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A shocking new finding by the John Hopkins University reveals that you can be vaccinated through a PCR test, even without knowing about it – or your consent!

Several doctors and senior journalists have come forward to claim that mass PCR testing for COVID19 could be World Health Organization’s biggest covert vaccination campaign. This suspicion is further strengthened by the fact that in January 2019, WHO defined the growing number of vaccination critics as one of the top ten threats to global health.

Since the unprecedented Corona vaccination failure, the number of vaccination refusers has only gone up since then.

John Hopkins University Confirms ‘Covert Vaccination’ Technique 

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have developed a new device that can be implanted into the body and deliver drugs. The researchers were inspired by parasitic worms, which dig their sharp teeth into the intestines of their host to feed off them with blood through spongy cells in the gut wall called villi. To mimic this process, they created tiny star-shaped devices that attach themselves onto intestinal mucosa and release drugs internally as well as externally for better absorption.

The tiny devices known as Theragrippers are made of metal and a thin film that changes shape. They cover the heat-sensitive wax with kerosene, which is no larger than dust particles themselves.

The Theragripper is a tiny, six-pointed device that clamps onto the wall of the colon. The kerosene coating on these devices reaches body temperature when inserted into your gastrointestinal tract and they close up autonomously to hold themselves in place. When attached, this creates an airtight seal which allows for the gradual release of drugs from one or more points along its surface over time until it falls out naturally through normal muscle motion at some point later down the line!

History is witness to such inhumane authoritarian acts 

If you can’t imagine the government administering toxins to you against your will and without your consent, think of all the horrific experiments on humans that were conducted in the name of ‘mass healthcare,’ ‘medical research,’ and ‘humanitarian missions.’ For instance, in 2007, the CDC even admitted that between 1955 and 1963, 10-30 million citizens were infected with the carcinogen SV40 via polio vaccination.

Moreover, we have documented earlier how even the Doctors are flying blind with the COVID vaccine, resulting in disability and death for many.

Don’t let them invade your mind, body, and soul.

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