Mind Over Body


For centuries, the power of the human mind has been placed above the body – even above some natural forces.

Religious texts, witness accounts, folklore, scientific expeditions and relentless research have tried to explore the full potential of the 3-pound organic matter sitting inside our skulls. And, oftentimes, reality is stranger than fiction. Maybe our faith and limited knowledge holds us back and shows how little we actually know about the power vested by nature in all of us.

Is your mind powerful enough to alter your bodily functions at will?

Can your thinking alone affect the state of your health?

Can the diseases be cured through beliefs alone?

Let us explore some of these answers in our Mind Over Body special!

Placebo & Nocebo Effects

The Placebo effect has long been a known and well-document phenomenon of the mind. Most of you would be familiar with the term. For those who are not, Placebo is simply giving harmless ‘fake’ pills to the patient. The patient thinks that he/she is being treated with real pills (in reality, they are not) and can often show signs of healing and even full-recovery.

Here, the patient only believes that they are taking real pills, when in truth – only their faith is curing them.

Nocebo is the opposite psychological effect of Placebo. Here, a patient (for their good), is made to believe that the pills they are taking are harming them (in truth, they are not!). The patient then slowly becomes less dependent on the pills, making a full recovery!

Tummo Meditation Technique

Tummo or gTum mo meditation technique is practised by the Buddhist monks of Tibet and India (the practice is called Chandalini Yoga in India). It involves hyper-controlled breathing and a deep trance meditative state – where the practitioner can raise, or lower their body temperatures at will. Some documented accounts of Tummo practitioners show that while meditating in the snowy cold weather, wearing a wet jacket, the Yogi raised his body temperature so much that the water began evaporating off his body!

The human mind is unbelievably uncanny.

Self-fulfilled Prophecy

This is another extraordinary and hidden truth about the human mind. Self-fulfilled prophecies are real!

A self-fulfilled prophecy is ‘unshakeable faith in one’s success because of the predictions so made.’ In other words, if you tell a person that they are going to put the ball through the basket (even if they have never played before), and they believe in the prediction because of encouragement and cheers – they accomplish the basket.

Self-fulfilled prophecies have been a focus of research as we need to look deeper at the potential in all of us to unlock the power of self-belief. It is closely related to self-motivation, overcoming pain and phobias, and extraordinary feats in different professional fields.

Cancer is said to be a disease of the mind, a result of emotional distress, shock, trauma, or other pent up stress factors. As emotions are held within, we can create a very real and tangible sickness inside.

If a doctor gives you a timeframe on your life, so it becomes something you believe, it becomes its own self-fulfilling prophecy. When an Oncologist tells a cancer patient they are terminally ill and only have months to live, so this hypothetical timeframe becomes so big and real in the mind of the patient it becomes a very real self-fulfilling prophecy.

Please see this article of a terminally ill cancer patient making a full recovery and is cancer free to this day after hearing that he had a rare and incurable cancer. He was sure he would find a way to survive and he did.

And so it is vital to have faith in your mind and bodies ability to heal itself.

Harness the power of positive thinking and you will be a happier and healthier person.

It is important to have faith in your minds ability to heal the body. Harness the power of positive thinking and you will be a happier and healthier person, whilst at a cellular level it is important to stay positive, as our cells rely on the positive charge to survive.

We hope this article helps you with your own approach to your health. The mind is the power centre of the body and we must never underestimate its strengths.

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Stay positive.

Love and light 🙂 

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