In April 2016, in her absence, Amanda Mary Jewell was given a 10-year jail sentence in 3 countries, for speaking publicly and openly about the health benefits of apple seeds and apricot kernels.

Not only this but her and her family have endured the worst of public mistreatment via the mainstream media. The type of treatment that can only be likened to a modern day witch hunt.

The Original Story went viral in November 2016 with over 2.5 million shares in one week

This article sets out to explain some two and a half year on some of what it was actually like to go through this experience and to also state some necessary facts.

Mary (as she is known to her many friends) has not attempted to clear her name, as yet. Mostly because she saw this as a fruitless exercise. To muster the time and finances to take on the establishment, was simply not something that she had wished to pursue. Until now that is.

As anyone that knows her will tell you, she puts her entire focus on health and helping others. But now it’s time to right some of the wrongs and to address this situation. Not for Mary’s personal gain, but for those around us. Those that love Mary and in the hope she can see her family again.

This article will be the only public statement on this matter

Once legal action has commenced against the newspapers and television media in question, we will have no choice but to remain silent in accordance with the necessary legal procedure. We will be unable to comment until after the case is concluded.

For the record, what Mary actually said about the seeds in question was this: “Apple seeds and apricot seeds contain B17, which MAY BE useful in treating cancer.”

Even in the original statements (radio interview) she was careful how she worded it. Yet this was not enough. We can only assume she became a threat to the mainstream medical monopoly and alongside others, became a targeted individual.

The charges

So why does anyone get a 10 years sentence for recommending a natural cancer treatment, or prevention? It seems almost absurd, but in reality it’s harrowing. It’s life changing…

As was recorded in the above 2016 article on (and many others) Mary was accused by the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) in the UK, alongside the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) of promoting apple and apricot seeds as health foods, which apparently breaches the following:

  • The Cancer Act of 1939: Which prohibits anyone from making any advertisements for unapproved cancer treatments.
  • Fraud Act 2006: falsely representing a product. In this case, the government refuses to acknowledge that apricot kernels can help treat cancer.

As well as:

  • The Supplements of England Regulations of 2003
  • The Nutritional and Health Claims of England Regulations of 2007
  • The Consumer Protection and Unfair Trading Regulations of 2008
  • The Organic Products Regulation of 2009
  • The Human Medicines Regulation of 2012

As Yelena Sukhoterina’s article stated; all of these combine to arguably further the monopolisation of the pharmaceutical industries power and dominance.

Here’s a video post Mary did at the time. She had just received the news and was in deep shock. It was a very difficult moment. She had to take this to a public forum, as she felt the support of so many and so needed to expose this latest injustice:

The devastating effects

And so living in fear, living in the shadows, moving around from country to country, watching her back and missing her loved ones became the new norm.

Every time a new story emerged it sickened her to the stomach to think of her children and grandchildren. To know the pain it caused and how this effected them all. Her fear was always first and foremost for them. The bullying, the name calling and the harassment. She no longer knew what was safe and what was not.

She thinks of her aged family, her friends at home. Anyone she had contact with may also be targeted. She felt at this time as if she had lost a grip of her entire family and everything she had ever known. She felt empty, it was a pain that could not be fixed. She felt broken.

Time to think

So Mary did what she always does in the event of pain and loss. She duvet dived for 24 hours. She had a hot bath and concentrated her thoughts on the positives. It would at least mean she could travel and her journey would be good. Not bad. She would continue to make the most of everyday. 

“I always know that karma comes around. I have a faith in the universe. I always will. I knew this was not about me, but about greed. I will not be absorbed by this greed.”

Mary practices positivity and is always grateful for every new day. Intimidation and threats are things we get used to in the medical world and after surviving cancer and recovering from a broken spine, these things seemed less daunting. Looking death in the eye taught her so much.

Focus on others

So she remained dedicated to trying to keep her relationship going with her children. She immersed herself in a voluntary role at a cancer clinic in Mexico. She fixated on the issues of others, which helped distract her from herself.

Marys spare time involved writing articles about health and cures. Her website became so popular they closed it down. So she started again and built this site with larger fees for a safe server

If anything this ordeal seems to have simply increased the number of people Mary can now reach and teach. Far more than seeing one patient at a time, she could now pass on her knowledge and teach thousands at once. It seems somehow to have been forced upon her and the wider picture here is one of education and the power of social media and she still to this day works into the small hours answering thousands of correspondence in almost every conceivable digital channel.

Family matters

She  actually really dislikes mobile phones, computers and the radiation Wi-Fi transmits, but unfortunately they have become her only access to her children. We hope for this to change soon, but “I feel as if I am in a game of SIMS with my family. Carving out a distant, virtual relationship with them,” she says.

Of course this bears a strain on them as they struggle to understand at times why this is happening.

For Mary now has 20 children in total, with 15 adopted children and legal guardianship of many more. But she cannot see them, which pains her very much.

She has aged parents she cannot sit and talk to face to face, or care for personally. She has 3 grandchildren she’s never seen, touched, or smelt. Not even their baby hair…. It breaks her heart.

