway and understanding how to treat Autism. I am one of the many that have been attacked.


I am not a surgeon. I have simply completed surgery study hours as part of previous training. This is one of many studies I have completed. I am not against Autistic people. I am against vaccines. I believe in Sodium Chlorite MMS it has my full backing along with countless other chemical companies who use it for many uses associated with human consumption. I do not however support its use in enemas as this can damage organs. I was ex communicated from the Genesis 2 church for my stand on this in opposing this practice.

I think it was always clear that my home was not raided in this video as Fiona claimed; you can see that that there was no issue with MMS and myself. It all looked legal to me. I was collecting glasses in the background and being ignored. Later in the video, they could not get away from me quick enough. There are no end to the lies, deceit and spin that Fiona can put on thigs to twist them to suit her agenda.

BREAKING NEWS: England Attacks Religious Freedom


NEW BOOK by Archbishop Mark Grenon:!/A-World-Without-DIS-EASE-Is-it-possible-Volume-1/p/96798631/category=0 http://Genesis2Chu…

I did try to take legal action but due to her (alleged) mental condition she could not be held responsible at that time. For legal issues she trots out her diagnosis and yet at other times insists she has full mental capacity.

Fiona had great access to the press a few years ago but now there have been too many defamation lawsuits so no one in Ireland will publish her stories

Fiona has a few contacts in the UK left of tabloid press like the Times and Sun. She also got in touch with many politicians who worked with her for a while but all dropped her in the end due to her deceit, antics and questionable tactics they don’t talk any more to her. She played them a few times too many.

Fiona cries wolf again:

Fiona records her video attacks on Dr’s and professionals trying to drive Autism research forward:


George Hook is a radio broadcaster in Dublin. He made some comments about rape and got into hot water. Fiona had been on his show a few times calling in to talk about MMS in her usual shock manner. According to her propaganda ‘bleachers’ literally turn the kid upside down shove a pipe up its ass and pour in Domestos!

That is what she wants people to think and of course George was a bit sceptical and looked in to it. He realized she was just wanting publicity and sensationalizing things so he declined to have her on any more. Fiona was gunning for George Hook and he became her sworn enemy to be destroyed.

When he made the rape comments she also jumped on the bandwagon to get him fired. What he had said was that if a girl is half naked tanked up on drink and she goes back to a hotel room isn’t she a bit to blame if she gets raped? So he was essentially blaming the victim and of course everyone was calling for his head on a platter. All of this was nothing to do with Fiona by the way. He was commenting on a news story.

Fiona seized her chance to ruin him and she jumped on the bandwagon and made a video saying that he was despicable etc. and that she had been raped when she was 16 by a man called ‘adult male’ and he was still alive, a pillar of the community and she had not reported it. Well you can imagine what people were saying! That here was Fiona who reported everyone on the planet for everything and she is expecting people to believe that she was raped and never reported the guy and he’s still out there!!!

This blog went up first which contains her video in it

Fiona O’Leary Fake Rape Report • u/fakeinternetreports

This week Fiona O’Leary released a video on social media that quickly gathered a following as the “fakest ever rape report” In complete disrespect…

Vin B from people’s internet radio did a show on it!  This one then went up

Fiona & Tim O’Leary Lies Denials Toilets and Music on the Vin B Peoples Internet Radio Show • u/fakeinternetreports

Name “Adult Male” the Rapist of Autistic Teenagers saga continues 24th September 2017 Vin B gave another marathon three hour performance on…


In the video Fiona claims that she was raped as a teen 30 years ago. So she was 16. Fiona claims that she developed an eating disorder. Then before that she made a video saying that her dad took away her diary and that was how she developed the eating disorder. Well we know that her dad left when she was 9 years old as she’s said before! So she’s caught out in another great big lie. The time-line is all wrong.

Fiona then said in the video that she had ‘intimacy issues for years afterwards’. But forward to where she wrote this article and yet she made no mention of that rape or the issues around it. But she did put all other details in it. She says in the article that she met Tim when she was 17 and they started their relationship. So no intimacy issues at all!!!

So if this guy (Adult Male) started raping her over and over at aged 16 yet she met Tim at aged 17??? She recovered quite fast we could say!!!

This video talks about her fighting treatments (Mentions myself also!) it talks about her Father taking her diary away when she was a teenager COINCIDENTALLY just like an ABA therapist did to another child (mentions the child at minute 3, and mentions her dad taking her diary at minute 12)

So she keeps contradicting herself that her father was still around when she was a teenager, when before she’s said he left when she was 9 years old. So her whole background seems to be made up. Fiona continues to change her past to suit her audience.

