GcMAF Human Serum_ Promising Development in Battling Cancer


Promising findings were published by a team of Japanese Cancer Researchers in the International Journal of Cancer Research and Treatment dated July 2013. The team successfully detected GcMAF in the human-serum by using a special globulin anti-body. The findings are promising more effective ways to activate ‘anti-tumour’ response within the body so that macrophages (and other healthy killer cells also called the T-cells) can decimate cancerous tumours.

Something No Doctor Will Ever Tell You

“We found that GcMAF-containing human serum significantly enhanced the phagocytic activity of mouse peritoneal macrophages and extended the survival time of mice bearing Ehrlich ascites tumours,” stated the authors in the published research paper. These observations are a significant leap in the future of immunotherapy against diseases like cancer, HIV, autism and neural degenerative conditions.

The world of natural healing knows about GcMAF therapy. But the capital-driven medical industry will remain mum about it. 

How does GcMAF work?

GcMAF is a ‘Macrophage Activating Factor’ which is derived from the Gc-protein. It basically triggers the warrior T-cells within the human immune system which then fights against bacterias, viruses, cancerous cells, damaged cells or other pathogens. You can refer to our article on how GcMAF works and has been reversing cancer and HIV in patients. For instance, many clinical treatments based on GcMAF with Oleic acid-binding reported shrinking of liver cancer tumours, melanoma metastases, and so on.

Numerous researches and clinical trials have shown GcMAF to be effectively devouring tumours in advanced cancer stages. 

In-Video: Watch GcMAF activated macrophages doing their jobs to kill bad invaders and tumours.

Though, an industry that benefits from prolonging cancer or treating it quickly for an amount that indebts many, will never even talk about something this effective!

The Impact

The observation of diminishing ascites carcinoma tumours in lab mice shows that the human-serum could one day be administered at scale to battle cancer, HIV, and autism globally. And, such observations are hardly a surprise. GcMAF’s effectiveness in curing cancer has already been documented, and many patients have survived to tell the tale.

Though, you will never hear about it from doctors and Oncologists. “No Oncologist is ever allowed to speak publicly about this for fear of losing their licence, but thanks to Bulgarian immunotherapy GcMaf, a clean diet, natural supplements and a clean lifestyle, it is possible to beat even the rarest and most aggressive types of cancer.”

The big question

The findings raise brows and doubts about the ethics of modern medicine. Why banish the world from easy and effective immunotherapy when one is available? The truth is that the medical industry profits only from a sick person, and not a healthy person. The continued subjugation of Immunotherapy such as GcMAF has continued for over two decades, yet there are ways to combine these therapies with other modern medicine and so we remain hopeful it can be further drawn into the mainstream narrative.

There is a lot of research out there and the governments don’t hide the research. You can check these sources here for over 50 published articles on the effectiveness of GcMAF.

Obtaining GcMAF

You can purchase it from a reputable company that tests for purity and uses a world-class laboratory for the production of pure GCMAF. However, there are many imitators out there so beware. We have found the best source so far to be Vigor Life in Bulgaria. Feel free to email them directly here: [email protected].

Stay healthy and stay safe.

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