The Nagalase test is advertised as a highly accurate early cancer detection method. Labs that offer this test state that the enzyme rises during very early stages of Cancer because these cells use it to suppress the immune system and augment their growth.”

Does this test yield what is promised & advertised? Read to learn more!

The (In) Famous Story of Nagalase:

Nagalase is a type of protein that can suppress the immune system by breaking down some important white blood cells called macrophages. VDTP/GcMAF helps produce Gc macro inflammatory peptide, which suppresses inflammation in our bodies and makes it hard to fight infections or cancerous growths from spreading to other body organs.

Specifically, nagalase breaks down the Gc protein, which inhibits the production of VDTP/GcMAF [1].

Many research found that cancer cells and invading viruses use nagalase to infect the host and spread further. [2, 3, 4]

When cancer cells and viruses like HIV release nagalase, it further blocks the production of VDTP/GcMAF. This prevents macrophages’ activation, which is essential for our immune system’s ability to fight off infections or invaders like tumor cells. With a deficiency in these white blood cell populations, you could end up with an unchecked disease that will not disappear even after surgeries.

Researchers have developed a treatment based on the VDTP/GcMAF molecule. This treatment activates your macrophages & boosts your body’s immune system, fighting off cancer, HIV, and other chronic illnesses. This treatment has also been effective in autism and autoimmune diseases [5, 6].

Many researchers found that nagalase levels can increase when you suffer from certain diseases. Below are a few discussed.

Viral Infections

Nagalase levels are bound to increase during viral infections. This suppresses the immune system response. Influenza A & HIV patients have shown an increased nagalase activity in their blood and body systems. [7]


Since cancer cells release nagalase enzymes, people suffering from cervical, prostate, breast, and other cancers reflect high levels of nagalase. With the advancing stages of cancer, the nagalase levels keep increasing.


Many studies suggest that children with autism may have increased nagalase activity. [8]


In comparison to healthy people, autoimmune patients with lupus have higher nagalase activity [9].

Excess Alcohol Consumption

People who are alcohol-dependent individuals have significantly higher levels of nagalase compared to healthy individuals. [10]

How does VDTP/GcMAF Work?

Many types of research have shown effective cancer treatment using VDTP/GcMAF. Immunotherapy patients have been successfully treated using the body’s immune system capabilities.

However, rather than exploring the potential of natural cancer immunotherapy, a small faction of the world chose to tarnish such studies and labeled them as ‘lacking scientific bases’ and ‘baseless conclusions.’ Instead, the marketers found grounds to promote the traditional cancer treatments over natural cancer treatment without trying to understand its efficacy even once.

According to the study, cancer cells cloak themselves through an invisible chemical shield of ‘Nagalase’ (α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase). This also stops the production of natural VDTP/GcMAF in the body system. Remember, VDTP/GcMAF is vital to activate Macrophages that destroy cancer cells and other pathogens in the body.

VDTP/GcMAF immunotherapy works by compensating the blocked natural MAF by cancer cells’ Nagalase enzyme. The treatment involves giving the patients regular doses of VDTP/GcMAF.

As soon as the body receives the required dose, it triggers warrior white blood cells (macrophages) that kill cancerous cells.

If taken in tandem with traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgery – immunotherapy for cancer and autism patients can work wonders.

A Final Word

Nagalase studies date back to the ’90s and VDTP/GcMAF studies to the ’00s with no recent quality research. But when you search for nagalase and VDTP/GcMAF on the web, you will find doctors recommending them.

There is evidence from studies suggesting how VDTP/GcMAF has been successfully used to treat prostate cancerbreast cancer, other types of cancer [11], HIV [12], Sclerosis [13], and many other diseases!

To learn more about the efficacy of the VDTP/GCMAF immunotherapy, we need to trust the research and keep a broader perspective.

If you are having problems sourcing a genuine product, please contact: [email protected] for more enquiries on VDPT/GcMaf

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