GMOs are something that most of us tend to stay away from. With all the different brands marketing their products, staying away from GMOs is quite tricky. The market is flooded with products sourced from GMOs, and eventually, they are garnering love from users. So, people tend to eat healthy, with all the recommended nutrients, following a high fibre diet. But is it safe? You’ll be surprised to find some of your favourite healthy food products, which are just hidden sources of GMOs. Let’s find out!

GMOs: What are they, and why are they Dangerous for Humans?

Genetically modified organism (GMO) is created in the laboratory where the DNA from one species (plants or animals) is extracted and further forced into the DNA of another species (plants or animals).

GMO food includes food products that had specific changes introduced into their DNA [1]. The most common citing of GMO food products is corn, crops and soy, sugar beets, etc. Nearly 93% of the corn crops and 96% of the soybeans in the U.S are genetically modified. Another thing about GMO food products is that they can withstand a lot of pesticides.

Why are GMOs dangerous?

Anything that is not natural can be harmful. The safety of GMO foods was never tested while introduced into the market. Regulation of GMO foods is a difficult task, and the data therewithin isn’t transparent to the public. Furthermore, some studies link glyphosate to cancer and other diseases [2]. Glyphosate chemical is a pesticide sprayed onto crops that have been modified to withstand harsh chemicals. Unfortunately, the residues of this chemical can end up in the human digestive system causing different problems.

Some “Healthy” Secret GMO Foods?

You can find the most common sources of GMOs, but there are a lot of food products that have hidden sources of GMOs. The challenge is that most of the population isn’t aware of it yet. Below are some examples of food products that you need to watch out for on your next supermarket trip!

Dairy Products

Cows are usually fed with a mixture of artificial hormones and soy, containing enormous amounts of GMOs. Using these synthetic hormones is to increase milk production in the cows. [3]


Commonly, the chocolates contain GMO corn & certain sweeteners which are derived from GMO corn. Chocolates also contain milk produced by cows fed with artificial hormones. [4]

Nutrition Bars 

Nutrition bars may contain GMO soy and corn as well as GMO sugar.


Though a heavily poor decision for breakfast, cereals are a favourite food choice for many individuals. Cereal contains GMO soy, GMO corn, and GMO sugar [5]. The milk used to prepare the cereal again is produced by cows injected with artificial hormones.


The most commonly used vegetable oils for cooking are corn and canola oil. Concerning news is that almost every vegetable oil used for cooking is GMO [6]. In such a case, you can easily avoid GMOs by using olive oil or traditionally used cold-pressed oils (mustard, coconut, etc.). [7]


Rice is genetically modified to contain more significant amounts of Vitamin A. Regrettably, GMO rice increases the risk of allergies. It is strongly recommended to be avoided as much as possible.


Most Hawaiian papayas come from GMO crops, which should be avoided [8]. If you want to include papayas in your diet, always search for red papayas grown in Mexico instead of Hawaii.


One of the most favourite fruits, most bananas are genetically modified in the U.S. Rather than entirely avoiding bananas and not including them in your fruit platter, make sure you choose the organically grown bananas.


It would be difficult for you to find genetically modified tomatoes across Europe, as they are banned. However, in the U.S., they are widely available in the markets. Genetically modifying tomatoes aims to keep them fresh for longer spans, but the price we pay is quite concerning.


Avoid consumption of meat that comes from animals fed on GMO corn. Pigs, cows, and chickens are injected with growth hormones causing additional problems for the human body. Thus, it is best to avoid such products altogether.

Ending Note:


If you live in countries that approve GMO Foods, you might not be eating healthy then. Humans are supposed to rely on fruits, vegetables, dairy products & fresh meat, etc., but eating becomes a concern with GMOs. In the past, the U.S.D.A. approved a modified potato, which is not real food. Since we know that our bodies have no way of coping with GMOs, it is hazardous in the long run! Likely, GMO foods will soon be marked as “Biofortified” as the plan to sneak GMOs into our food’s advances. Those vocal about the issue has been silenced or threatened in the past. So, what is that we can do? Reasons are complex!

The modern agriculture is deliberately putting poison on our tables. In the past studies have highlighted weed killer in some popular breakfast cereals, which is a huge concern. GMOs and glyphosate can cause an increase in cancer to all future generations. Got Cancer? Get your Claim from Bayer here!

When it is about GMOs, the problem is not that we are not entirely informed about it. The problem is how to know the difference between right and wrong. Being a common ingredient in basic food items, it seems complicated to decide what to include in your shopping cart and what to avoid!

We are awakening you by sharing this list of food products that you thought were healthy. These foods, including many others, are instead a hidden source of GMOs. If this causes you to panic, you need to understand that you cannot avoid these products forever, but learn how to read between the lines of ‘healthy food’ labels and claims. Alternatively, you can choose the organic ones available in the market! Food has the power to impact your mindbody and soul. This is why, at healing oracle, we advise you to choose your options and stay as natural as possible wisely!


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