Another time Fiona was talking on a scientology video saying how they charge so much for rehab and how her nephew was in and out of rehab too. She was talking about how she has ousted a PURIFICATION rundown clinic in UK and it cost thousands. Fiona took it upon herself to go undercover to expose them posing as someone interested. This was just 3 weeks ago. Then she sells the story to papers saying that ‘she was approached and offered this’

Fiona set about attacking a local Dr named Finbar Magee who was wonderful at helping children recover from Autism symptoms in Ireland. Fiona worried that her benefits would stop if her children were somehow exposed to this or it could gather government support as Autism costs such a huge amount in Ireland. So she focused on ruining the life of this wonderful DR

Doctor no longer fit to practice after advising bleach solution to Dublin mother as a ‘cure for autism’

Doctor Finbar Magee initially defended his decision to recommend the controversial solution to his patients. 


  • George Hook Broadcaster made a fake rape video to discredit him
  • REGRET charity for Girls damaged by Gardasil vaccine – in fake profiles with Lorraine Murphy a psychiatric nurse, Fiona O’Leary and her trolled the girls on the page to the point of near suicide. Girls paralyzed and disabled by the vaccine.
  • Vera Twomey and her daughter Ava who campaigned to legalize CBD oil in Ireland to stop Ava’s seizures (Vera now has a legal prescription for it and Fiona O’Leary terrorized this woman all the way) Ava has been seizure free for months now
  • Caudwell Children’s Charity – John Caudwell a mobile phone billionaire who donated half his fortune to help special needs parents Fiona O’Leary made a hate campaign against the man and his charity and reported to charity commission. Fiona objected to the man giving special needs parent’s money for treatments for Autism. She said they shouldn’t treat it, just accept it. No wrong doing found
  • Autism Trust UK Charity – Fiona O’Leary Reported to charity commission for opening centres to treat Autistic children. No wrong doing found. Hate campaign against Polly Tommy its founder
  • Reported CEO of Irish Autism Action (IAA) for wrong doing – no basis to complaint. Fiona had to pay for a scone at a meeting and wanted her money back!
  •  Anna Kennedy OBE – Autism ambassador Fiona O’Leary complained to the charities commissioner and tried to stop a conference Anna arranged to discuss Autism intervention. Terrorized those taking part in the conference until they agreed to pull out for fear Fiona would go after their families.
  • Carol Povey – Head of NAS UK – hate campaign against Carol as she wouldn’t agree to do what Fiona and Emma wanted fast enough.
  • Kevin Healy Autism Advocate and NAS ambassador- Terrorized this young man who has Autism himself and had become an advocate through being bullied and now was helping others who had been bullied.
  • Radio host Sean Maguire came under aggressive attack, this continues as an ongoing campaign
  • Mark Grennon a Church Bishop was hounded by Fiona
  • Kerry Rivera was hounded for treating Autism. There have been a succession of practitioners over the years, many now murdered.

We are just naming a few here that are easily searchable. Fiona O’Leary has made protests and campaigns to ban videos, books and media she doesn’t agree with. Her approach is tyrannical and like the worst kind of dictator to say the least.  She is currently campaigning against religious freedom in Ireland as she’s an Atheist and says religion is not necessary and should be banned.

Fiona’s latest victim is Patrick Merliahn he was convicted for selling and making MMS. He was convicted on a technicality (claiming it to be a medicine) as there are still no laws against using MMS. Fiona again was scared that a potential cure was in Ireland and needed to stop it.

Appeal over ‘miracle’ bleach cure is struck out

An appeal by a Kildare man against his conviction for the manufacture and supply of an industrial bleach product as illegal medicine has been struck out after he failed to show up in

Fiona seemed to have been a person who was just angry and caught up in her anxiety and depression mostly until she says that she found about ‘abusive’ treatments (anything that can treat Autism symptoms). She got diagnosed in November 2013 then she really started making a name for herself after she found a way to get media attention. It went crazy from there after she found MMS. From around beginning of 2014 she started abusing people. Anyone who had any remote connection to MMS or GcMaf or any other kind of treatment or research that could lead to lessening Autistic symptoms or even helping kids lose their diagnosis. She even went after Professor John F Cryan at UCC as he was researching into the Gut Microbiome as potential therapeutic targets for Autism.