Treated like a common criminal

Mary has been forced into exile, she’s had bank accounts (with all her money) frozen, email addresses and websites hacked and removed. She’s been through a divorce. But, worst of all, my children and grandchildren were victimised. These are some of the things I simply had to forgive.

She went from being a well respected, prominent member of society, to being treated like a terrorist. It was as if I were an enemy of the state. An outlaw on the run.

She’s missed the funerals, the weddings and the many key family occasions.

But of course, there are many positives and as a result of this enforced exile Mary has been free to travel, to see the world and meet some amazing people. Life is an adventure after all.


Whilst on a trip to visit and help a friend in Canada in 2017, Mary was once again detained at Immigration. Suddenly she was informed that she was  “against the FDA and therefore not welcome” and they were deporting her back to England, where she would go to jail. The Immigration officers themselves were baffled by the statement they were reading out. They were on her side, but had a job to do.

Suddenly in that moment, facing those officers she went into a momentary deep shock as she realised the implications of what they had said.

“You cannot fully absorb it. You go numb…. and then realisation hits home. It’s like being cornered and kicked by three fully grown men wearing steel toe boots. I was left feeling battered and bruised. I felt extremely broken, wondering now how she would ever see the children.”

How would she be there for them, how can she continue to be a parent locked away from them for 10 years?

She was also supporting many very sick people who relied on her help. People who are dying and have no one else to help them. Now this would also be stopped? Where is safe for me now, she thought?

So after much negotiating and $10,000 USD later, Mary was luckily able to leave Canadian immigration and fly back to Mexico. I never made it passed the boarder control into Canada, but at least I was not facing a lengthy period in an English jail.

Build a new life

Mary immediately returned to work and to helping people in Mexico. She placed her focus on this, remaining faithful to the fact that helping others would maintain the natural balance and order of things. The Universe would protect her if she did the same for others.

She could at least continue to support her family as best she could from across the Atlantic, remaining in contact with them, whilst also retaining her freedom. The work she did continued to keep her mind from collapsing.

Robert J Morris was a great support and friend at this time. As an independent journalist, he was following Mary’s story and recording events. He helped her maintain a certain public profile that kept her safe at one of her most vulnerable moments.

Mary had seen too many other colleagues hide away in fear and this seemed to only made them more vulnerable to attack. The best place to hide is in a crowd. It brought a power of protection knowing that she had so many supporters.

Central America

Mary moved to Belize (in Central America) in February 2016, a lesser known developing bankrupt country that she fell in love with. It’s a tiny population of only 300,000. It’s a simple, humble country, rich in natural resources. Relatively untouched by ‘Big Harma’. It was somewhere she could hide away and carry on with her work in Mexico, which is just a short journey across the border.


The ‘I’ soon became a ‘we ‘and the truly wonderful thing to have come from this is that Mary is happy to say she has fallen in love with the most gorgeous little five-year and her father. Finding love and support in her new family gave her courage to continue her work.

But both Father and child have also since been victimized by the media. How much damage can an apricot seed cause?

Legal action

It is Mary’s family she thinks of always. It is heart wrenching that she cannot be with them. So it’s time to seek some justice. Not for her own sake, but for her family. Her partner has a young child with her entire future ahead of her.

We are in contact with a senior London legal team who will assist us in trying to clearing Mary’s name. We hope it will result in a positive outcome and lead to allowing her return to her home country. So she can start to put the broken jigsaw of her family back together again.

Medicine is one word

For the record, we do not take sides against either mainstream medicine, or holistic practices. We have never divided the world of medicine into these two imaginary sides. We refer to the best of both worlds and look at everything available to us. It’s simply a case of using whatever works best. We have both mainstream and Holistic Doctor’s on the team.

We only use treatments that WILL NOT remove quality of life, or to end life.

As stated at the beginning, this will be Mary’s only public statement on this matter. She shall decline all interviews and remain wedded to the fact that this is not about her. So until the case is heard and a decision is made, we shall remain silent on the issues of Mary’s personal life, whilst many elements of her life shall remain forever private and are simply not for public perusal.

There is greed on both sides. But imagine this for a moment: What if both sides actually agreed on protocols and could work together? This would be a big step and is a long term dream for us all at Healing Oracle. There is no one size fits all to any protocol and so designing them for the individual is key.

Above all, we remain sure that, as stated in the Magna Carter (the oldest laws of them all) we all have a right to free speech. This is a fundamental for all of humanity.


Legal fees are expensive, so for anyone that wants to help towards the extensive costs and some of the burden faced upon us, please send a little money on Paypal to [email protected] All donations would be greatly appreciated. As stated above Paypal are not nice and have closed my account, so my partner Martin has offered his account to help out.

Thank you

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and positive energy. We know the truth will emerge. Its part of the balance of the universe. 

We hope that you will share this post publicly throughout your networking channels.

Love and light

Amanda Mary Jewell and The Healing Oracle team

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
The Healing Oracle Team
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