With so much choice and information now out there, we’ve done the hard work for you and narrowed down the options, to bring you the best source of medical cannabis oil that’s out there today.

It’s interesting how much has changed recently in the Cannabis oil industry. Only today was it announced that the FDA has now approved Cannabis oil for the treatment of Brain Cancer. The focus of so much unneccesary, heated political debate, throughout modern history, cannabis has only recently become acceptable again. Ten years ago it was taboo. It was banned everywhere and practitioners risked their livelihood if they recommended it to their patients. Now its legal in many countries and States and we are set for the World Health Organisation to decriminalise it entirely.

As opposed to how they once supressed its benefits, it’s safe to say that Big Pharma is now on the financial bandwagon, with synthesized weakened versions of it like CESAMET®, MARINOL® and extracted pharmaceutical sprays like SATIVEX® the situation is set to get worse, as they find more ways to patent this natural product.

According to USA today in Colorado, (legal) sales of recreational and medical marijuana totalled nearly $1 billion in 2015

Why was it banned in the first place?

In the early 1900s William Randolph Hearst invested in timber and mills and suddenly Hemp was a threat to his investment and to the paper, chemical, timber and petroleum industries. It was also social economic conditioning that helped ban it entirely. For the marijuana label was something that Americans started to associate with the Mexican immigrants that were flooding in to the USA at the time and so it became (like Opium and the Chinese) a way of controlling and detaining Mexican immigrants. Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

Here at Healing Oracle we have been aware of the numerous advantages of cannabis oil for many years (Mary is epileptic and its contained her epilepsy from an early age). Only now thanks to social media is the rest of the world catching up to the healing qualities of this magical plant. As we have always taken the moral ground that this miracle plant should be available to all.

The benefits of oil

For the benefits are numerous:

  • Great sleeping aid
  • Improved mood (its an anti-depressant)
  • Lowers your Blood Pressure
  • Helps women with menopause (no hot flushes)
  • Prevents seizures (epilepsy)
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Pain Relief
  • We have even seen it used to grow back skin in replace of a skin graft

Please refer back to this article for the best ways to rectally administer cannabis oil.


It’s now cheaper than ever before and we can guarantee the oil we find is full spectrum and fully organic and pesticide free. The price is set by manufacturing and packaging processes and so must always remain at a certain level to sustain the supply chain. Yet, many people still consider the cost of oil to be quite high. But as we strive to get the costs down, let’s take another quick look at where we have come from.

10 years ago the common price was $100 USD per ml. So a cancer patient (for example) taking 1ml a day (rectally) would be spending $900 a month obtaining it. We can now get oil for $30 per 1ml/gm/cc and $20 per ml/gm/cc for orders of 100ml/gm/cc or more, which is a saving of $300 a month (inflation aside) and that’s an anual saving of at least $3600.

Consider the savings on your medical bill

Just for the sake of argument, lets say you don’t take oil and decide to go the route of mainstream pharmaceutical drugs, which carry lists of side effects and are non organically produced. For example, take Sativex, which according to Clear website is about £175 (over $200) for a small spray bottle, Sativex costs around 10 times more than if you were to buy it from a dealer in the street, with all the riks that entails.

But also consider that Cannabis can help prevent surgery and replace chemotherapy and radiation. It can save you and the state a lot of pain and suffereing, both psychologically and financially.  

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