See his bio here

Fiona O’Leary attacks research at UCC

Way before that she had an article published about her child having selective mutism. She said he was misdiagnosed with Autism and she then realised that AUTISM gets more attention so she stopped saying he had Selective Mutism but stated that he has Autism then got herself diagnosed with it also.

My son had to find his voice due to selective mutism

Alice had always been a very shy child. When she was very young, she would often cover her face when people spoke to her. Alice’s mum, Miriam, had also been a very shy child, and it had


On a dark stormy night in August 1971 in England to Una and Patrick Pettit a Parasite known as Fiona Pettit was born, now known as Fiona O’Leary. Una was from Cork and Patrick was from Ballygar Galway Ireland.  Fiona’s grandfather was Patrick Pettit also of Ballygar Galway. The grandfather had a grocery shop in Ballygar Galway. The thunder and lightning raged as the child was born. Fiona was not a pretty baby or child, known as not so pretty Petty over the years by Clare her sister and others. Fiona is one of three children. Fiona became aggressive and lost all friends due to her bully tactics.

At the age of nine when her Father Patrick Pettit probably felt he had no choice, he abandoned the family in England for his own sanity. Most likely feeling that he was losing his mind. Fiona’s aggression and bullying eventually become too much for anyone. Una packed all of their belongings to seek the help of family in Ireland. Believing a new start for the son and two daughters would be good, with Fiona being the younger daughter. The family travelled to Ireland when Fiona was 10 years old.

Fiona’s email is  [email protected]  if you type that into google you will come up with a notice board that she contacted asking for news of her father who ran away when she was nine.

This was the story where her father was somehow mixed up with Tom Sheehy and criminal activity. Her Father continues to hide from Fiona and the world to date.


Fiona attended Bandon Secondary school The move to Ireland was not a success for Una with Fiona was now manipulating the family with her father Patrick being driven away. This caused many problems. This antisocial behaviour ensured Fiona had no friends. She was known as a compulsive liar and a trouble maker throughout secondary school. Fiona was plain nasty and showed evil intent to anyone trying to interact with them. Fiona finished school without any education qualifications or friends. Fiona became promiscuous during the last two years of high school. This continued until she met her now husband Tim O’Leary with a very similar troubled and tainted background. Fiona’s sister Clare Pettit has a criminal son who is in and out of treatment for drugs and this continues.

Fiona completed the first year of a 2 year course in Autism Studies for parents at a church hall in Bandon Ireland that is accredited through UCC.  In the below link you will notice in this picture posted on her wall that she is not presented with the certificate by anyone she just collected it from the front desk.  Although Fiona only completed half of the course.  She has no picture of her being presented a certificate from the Dean as others did whom actually finished the 2 year course. She asked for a paper in advance to say that she had attended part of the course which she collected (most likely to delude the public at a later date) Fiona needed a picture in a gown to make her look credible and educated which she is not.

The course which was half completed was a level 6 course in Ireland see here

UCC 2015 1 year of a 2 course completed lower than bachelors level (half done courses can wear the gown but are not allowed to be presented with full course graduates)



Browse through the keypad below to learn about the Irish NFQ.The Qualifications Frameworks – A European View tab on the right provides you with information on the relationship between the Irish NFQ and the EQF and QF-EHEA  >>

Level 6 is one level under a bachelor’s degree level. This proves it is not even a university level qualification but it is hosted by Cork University for parents and others to learn about Autism. Next time anyone hears her saying “When I studied Autism in University” you will know what she is talking about.

Talk about being a QUACK !  It is her favourite word and she is the worst one for alluding to things she has no knowledge of whatsoever. This lack of knowledge gets her into constant hot water. Even a marginally educated person would know the difference between Apple stem cells and Human ones!

Fiona’s Claims of education: Her famous phrase to get around the fact that she does not have any kind of degree or training is when (click on that pic it is on imajur not on her page) she says “When I studied Autism in University” we are simply looking at a play on words that deludes people into thinking she has a degree without her actually saying she has one. Clever wording!


Fiona started Autistic Rights Together with Lorraine Murphy a psychiatric nurse

Fiona O’Leary has been abusing people for years. This includes her one man band Autistic Rights Together that she makes bold claims of it being a professional organization. However it’s just Fiona and Tim tapping away on their keyboards at home.

