Democracy in Dusseldorf as citizen successfully tears up the mask rule


Is this a rare win for democracy and common sense?

At least there appears to be some form of freedom in the face of such strange and bizarre times and we hope this can open the doors to more democratic decisions in the future. Maybe, there are some areas of Europe where some common sense is allowed to prevail, and they respect their citizens wishes in the face of such global dominance and tyranny over your health.

According to “BERLIN (AFP) — The German city of Dusseldorf was forced Monday to lift an order for residents to wear masks against the coronavirus, after a citizen successfully sued against the blanket rule.

Dusseldorf authorities ordered masks in public across the city, with the exception of parks and cemeteries, unless the possibility of encountering other people who are fewer than five meters (16 feet) away can be precluded.”Dusseldorf tears up mask rule

“In its ruling, the court called Dusseldorf’s order confusing because it did not provide clarity on “which conduct is required” while at the same time threatening a fine in case of noncompliance.

City authorities said they would re-examine the wording of their mask order following the ruling.

As we have seen opposition is rising against the current climate of state control and mandatory rulings that make little sense from a medical perspective, but a lot of sense from a control perspective. As the longer the plandemic continues, the more the tiny percentage increases of people who are questioning these rulings:

“Opposition to strict curbs including maintaining safe distances or limiting social contacts has been rising in Germany and elsewhere across Europe.

A series of court cases favoring plaintiffs had last month toppled bans on hotel stays for domestic travelers from German districts with high prevalence of the virus.

Thousands of demonstrators protesting the restrictions also ran riot in the eastern city of Leipzig, flinging fireworks and other projectiles at police after they were told to disperse.

As we reported at the beginning of the global enforcement of mandatory masks, they actually make little sense when it comes to protecting you against a virus, in fact masks are a petri dish across your mouth and nose, straight into your lungs, a breeding ground for viruses whilst also restricting oxygen intake.  

According to the Liberal: “In recent months, a number of German citizens have successfully sued government authorities to lift Draconian measures ostensibly invoked to combat the virus including lifting a ban on hotel stays for domestic travellers from German districts with high prevalence of the Covid-19.”

So the message here is continue to invoke your rights and to stand up for your own health.

We are the greater percentage. Breath and get lots of fresh air and Vitamin D, stay healthy and happy and do not give in to the irrational fears.


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