The human body is complex machinery and can efficiently communicate internally to waive off signs that something is out of sync!

One such practice is Iridology, an ancient practice recently revolutionized by modern technology. Though it’s had various forms for centuries, today, this technique takes advantage of digital imaging and manual techniques to help determine the health level in patients from all over the world!

The iridology process uses an examination of the coloured area inside your eye, known as “irides.” This technique has been used for hundreds of years now and continues to be studied by many doctors worldwide.

Iridology [1] is an ancient practice that has recently been revolutionized by modern technology. Though it’s had various forms for centuries, today, this technique takes advantage of digital imaging and manual techniques to help determine the health level in patients from all over the world!

To make these observations, trained professionals called iridologists use iris charts. This divides the iris into zones representing specific parts of the human body.

Iridology is more common in Europe than North America and is being adopted more openly. Studies suggest that iridology can effectively diagnose many people who might not know some underlying health issues.

What Does Iridologist Do?

A professional iridologist recognizes and identifies patterns in nerve bundles known as trabeculae pervasive in the iris. These nerves exhibit information relayed by the oculomotor nerve from various organs and systems in the body to indicate the state of health. When examining a patient’s eyes, an iridologist will generally look at Iris colour, the brightness, placement and shape of the trabecular fibres and the rings and other dis-colourations in the white part of the eyes.

With the data in hand, professionals will compare this against a chart indicating potential health problems that may have triggered iris changes. The experts may also draw some dimensions to track changes showing the progression or regression of an ailment.

Here are some conditions that iridology can be used to detect.

Conditions That Iridology is Used to Detect

Hypertension: Rings around the iris indicate high blood pressure and slow metabolism. Hypertension [2] is known to pose threats and play host to many health issues. Iridology is an excellent way to catch hypertension early and identify associated health risks.

Hyperthyroidism: Bulging eyes? It might be an overactive thyroid [3], deducing your eyes to appear bulged. A professional iridologist will detect and compare the data to a chart to identify related health challenges. Get tested if you notice symptoms like fatigue, rapid heartbeat, anxiety, weight loss, or a night of troubled sleep!

Damaged Liver: An experienced iridologist is efficient to identify liver damage [4,5] from brown spots on some areas in the iris. This can symptomatically be linked to emotional issues such as depression. If caught at an early stage, with due treatment, prevention of progression or further liver damage is achievable.

Gallbladder issues: Iridology also includes examining the eye for any signs of jaundice. A pale (yellow) white area of the eye is analysed to detect gallbladder and bile duct problems. If left unattended, this can ultimately affect liver function. [6]

Inflammation: Iris is generally broken down into different sections related to different zones of the human body. Professionals identify sure signs of inflammation [7] in some specific areas. Inflammation can be a root cause of many chronic diseases; thus, it’s important to track it down early.

Weakened immune system: With white markings on the iris, iridology helps you interpret a weakened immune system. Immune-boosting regimens [8] recommended a way to strengthen the system to avoid body cells falling prey to alien viruses.

Digestive problems: Issues with the digestive system, particularly the stomach and intestines, can be diagnosed via discolourations in and around the pupil. The process of iridology determines any underlying digestive causes that may be a root cause for other health issues. [9]

Allergic sensitivity: Food and environmental allergies and sensitivities can be detected through iridology. [10] The blood vessels appearing in the whites of the eyes and some other indicators signal the same. Based on the assessment, it is possible to address and treat related challenges.

Lymphatic health: Any challenges associated with the lymph system can easily be identified at certain junctures. It also depends on how they have interacted with lung and heart health. Since the plan depends on lung function to eradicate the organ of the toxins, this might end up affecting respiratory health [11].

High cholesterol: A white ring around the iris suggests arteriosclerosis and high cholesterol, resulting from a poor diet.

The Bottom Line:

To sum up, we can say that Iridology is a non-invasive way of reading those signals of the body, which we stated at the starting of this article. To detect and address health concerns is essential to avoid them taking a toll on the body and its functioning in the long run. Though not helpful in diagnosing diseases, it is beneficial to understand which body areas need attention. This involves risk management and timely treatment of fatal and chronic illnesses.

The least one can do to stay up fit, maintain a balance of the mind and body, focus on a clean diet, exercise regularly and practice all those activities that bring relaxation and composure overall. It is crucial to living a natural lifestyle to experience the bliss of life and longevity!

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