A question we often get asked is a simple and valid question:

Can you overdose on marijuana?

Here we address this question and offer you further advice on the best types of cannabis oil.

Simple answer: Marijuana can’t kill you.

overdose on cannabis


In fact ground breaking research in the 1990s discovered that we all contain 2 different vital Cannabinoid receptors (CB) that are essential to our mental and physical health and that we have an endocannabinoid system within us that is hard wired to receive this medicine.

But let’s return to the question, “can I overdose on cannabis?”

To overdose on Cannabis you would have to smoke a whopping 1,500 lbs in less than 15 minutes.

In response to that very question, please see this video from Sunilaggarwa Kumar Aggarwal, MD, PhD. Physician-scientist, medical geographer, see his Facebook account here

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As described in the video:

“No matter how much humans have consumed, people have tried to consume large quantities, either through inhaling the smoke of lots and lots of  buds/flowers, which is where the active ingredients are found, or they’ve tried to extract the active ingredients from the flowers into solvents like butter, oil or alcohol. Well, too much alcohol can certainly kill you but the compounds in marijuana, even if Just a high concentrated variety of it can’t stop your breathing, can’t cause you to have a seizure as far as we know. Possibly in some cases for people who are predisposed these things can happen, but generally speaking, there’s no recorded deaths just related to the use of the product itself, and no matter what quantity consumed. Now, you can use too much of something if you were expecting a certain effect.

Now if you wanted to have a stress relieving effect with marijuana, but still wanted to be functional and you know, active, you can use so much the point where you become sedated and maybe a little bit agitated and that phenomenon can cause problems for people and that’s what we call an overdose quote. It’s not an overdose to the point where you have, you know, you need to go to the emergency room and you need to be pumped out of your stomach with a substance, that kind of phenomenon is not what I’m describing. Also, you might end up having a paranoid or psychotic reaction with a high use of something that had psychologically activating properties. People call that an acute cannabis psychosis and that’s been described, often-times that does not lead to any chronic long-term change in your psychological status, like, or you’re permanently this way, just until it clears, over the course of a day or less. These are, we’re talking extremely large doses for some of these effects. 

Everyone has a different pharmacology, different chemistry, a different reaction to drugs. So the important thing is that people when they’re using a psychologically activating substances pace themselves, that they know how much they’re using and wait before taking more and that’s very commonly happens when you take marijuana orally like in foods or dissolve things, there’s a large delay in the onset, sometimes can be up to an hour – hour-and-a-half, and by that time if you are waiting for an effect and if used more and more, you can have a kind of a unpleasant surprise, a high amount of sedation or as I was mentioning agitation. With smoking or inhalation, vaporisation, the onset is more immediate, so you really able to just gauge within a minute or two whether this is the right amount, whether you’re trying to relieve a symptom or you’re trying to achieve a certain psychological state, and that’s important when you’re in a social setting and using marijuana or you’re sharing with other people, people will have different set points and that’s I think the bottom line, the key thing to remember.

There are also alternative ways to consume marijuana. For example in oil form, some may say this is a safer way to consume marijuana and has many positive effects on your health. After all, it is completely naturally sourced. The following oil; MCT Oil (medium chain triglyceride) is derived from coconuts. We all know that coconuts are really good for us. The humble coconut has gathered much fame for its health benefits over the last decade as an oil, a milk and a drink amongst others. So it is no surprise that MCT oil made from coconuts has some magical qualities. When you consume (eat or drink it), the MCT’s are easily digested and head straight for your liver. MCT molecules are smaller than those in most of the fats you eat (long-chain triglycerides [LCT]) which makes them easier to digest.”

So what are the best types of cannabis oil?

Full spectrum, organic, pesticide free cannabis is obviously better for you than anything grown under artificial lights as full spectrum means its been grown outdoors in the sunshine and has retained all those essential minerals and not anything artificial. Please see here for more: CANNABIS OIL TODAY – Healing Oracle

MCT oil

MCT oil has many health benefits. One of it’s stand out features are that it is really good for your brain and can help your body make ketones which is an energy source for your brain that doesn’t have any carbohydrates. If you have a cognitive disorder, then adding some MCT oil to your diet will help you recover cognitive abilities and can also restore memory.

Research indicates that MCT oil also helps with pain, inflammation, sleep, relaxation, arthritis and more.

The science behind MCT oil is relatively simple, but also incredibly effective. MCTs go directly from the digestive system to the bloodstream, without being digested first. This also makes MCT oil ideal for people with digestive disorders.

In our experience, this quick delivery directly into the bloodstream means that the cannabis infused MCT oil effects are quicker than other fat based infusions.

Best ways to take it

Administering medical cannabis (full spectrum) oil rectally is the most appropriate route for most patients. Cultural sensitivities, as well as misinformation regarding insertion methods, may be barriers to the practice.

Better than oral application

In addition to being a viable option for patients who can’t ingest cannabis, the advantages to applying it rectally, rather than orally are:

  • It starts to work quicker at around 10–15 minutes, compared to orally where it might not be felt for 30–90 minutes, as it has to travel through the intestine and liver
  • It lasts for a longer period of time (4 to 8 hours)
  • It’s 50-70 percent more efficient, whilst digesting cannabis oil by mouth is only around 20 percent efficient and therefore has a “superior bio-availability”

Reduces side effects

As well as being a more effective route of delivery, rectal administration also reduces some side effects that the oral administration may induce such as gastric irritationnausea and vomiting (Tortora and Derrickson, 2008). Euphoric effect.

You will feel less of the THC effect than by mouth, which will have a greater impact on your day and improve your quality of life.

We hope this helps.

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
The Healing Oracle Team
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