Fiona has called up people all over the world making claims that she is the leader of an Autism Organization, she has stated that she works with the police, with Interpol and even told people including me in the past, she works with the FBI! She has been caught out numerous times together with her husband Tim O’Leary. There are scores of identities and profiles she has and a few that are obvious are; Fiona has pretended to be Chloe Smith (caught out with Margaret McNair from CCHR) she has pretended to be JJ Hartley on Facebook with Emma Dalmayne, She has pretended to be Amanda White on Facebook. Tim has another ID he poses as a sexual sadist. His profile and internet ID was Jerome Lamb and he had the IP address traced to his home in Drimoleague. Then he stopped and Jerome Lamb was no more. When he was masquerading as Jerome Lamb he paraded around following Fiona on social network like a puppy but being a sexual sadist with everyone else! The saga was played out on the Age of Autism website.

Fiona causes trouble in the Autism groups and booted out. Link

Fiona is at it again:

**Fiona O’Leary and Emma Dalmayne Split over Autistic Cooperative** Fiona O’Leary and Emma Dalmayne have been trolling and abusing people online…

This pair have cost the Irish tax payers upwards of 100k a year for years, both have never worked in over 20 years. They are funded by benefits and sit in a mansion in Bantry, Ireland. The owner/landlord of the house is named Oliver O’Sullivan, he is a farmer of Deelish Drimoleague Co Cork in Ireland. Thanks to the Irish Tax payers she has lived in it for at least 8 years on a rental grant from the council until they found the family a home Fiona claims she has been given a new ‘forever home’ in the new development at Knockaduff Shanowen Rathcormac Country Cork.

Fiona currently resides at:

Co. Cork
P47 RT61
 and a couple of photos of her house can be found here (this is the realtor website, posted prior to the house being bought by Cork City Council on 12th January 2018):

on 9th March she moved to another new house funded by the council on the almost 6 million euro new development at Knockaduff Shanowen Rathcormac Country Cork. This is a 6 bed Manor house with an acre of private grounds, It a country estate of its own. There were other families on the housing waiting list ahead of Fiona but she lied to them to swindle the house from under the noses of more needed families. The council confirmed that Fiona is only entitled to a 4 bed house, jus where the corruption is we do not yet know. We are following a lead that Fiona has given cash under the table from the tax payers monies to the head of housing. MOre news as this story unfolds.

Fiona Pettit O’Leary on Twitter

“We have a home”


According to Fiona due to the disabilities of the kids having been diagnosed with autism they need separate rooms so they will be getting a 6 bedroomed home. Fiona and Tim claim they are full-time carers for their disabled children and need vast allowances to cover this. They claim they cannot work. Yet Fiona goes all over the country making videos of her anarchy and trouble-making and goes to Europe and UK on trips to create mayhem and protests. Her next protest will be in Germany as she has advertised it as an event on Facebook.

We are constantly told by Fiona herself that all of this anarchy takes a huge amount of time and efforts and travel and expense. She complains that she has 5 children to look after and fits that in to all of the ‘work’ that she does. So it begs the question what kind of special needs do these children have that leaves mostly Tim looking after them in between him pursuing a music career funded by his dole? While Fiona is all over Europe?

Further if she can spend night and day making fake profiles, newspaper articles, blogs, Facebook posts and Twitter updates 20 or more times a day by her own words then she is constantly on this upwards of 15 hours a day. The Irish department of work and pensions needs to look into this as Fiona has clearly evidenced that she is not only more than capable of full time work but she also has the time to spare for it. Do the Irish Tax payers really have to foot the bill for their luxury lifestyle while Fiona spends her life online like an angry teenager abusing special needs parents and professionals who actually want to treat and help children? Want their symptoms treated and want an education for their children.

Fiona’s new home

Fiona’s new address where she is moving to: Knockaduff Shanowen Rathcormac County Cork

The whole estate is called Knockaduff no names or numbers on the houses just the postman will know everyone that’s just how it is in Ireland.


Fiona and Tim O’Leary have the kind of life many would dream of. No work, no bills and free to pursue interests in music and hobbies. Free to travel all over Europe disrupting conferences and seminars and an online life banging away like angry teenagers with no boundaries. Jumping back and forth between click-bait news items, anti pharma treatments, whacky religions and any other headline soundbite grabbing story. Giving the finger to anyone who wants to sue, safe in the knowledge they have no house to be sued for. Leaving in their wake parents and professionals who need to work to pay the taxes to keep them in their lifestyle. A life that the Irish taxpayer funds to the tune of upwards of 100k EUROS a year.

All the while Fiona parades around with her handbag dog and multiple cats!

I urge anyone this woman is attacking to contact the Police. She is dangerous.

Amanda Mary Jewell

Email [email protected]


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