cancer and the coronavirus


These are worrying times for everyone, but especially so for those with a terminal illness. The knock on effects of this prolonged lock down and social distancing are yet to be fully seen.

To be one of the “vulnerable” members of society, cut off from friends and family, no longer receiving the same level of support that we all took for granted before this pandemic struck.

In fact, it is hard to find up to date accurate figures, but it was predicted by Cancer Research in the UK in 2015 that by 2020 cancer would effect a staggering 50% of the population at some point in their life.

According to the United States census (at the time of writing) The worlds population is said to be nearly 8 billion, whilst the USA is nearly 330 million:

Screenshot of the World Population clock, 8th April 2020
Screenshot of the World Population clock, 8th April 2020

Cancer Research UK stated in their 2015 article: “One in two people will develop cancer at some point in their lives, according to the most accurate forecast to date from Cancer Research UK, and published in the British Journal of Cancer

So even if you take half of the 330 million population of the USA, that is a whopping 115 million people

The article goes on to say: “These figures highlight the urgent need to bolster public health…Prevention must also play an important role in the concerted effort required to reduce the impact of the disease in coming decades.

“If we want to reduce the risk of developing the disease we must redouble our efforts and take action now to better prevent the disease for future generations.”

This was back in 2015 before the coronavirus regime made everyone’s general living standards take such a dramatic decline.

Sadly, what we now see with living standards so compromised is that the chances of developing serious health conditions amongst the young and the old are not declining, but increasing.

Cancer rates are set to soar

Back in 2012 CBS News predicted: Cancer rates will rise by 75% by 2030: “Global cancer cases are projected to rise 75 percent by 2030…with a surge in cancers linked to bad diet and exercise habits, smoking and drinking too much alcohol…”

Whilst the developing world do not seem to be learning the lessons of the west: “Researchers estimate that by 2030, the number of people affected by cancer in some of the poorest countries will increase by more than 90 percent.”

Cancer sufferer’s now

Cancer is effecting everyone of all ages. It is not just the elderly, but young children, who’s families are having to cope with this emotionally crushing news, married couples, single people, people of all ages.

Unable to leave their homes, afraid of what they may bring in to the house. Cancer makes you feel alone. Coronavirus makes the chasm greater.

How to take battle cancer under the coronavirus regime

Happiness shapes the way our bodies respond. Numerous studies from multiple leading medical centers including John Hopkins University and Harvard School of Public Health, as well as the National Institutes of Health, have shown the link between a positive outlook and the resulting health benefits like lower blood pressure, less heart disease, better weight control, and healthier blood sugar levels. 

When facing a health crisis, actively enhancing positive emotions can boost the immune system and counter depression. The weight of the news can be a burden, so its important to understand that you do have some choices. There are ways to make informed decissions. There are products and adjustments to your lifestyle that will make a huge difference.

Cancer is the result of an impaired immune system

In my humble opinion immunity seems to be a very misunderstood thing these days. If you suffer from any condition, or terminal illness, then you will be suffering from a compromised immune system.

I am a doctor of medicine that has experience also in holistic methods and have been lucky enough to see both sides of the medical world.

And so I have put together a list of things that will help you and your families immune systems during these times.

Diet: Eating a well balanced diet is essential to boosting your immune system, but especially during cancer when you need to build your immune system back up. 

Balance the essential minerals

The  body doesn’t produce minerals naturally and we have been designed to acquire them in the right quantity through naturally available food. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables will boost and balance your immune system. There are 10 crucial minerals your body needs to stay well and fight infections and tumors.

  • ZINC
  • IRON

Get this balance right and you will not need to be afraid of any infection.

Please see this article for full details on the types of food you need to eat to balance these minerals and obtain the vitamins your body needs to fight cancer and boost your immune system.

Get some fresh air and sunshine

We were not designed to be indoors, under cover and hiding from the life giving source of the sun. Remove the regular supply of vitamin D and you are weakening the immune systems supply chain. 

Either try and get 20 minutes a day of sunshine. Or if you are unable to do this then a good organic VitaminD3 with K2 supplement to provide your body with this vital hormone during lockdown.


Remaining still and sitting for too long will weaken the muscles, leading to further problems. So do some light exercise.

Your lymphatic system is essential to maintaining your immune system and it relies on movement. It has no other way of functioning.

Watch and follow exercise videos whilst at home. Its a great release of endorphines too and will lift anyones spirits. Young or old.


An Immunotherapy supplement called GcMaf is a naturally occurring supplement for your immune system.

It comes in a spray and a vial and depending on your conditon will depend on how much you might need.  

It is a naturally occuring protein naturally produced by the immune system itself. Our bodies are constantly producing damaged cells, or toxins. GcMafs primary role is to contain and eradicate them.

They engulfing and preventing the spread of disease, hunting down and destroying toxins and debris in the blood supply. Otherwise described as the PacMan of the immune system.

The below video under a time lapse microscope shows the GcMAF immune cells attacking and eliminating viruses, bacteria and cancer, whilst repairing any nerve cell damage along the way.


It is such a potent force for the immune system that it could even be taken alongside chemotherpay and radiation to boost the immune system back up to normal levels.

It has been consistently effective against cancer for many years and has decades of proven research.

Trouble is that not many people actually know about it. Its far cheaper than chemotherapy, but the Cancer Act of 1939 meant that no oncologist can mention any other treatment than chemotherapy. Their hands are tied as they are unable to prescribe it due to the fact they must only ever be able to recommend chemotherapy, or risk losing their licence.

But this does not stop cancer patients themselves from obtaining it and there are only two sources still left in the world where you can. Japan and Bulgaria.

There are many fake and ineffective versions of GcMAF. So please send us an enquiry and our team can try and assist you further. As there is no one size fits all approach and a general overall plan of attack will depend on you and your conditon.
We offer consultations and can discuss your case in greater detail in peron over the phone and via email or what’s app.

For furhter information please contact us here

Please also see this section for more on GcMAF

Please read Luke’s story of survival against wildtype GIST cancer that was once considered 100% fatal. Luke is the first known survivor and not only that, he is thriving thanks to immunotherapy GcMAF and lifestyle changes.

GcMAF is a harmless product of our own immune system and unlike chemotherapy it has never killed anyone.

Your home environment also holds the key often to why you may be suffering from cancer in the first place.

Mold and fungus

With everyone spending longer indoors its important to give your home enviorment a check over.

Fungus produces chemical by-products as part of its natural life cycle. These chemicals are known as “mycotoxins” and are among the most toxic, naturally occurring chemicals on earth.

It’s well published that certain mycotoxins cause cancer. So it’s essential to clear any mold from your home environment, sometimes its hidden in corners and feeds from moisture in the air.

There are natural ways of cleaning mold away and dealing with the issue. Here is a list of ways to eradicate mold from your life.

Get fresh air inside. Don’t let the air go stagnant. We have all seen what happens to water when it is left. The air in your home should be circulating. Open the windows. Cooler air is better for the immune system, but make sure your ACs are clean and try and use natural fresh air when you can.

Finally, if you have a friend or family member suffering from cancer then please take them some food and leave it on their doorstep. Here are some immune boosting recipes for inspiration. It will make their day.

Knock on their window, give them a call and just see if they are OK.

Please see this article on recovering from Prostate cancer and this article for help with Breast Cancer amongst women

We hope this  helps and please do get in touch if you have any queries or questions to put to us.

Contact [email protected] for more information.


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