A terrifying, but rather unsurprising development in clinical observation has surfaced in the United States following the COVID19 vaccination rush. 

As when we pointed out recently with the inherent dangers of such a rushed and untested drug, its no surprise that we will see many side effects in the coming months and years. With COVID vaccinations being used to invade your body and the potential threat of mass infertility, we see that it is already effecting the memory organs. As a team of doctors from Utah have discovered an anomaly in the recent mammogram screenings taken at the Breast Care Centre in Salt Lake City. 

They noticed that women injected with experimental COVID vaccines suffered from abnormal inflammation of the lymph nodes in their breasts and surrounding areas. According to the doctors from Intermountain Healthcare, women who took covid-19 vaccine shots are displaying symptoms of breast cancer.

What do the experts say about this disturbing observation?

Dr. Brett Parkinson states that whenever the team spots such anomalous mammograms, they call the patients back because swollen lymph nodes either mean metastatic breast cancer that has reached the lymph nodes, or leukaemia. 

Vaccines causing swollen breast lymph was a known fact

The other disturbing factor to this is that it has been known in the early trial stages that these vaccines were not only known for causing an inflammatory response in the arms of recipients (as seen with most vaccines), but the shots were also triggering systemic inflammation throughout women’s breast tissue as well. 

The prime cause of worry now is that doctors are seeing the inflammation increasing with each vaccine dose. For instance, after the first dose of the Moderna vaccine, women, on average, had 11 percent swollen lymph nodes in their breast tissue. 

After the second dose, the inflammation increased to 16%. 

The Moderna vaccine is built on the experimental mRNA platform that metaphorically changes human cells so they can support foreign virus replication. 

The mRNA platform fundamentally alters cellular processes and as we stated could affect the bodies reproductive system. Whilst the new vaccine is causing this inflammation as the immune system responds to these newly developed viral invaders and toxins – which will inevitably cause tumors to form and grow, as this is how the body’s natural defence system works. 

Treating Breast Cancer Lumps

There are many natural alternatives to treat breast cancer lumps and tumours. From Iodine and red raspberry leaves to simple lifestyle changes, you can read about them here

Watchout for the toxic attitude from authorities

What is more alarming is the reports that some doctors are telling COVID19 vaccinated women not to get mammograms – and not talk about it. What kind of professional medical advice would this be? Please be aware of this kind of malpractice and report it if necessary. 

Recognizing the new battle is our bodies, we are entitled to professional medical care, so please be aware that the vaccines that are promised as the saviour are also untested and rushed to market. There are inevitable side effects. Stay aware.

Love and light! 

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