There are many unexplored cultures from the ancient world that may leave you gaped! A majority of our ancestors, irrespective of their age, lived a healthier life than most of us! With the limited resources available back then, do you wonder how did they do it?

The Secret lies within their way of living and routine habits. In many parts of countries like Japan, China and India, the population lived based on nature.

Being grateful, loving and respecting your surrounding reverberates positive energy that generates impact in different ways. Having a yogic lifestyle is one way to improve health and fasten yourself to the roots of nature.

A Brief about Yogic Lifestyle and the Secrets of Health!

There are seven yogic health secrets for long life. Long life is never a goal for yogis, but a healthy one is! A long and healthy life lets you have enough time to master and achieve the ultimate spiritual state of oneness, i.e., the ultimate goal for yogis. Yogis have passed on recommendations on how to live long and keep the body & mind healthy and calm.

Here are seven “secrets” of yoga for longevity:

Appropriate Physical Labour

Exercise or physical activity is vital, particularly in today’s world when physical labour is no longer a part of a lifestyle. People living a sedentary lifestyle with little physical exertion may have to face health challenges in older age. The lack of exercise and physical inactivity causes several illnesses. Read here how routine physical activity impacts life’s longevity! A yogic lifestyle, too, would recommend adding light exercise to your routine. This can include walking, dancing, running, sports or yoga. This generates energy and maintains a healthy mental state.

Going to bed when one feels sleepy

With technology moving into our life, we have greater exposure to computers, mobiles, tablets and other electronic gadgets. Studies show, this has disturbed the natural wake/sleep cycle and jeopardized the body’s system. Both yoga and Ayurveda recommends sleeping at night and staying awake during the day. Day sleep and remaining awake at night is very detrimental to health. This is a habit that can be unnatural and can potentially shorten its life span. According to yoga therapy, such a lifestyle is a significant cause of chronic diseases and some types of cancer; hence should be avoided.

Eating only when hungry.

People eat for so many reasons, sometimes for the sake of socializing, and at other times, just because it is a specific time of the day! Then there is anxiety and depression related eating that people often indulge in. The simple & pleasurable act of eating is no longer nourishing the body and receiving energy. Food abuse and overeating are reasons behind indigestion, acidity, and constipation, followed by severe diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Having a healthy appetite is advised in a yogic routine. This means, eat only when one feels truly hungry and in the absence of appetite, wait and then consume a meal. Only water or tea is allowed between meals. ‘Snacking’ or ‘munching’ destroys the Agni (digestive fire) and wreaks havoc on your health.

Regular fasting

According to yogis, fasting is a natural detoxifier for the body & health. It detoxes the body’s system and provides rest to your digestive organs. Continuous working may make organs collapse and have adverse impacts on health. Yogic fasting is recommended for a full day as it allows the digestive system to rest. Some studies suggest short-term fasting to enhance Cancer treatment.

Ablution before sleep

The natural sleep cycle is essential but do you know, cooling down some parts of the body (forearms, hands, calves, feet, genitals, neck, face) helps a lot. Yogic lifestyle encourages people to incude this into a routine. You may be surprised to find that you sleep better, wake up less during the night and have a peaceful & undisturbed sleep. The following day you will feel more refreshed.

Meditation and Stay Calm

Modern research proves what yogis have known for billions of years. Meditation has a profound healing effect. Regular meditation leads to cellular level changes that can even alter DNA. Meditation helps to maintain and re-establish homeostasis in the body. It is essential to maintain proper health and boost immune health. When we meditate, the relaxation response comes into effect as the parasympathetic nervous system is activated. Regular meditation improves mental and physical health and also the quality and length of life.  .

Asana Practice

You may be wondering why asanas are not listed under exercise. Asanas are not exercises, but rather innercizes as they affect the inner body, organs, glands & chakras in a different way than exercise.

Asana in Sanskrit means “posture producing physical comfort & mental composure”. When practised in a certain number of repetitions & held for a specific amount of time, asanas affect glands, muscles, nerves and organs of the body. The physical benefits are countless, but the most crucial effect is relaxation of the mind. Yoga postures tone muscles, increase flexibility & improve posture through alignment. They also balance the secretion of hormones & restore psychic & emotional well-being.

Some studies suggest yoga improve health‐related quality of life, mental health & cancer‐related symptoms in women diagnosed with breast cancer. The next time someone asks you about a natural cure for breast cancer, you know what to suggest for relief!

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