GC Protein-Derived MAF Help Cancer Patients


Great News on the Cancer Front!

We have earlier pointed out how VDTP/GcMAF can help patients with cancer, and even neurodegenerative diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, even autism.

Now, new research shows the potential of VDTP/GcMAF-based anticancer immunotherapy.

The protein GC protein-derived MAF (GC-Protein MAF) is highly expressed in most cancerous tumors, particularly in those proliferating fast. A research team has now shown that GC-Protein MAF plays an important role in controlling the growth of tumor cells and the metastasis of cancers to other organs.

We all have VDTP/GcMAF in our bodies, as it is a naturally occurring protein. The likelihood is that if you are well and healthy, you have enough of it to fight off cancer and pathogens. If on the other hand you are sick or have been diagnosed with a serious condition, then your immune system is low and so are your VDTP/GcMAF levels.

How does VDTP/GcMAF work?

Watch how Immune cells attack and eliminate viruses, bacteria, and cancer. This truly is a breakthrough in medicine. GcMaf is the best product we have found as Immunotherapy to date.

If you have cancer or autism, for example, then you are so low in it, that you need a boost. An injection of external genuine VDTP/GcMAF, alongside some lifestyle changes and a clean diet.

Findings of the research

α-N-acetylgalactosaminidase (nagalase) accumulates in the serum of cancer patients and its activity correlates with tumor burden, aggressiveness, and clinical disease progression. The administration of GC protein-derived macrophage-activating factor (VDTP/GcMAF) to cancer patients with elevated levels of nagalase has been associated with a decrease of serum nagalase activity and with significant clinical benefits.

19 out of 20 patients under the clinical research responded well to VDTP/GcMAF, with certain patterns emerging.

  • All of the patients had significantly higher than normal serum nagalase activity.
  • Only one patient exhibited a significant decrease in serum nagalase activity after weekly VDTP/GcMAF injections.
  • The observations reported here confirm and extend previous results and pave the way to further studies aimed at assessing the precise role and indications for VDTP/GcMAF-based anticancer immunotherapy.

Genuine GcMaf/VDTP can be purchased in Japan or from Bulgaria, both are proven to be genuine. If you have problems sourcing this product please contact Vigor Life

VDTP/GcMAF is the biggest advancement in the treatment of autism and cancer and immune disorders having had undeniable results. It is known to treat even seemingly untreatable cancers.

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