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Multiple Sclerosis is a cruel disease that can leave patients feeling tired, sluggish, and debilitated, carrying a physically and emotional toll that can last a lifetime.

This blog post discusses the results of a study with an MS patient who was given GcMAF, or VDTP (Vitamin D Binding Transport Protein) injections to see if it would help reduce his symptoms. His condition looked like it would simply continue to decline, until he explored GcMAF/VDTP and the power of immunotherapy.

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What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple sclerosis is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that can lead to physical and emotional debilitation. It affects how information moves between the brain, spinal cord, and muscles as people experience numbness or tingling in their limbs with varying degrees of severity.

The most common symptoms include blurred vision, fatigue, pain, and memory loss. This terrible condition often leaves patients feeling tired all day long – sometimes for their entire lives.

MRI scans have shown lesions on cells located within white matter tracts in multiple sclerosis patients’ brains caused by cerebral edema, or inflammation due to demyelination (the insulation around nerve cells is removed). Symptoms vary from one person to another.

Case Story of the Australian MS Patient

An Australian man developed MS in 1989, confirmed by a lumbar puncture and MRI of his brain. In 1991, the patient received pulse steroid therapy to manage symptoms. Later that year, he lost motor control and had difficulty walking, or even moving.

In 1999, a further episode occurred, and again he received steroids. Finally, in 2004, her received further bad news, as another brain scan revealed lesions in his brain and spinal cord, indicating secondary progressive MS.

By 2011, he was confined to a wheelchair and could no longer work.

GcMAF Therapy’s Effect and Results

In 2014, he was offered some hope and agreed to trying GcMAF/VDTP. He started to receive the GcMAF/VDTP (1,500 ng/0.5 ml) intramuscularly, using an insulin (0.5ml) syringe twice a week. Alongside oral colostrum MAF tablets every day.

Shortly after just 3 weeks of receiving this non-invasive VDTP/GcMAF treatment therapy, the following results occurred:

  • He slept well and regained bladder control
  • His energy levels improved, and he was able to get up and go to work every day
  • He was able to drive an adapted car
  • He no longer needed any medication for pain and urinary bladder control and so was able to come off the antibiotics that were making his general health worse

After three additional weeks of continued therapy, the following positive physical responses were recorded by the doctors;

  • He was able to walk with supports for the first time after four years of wheelchair user
  • He had complete urinary bladder control without medication, even for bladder infections
  • He regained mental clarity, and he was animated and happy

What is GcMAF/VDTP?

GcMAF, or VDTP (Vitamin D Binding Transport Protein) essentially takes the Vitamin/Hormone D3 that we receive from the sun, or supplements and transport it through the immune system, repairing and rebuilding damaged cells, whilst attacking foreign invader pathogens.

We all have GcMAF in our bodies, it is a naturally occurring protein. The likelihood is that if you are well and healthy, you have enough of it to fight off cancer and pathogens. If on the other hand you are sick or have been diagnosed with a serious condition, then your immune system is low in GcMAF/VDTP levels.

If you have cancer or autism, for example, then you are so low in it, that you need of a boost. An injection of external genuine GcMAF/VDTP, alongside some lifestyle changes and a cleaner diet.

As we have documented GcMAF/VDTP effectiveness in battling cancerous tumors earlier, its proven impact on MS is fantastic.

You can read more about natural GcMAF/VDTP therapy and its outstanding benefits here – https://healingoracle.ch/category/gcmaf/

Nagalase Test

There is also a simple blood test that you can take called a Nagalase blood test this will show the levels of diseased/damaged cells in your blood. It doesn’t actually test GcMAF, it tests the level of infected/damaged cells present.

Which in turn can lead your practitioner to understand how much GcMAF/VDTP is required. The higher the level of Nagalase detected, the worse the patient’s health and condition will be. So the GcMAF/VDTP levels you receive will need to be higher in order to deal with the higher levels of Nagalase.

And so this simple test can therefore be performed at key stages in the treatment and provides a guide to whether the damaged cells are increasing or decreasing in number and therefore whether the treatment is working and how effective it is.

Vitamin D3

As we see GcMAF/VDTP and therefore your entire immune system is also reliant on another naturally occurring hormone called Vitamin D. And so it stands to reason that MS sufferers and anyone else suffering from a long term illness or chronic condition are likely to also be low in Vitamin D3. In fact, the majority of the western world is now low on this essential hormone.

Our indoor lifestyle means we simply do not get enough exposure to the sun and have lost touch with the daily source of this life-giving hormone that we need. The sun provides life and for us human it is essential to our health. The best natural source of Vitamin D remains the sun, whilst it is the sunset and sunrise that have the full spectrum of sunlight and therefore contains the highest levels of natural Vitamin D.

If you find that your Vitamin D levels are low then you may well need to take high dose supplements in order to restore the balance. And of course during the winter, or if you are unable to get access to sunshine, then we recommend Vitamin D3 and K2.supplements.

Test your Vitamin D levels

Please check your Vitamin D levels are in the healthy range having a 25 hydroxy blood test and discuss the results with a practitioner.

We have found the best source for Genunine GcMAF/VDTP to be Vigor Life who can ship worldwide. They also offer a consultation service and can help with any questions you may have. You can also email them here

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