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So physically, mentally, emotionally, financially harsh and debilitating have the lockdowns been that now we see the planned entrance of the knight in shining armour, the light at the end of the tunnel in the shape of a vaccine, the drug everyone suddenly wants. 

This is a complete transcription of the video below. He speaks with vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD which reveals shocking news about the latest vaccine for COVID-19 and its dangers. You can watch the full video for yourself below. 

Introduction: Presenter:

“Okay now, for really one of the most important stories I have perhaps covered in my entire career in medical journalism which now spans you know around 15 years of working on television and media to discuss medical issues something gigantic has happened this week at least I think it is in you can decide for yourself as we weigh into this to begin with there is a world renowned vaccine creator that went on his LinkedIn and put out a letter to every single professional in the world essentially telling them we must stop the vaccination program immediately he was just a couple of extras from his letters take a look at this.”

Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD DVM:

“As a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert I only make an exception when the Health Authority is allowed vaccines to be administered in ways that threaten public-health, most certainly when scientific evidence is being ignored. The present extremely critical situation forces me to spread this emergency call. As the unprecedented extent of human intervention in the COVID-19 pandemic is now at risk of resulting in a global catastrophe without equal this call cannot sound loudly and strongly enough.

Sufficient scientific evidence has been brought to the table. Unfortunately it remains untouched by those who have the power to act. How long can one ignore the problem when there is at present massive evidence that viral immune escape is now threatening humanity? We can hardly say we didn’t know – or were not warned.

In this agonising letter I put all of my reputation and credibility at stake. I expect from you guardians of mankind at least the same. It is of utmost urgency. Do open the debate. By all means: turn the tide.”


I think he goes on and has this statement to make, a form of bc disclaimer, right?

“For those who may have had some difficulty in understanding how mass vaccination drives viral immune escape, it will suffice to watch infectivity and morbidity rates in those countries who have now succeeded in vaccinating millions of people in just a few weeks, (e.g UK, Israel, USA). Whereas these countries are now enjoying declining infectivity rates, they will unfortunately start to suffer from a steep incline in COVID-19 cases in the weeks to come. The steep decline was saying right now maybe followed by a short lived plateau but the subsequent steep incline of (severe) disease cases is inevitable.”

These are shocking statements and to be clear just so you recognise this man could not be more pro vaccine in fact he may be one of the most highly ranked and talented vaccine creators in the world. Let’s take a look at the resume of the man that is screaming at the top of the mountain right now.

Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM: (resume)

GSK biologicals:

-Senior project leader for “Adolescent vaccine projects“.

-New biotech vaccine development and QC-QA manager.

-Head of adjuvant technologies and alternative deliveries R&D.

Solvay Biologicals:

-Global project director influenza vaccines.

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF):

-Senior program officer, global health, vaccine discovery.

Global alliance for vaccines and immunisation (GAVI):

-Program manager.


-Chief innovation and scientific officer.

German Centre for infection research (DZIF):

-Head of the vaccine development office.


-Managing director.

Okay, this guy is anything but an anti vaxxer. He is as pro vaccine as you can get. But there is something that has got him terrified. That letter only really speaks to the professionals in his field. But luckily for us he did an interview, I believe it was last week.

*During interview*:

Dr Phillip McMillan: “I’m saying that we haven’t spent enough time understanding how the virus impacts the body and understanding how the pandemic then will impact the world. We’ve spent all of our time just going for solutions, has that been a mistake?”

1.Vanden Bossche: “Of course, the most important mistake, I think I’m not sure if many people, and I was part of them. I was just explaining we don’t understand our weapon plus we don’t understand that vaccines should not be used in an epidemic. And we don’t understand exactly what the virus is, do we? So we go to war and we don’t know our enemy. We don’t understand the physiology of our enemy and we don’t know how our weapon works. I mean, how is that going to go? It was an environmental problem to begin with.”

Dr Phillip McMillan: “I understand and I completely accept that, at the same time I’m still thinking that if the governments don’t respond in some way. Because they have to be seen to be doing something. They seem to be in a lose- lose situation if they don’t do anything they will be criticised and if they do something they are going to be criticised. Is that a fair statement to make?”

