Thaliomide Tragedy


Does democratic freedom really encompass the spirit of “My body, my choice”?

The COVID19 pandemic has brought a deluge of negligence and accounts of medical adversities from different parts of the world. From administering untested vaccines to invading the body with nanotechnology, concerned citizens across the world are raising their voice amidst unprecedented global chaos.

Signs of Biological & Psychological Warfare

Renate Lindeman, a health-conscious citizen, recently posted publicly on his Social Media handle about his right to live a healthy life by his choice, and not at the will of the government.

Citing the Thalidomide Tragedy, he pointed out that those who refused to take Thalidomide were once labelled as ‘Anti-Vaxxers’ as well. The tragedy stands out as one of the biggest drug deployment mishaps in the world.

What was the Thalidomide tragedy?

Back in the 1960s, the demand for sleeping pills and tranquillizers were on the rise. However, Thalidomide was the only non-barbiturate over-the-counter drug. It was overtly advertised as “safe for everyone”, including mothers & children by its parent pharma company.  

Soon, it was discovered by some doctors that Thalidomide also improved symptoms of morning sickness in pregnant women. Soon, the trend for Thalidomide consumption to help sleep better and alleviate morning sickness in pregnant women picked-up, and tragedy followed.

It was a few months later that the bitter truth came to light when pregnant women finally gave birth. The drug interfered with the babies’ normal development, causing many of them to be born with Phocomelia, resulting in shortened, absent, or flipper-like limbs. A German newspaper soon reported 161 babies were adversely affected by Thalidomide, leading the makers of the drug—who had ignored reports of the birth defects associated with it—to finally stop distribution within Germany. Other countries followed suit and, by March of 1962, the drug was banned in most countries where it was previously sold.

COVI9 Vaccine Another ‘Thaliomide’ Tragedy in the making? 

Already, the internet has been filled with sporadic reports of adverse effects of the so-called ‘safe’ Covid-19 vaccine from across the globe. From reports of heart failure to breast-cancer like symptoms in women, the ill responses of the vaccination aftermath are uncovering themselves slowly. It is time we recognize another engineered calamity before it is imposed on us as a ‘tragedy.’

It seems like the capitalist forces and authoritarian leaders will endanger public life for profits – by pushing their untested vaccines on the market, raising the stock prices, and overlooking any adverse health effect on innocent people. They will also go to such lengths to enforce the vaccine by the power of law, and crushing the basic human right to live healthily on their own terms.

No wonder they’d never tell you to follow natural healing, alternate therapies like GcMAF and preventive care to avoid conditions like cancer, autism, etc.

Spread the world for a naturally healthy, and freer world.

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