Fiona O’Leary is the world’s biggest and most dangerous medical troll

This petition will hopefully gather enough momentum to take correct action. Every signature counts.

Despite many withheld complaints, existing court cases and hundreds of imminent lawsuits against her, Fiona O’Leary is still on the attack. In 2018, she was kept busy going back and forth to court, for charges such as deformation of character, harassment and violence.

Yet, her selfie style video updates have continued unabated, even during her gagging order, she continued to post. But its what she does behind the scenes that is truly devastating. In reality this is a very driven, very determined, angry, sociopath. And what she really wants is total censorship of anything that is new, or beneficial to autistic people.

Doctors have died, people have been sent to jail, lost their children, their jobs, their practices, their income, their homes and their minds. All at the hand of this very vindictive driven narcissist, who makes 450,000 Euros a year (which is over half a million US Dollars) peddling hate and destroying peoples lives.

She wreaks havoc and devastation. As Big Pharma’s big mouth, she will stop at nothing when it comes to cyber bullying and harassment. If you think it’s time she was stopped from her dangerous ways, then please take a moment to sign our petition:



Fiona O’Leary is the worlds biggest medical troll. She wreaks havoc and devastation.
As Big Pharma’s big mouth, she will stop at nothing when it comes to cyber bullying and harassment.
If you think it’s time she was stopped from her dangerous ways, then please take a moment to sign our petition:

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The whole of Ireland and the health industry in general thanks you for your time. If we stand together we can defeat the evil together.
455 signatures = 9% of goal

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