  1. Vanden Bossche: “I don’t think so. I mean it wouldn’t matter if you start vaccinating people and it doesn’t work, the problem is that we include a long lived antibody response and as a matter of fact we know, that is not my knowledge, it is all published. The problem is that we fail to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Fact is there are long lived antibodies which have high specificity for the virus. They out compete our natural anti bodies because they are natural antibodies they have a very broad spectrum but low affinity. So by doing this even if your antibodies don’t work anymore because there is resistance or strains are different from the original strain. These specific antibodies will continue to out compete your natural antibodies. And that is a huge problem because these natural antibodies provide you with protection. This protection is variant non specific. This doesn’t matter what variant you get, it doesn’t even matter what type of coronavirus is coming in. They protect you. Unless of course you suppress this level of immunity or it is for example out competed by long lived specific antibodies. It’s not like okay you missed it, let’s try again. No, you did some harm. This is different from drugs, immunising somebody is like installing a new software on your computer. Don’t forget these antibodies will be recalled single every time you’re encountering coronavirus. You cannot just erase this. This is very serious.”


Is not like the drug. This is very serious. This is, he uses the term long lived antibodies. I want to, I’m going to use a sort of a football way to describe now. I think this video is pretty clear, but I really want to make sure that we all get this because I actually learned something this week that I wasn’t fully aware of. And now it is crystal clear, but let me see if I can help make it crystal clear for anybody. That’s sort of thinking about what he said now. Here’s what he is describing. And this is sort of, if you ever played any sports, soccer, football, hopefully this makes some sense to you.

 But on our team, in our immune system, we have what are called nonspecific antibodies. He called it a broad spectrum. It’s a broad spectrum. Low affinity. They don’t care who is coming across in this case. Let’s look at the other team. These are listed. These are all variants of coronavirus. We’ve got the, A variant, T R L Y X okay now it doesn’t matter who gets the ball in this case we have non-specific anyone that comes across so let’s say X has the ball is running back and Y comes running over here right here. Tackle, dead not going anywhere. Well it says a different play let’s say they decided that we’re going to run Y they run Y roundabout coming from the L. It doesn’t matter we’re going to go after anything because it’s non-specific brilliant antibodies you have is your natural immune system what is it a trick play. This is how your immune system works; this fantastic now is to talk about what happens when we are given a vaccine.

 In this case we’re going to move onto the vaccine, vaccine induced antibodies as he said there long lived antibodies. They don’t go away, this is not a drug that will wear off, if you have an allergic reaction we will not use that drug anymore. It is in you forever. There is no getting this thing out. And what did it just do, it created what he called specific antibodies, specific antibodies is now what we’re going to discuss. So now in this scenario playing football, essentially everyone on the team has been told you’re looking for X, the antibody created in this case for the spike protein, the spike protein SARS Covid 2 that we first saw at the very beginning before there were any variants are vaccines going to make you fight that really well.

So how does it work? Well the coach basically said “I know for a fact that X back there, the running back is going to get the ball so everyone on the team looks for X.

X gets the ball, it doesn’t matter they are all going to jump in there. This shows that the vaccine is awesome. But here is the problem he’s talking about, this entire team can only respond to X. It is antibody specific. So what happens if Y gets the ball? What if the team knew, it doesn’t matter the coach said it was going to be X. But Y gets the ball, comes around, gets through here and can go anywhere they want and X does nothing. Virus wins the whole game. Because no one on the team was waiting for X had planned for X and was told don’t go near Y. But here’s something I didn’t understand. We talked about that based upon the show not in this way. But it does one step further, here’s what I did not understand about the immune system last week, that I do now. When he says that the vaccine induced antibodies are long lived, it means they are going to be there forever, he basically explains that they are more robust. The virus specific antibodies, the specific ones they are more robust and they out compete the non-specific, non-natural antibodies.

So in this case, you do have some natural, non specific antibodies in there. That could handle any one of the variants, but the problem is these guys are bullies. They’re bigger, they’re stronger, they’re more specific and they’re ready to do their job. So if Y gets the ball and starts coming around our non specific antibodies is going to want to jump in there. Fortunately our vaccine induced antibody will get in there and push it out of the way and become a blocker to make sure that the antibody or virus will get all the way in and gets the touchdown which could possibly leave you dead. This vaccine is bullying away your remaining natural immune system. You do have these but they are never going to work again. Do you realise how horrifying this is? Now think about the hundreds and millions of people that are lining up around the world to get the vaccine. Well Geert here, one of the leading scientists in vaccine and immunisation in the world is telling you, everybody getting the vaccine is destroying their immune system. Those immune antibodies that were non specific that could’ve handled any of those thousands of variants we just saw, they’re designed for it. Are being vaccinated. You just ensured yourself that there are no antibodies inside of you to fight the variants. So if we have strayed far enough away from the vaccine induced variant that we are looking at. The original spiked protein, everyone that is vaccinated is now in horrible, horrible trouble. They’re going to be attacked by variants, their bodies will not mount to defence. We are talking about carnage, like we have never seen.

 Lady in interview at the end:

“Anybody injected is now a legally genetically modified organism. And that is because the MRNA from the virus is in your body. We don’t know, it is not yet known if the MRNA integrates into the genes, you know, chromosomes. But it must do. That’s why it causes so much death. So that’s why we need to see what the MRNA is. If they have integration like sequences in the MRNA and go into your chromosomes, you will express it for the rest of your life. Potentially it could go into your reproductive organs so that your children will have genetically modified organisms. You expose the viral protein, and you’re human. That is the definition of a genetically modified organism. You have the DNA from another organism.”

On screen text:

Remember, once you’ve had the vaccine you become a genetically modified organism just like the GMO food in shops. And chances are it will be passed on to future children. There’s no going back once you’ve had the jab – that’s it.

  1. Vanden Bossche:

“Now we have this very absurd situation that many people in this world including here in Germany and I know in California in particular. Who absolutely despise GMO food let themselves become GMO people.”

On screen text:

People will protest about GMO food but line up willingly for the COVID vaccine.

But please, we urge you before you rush off to the nearest needle, first watch this video below and listen to what one of the worlds leading vaccine developers has to say about it.

First of all we want to say thank you to Del Bigtree from the High Wire, to Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr Philip McMillan for their work attempting to get this knowledge out to the public. There really aren’t many journalists left that ask the probing questions that really matter, or that highlight the messages coming from so many quarters of the medical world.

Here is Geert Vanden Bossche a leading vaccine developer putting his reputation on the line to finally say enough is enough and warn humanity. For we are inevitably on the brink of a huge disaster, as he sees it.

The vaccine everyone is rushing out to get could in fact become potentially the most dangerous biological weapon of all time. As he describes we will see “a steep incline in severe cases” in the countries that have been rushing out the vaccines, countries like the UK, Israel and the USA he says. This is a Pro vaccine creator and world leader in vaccine development.

As Prophylactic vaccines are being administered during a pandemic, so the virus will be spread rapidly to a population with below average immune systems.

But the most worrying of all that he has to say and as we have suspected, the  more worrying than this is the long term effect of the Long lived antibodies in these vaccines that create specific antibodies that only tackle one spike variant.

Our immune system works as a Non specific antibodies create a broad spectrum of antibodies that can handle any virus. The covid vaccine creates an immune response to only one virus.

Bearing in mind there are trillions of viruses all around us and suddenly we have a problem. They out compete with your natural immune system.

They block your immune response to all diseases, leaving you totally vulnerable to all viruses. You have effectively destroyed your natural innate immune system.

Its not like we have not been trying to warn people for some time now.

We have a right to a good immunity.

We all have a right to life.

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We ask why?

65 years ago fund raising commenced for Cancer Research, with billions of dollars in donations every year they are still no closer to finding a “cure.” This is a huge FAIL however you look at it we see much the same options of the very same chemo, radiation and surgery, with little by way of a cure and ZERO by way of prevention.

Yet the billions of dollars continue to flood in and cancer research get a pat on the back for failing every year. Where is the vaccine that destroys cancer? Where is the vaccine that cures diabetes? 

Both Cancer and diabetes individually have destroyed more lives than Covid. There has never been a cure for the common cold, so do you really believe that in just months that a “cure” has been found for COVID 19 and it comes in the form of vaccine? No research or longevity studies needed, yet the claims of “cure” and prevention are HUMUNGOUS but so is the propaganda, fear mongering and profiteering.

Will the cost be to your health or that of a loved one? the cost of this “”cure” looks like it  will be people’s health and the vaccine in this case CAN NOT be reversed. Remember this or you or/and a loved one may pay dearly later…

Why do we have Quarantine when never in the history of infectious diseases have healthy people been subject to Quarantine?

The Vaccine only allows for its use in the case of an EMERGENCY

The Vaccine remains in Trials ONLY until 2023. If lockdown and Quarantine ends, this ends the emergency administration of the Vaccine. So as things stand now, you, your children and loved ones are the trial for the vaccine. This is the Only reason for quarantine and lockdown. Hence it is now an endemic, which means it will NEVER end!

Will you be taking the Vaccine?

Let’s look at the word Vaccine and break it down: Vac-Sins because we have headed into a Vac-Sin-Nation with our eyes wide open to the dangers!


We do the research you decide,
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