Immunotherapy found to help Autism and make up-to a 90% difference
Immunotherapy found to help Autism and make up-to a 90% difference

GCMaf has come on in the last four years and we have now seen success rates increase. I am yet to see a child with Autism not benefit from GCMaf, with many thousands COMPLETELY CURED.

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Since the death of my friend and work colleague in 2015 Dr Jeff Bradstreet, I have focused more on cancer than autism, but we have made advancements in both using GCMAf. This article focuses on the advantages of GCMaf for Autism.

Please see here for more on how GCMaf can help with cancer, as well as other diseases of the immune system

I still have all of the research and documents that Dr Jeff Bradstreet and I worked on together, alongside Dr Fermin Celma. Dr Jeffrey Bradstreet had successfully treated over 2,000 autistic children with GcMAF and the results are well established. With 85% showing an improvement, sometimes the differences back then were quite small, often depending on the child and the child’s immune system and diet.

15% of those that showed an improvement, saw their autism completely eradicated.

And a further 3,000 children have since been successfully treated with GcMAF.

Since 2015, we have built on Jeff’s early findings and continued his work through our clinics and remote support and we are now almost 4 years further advanced on our previous studies and are therefore having faster and more positive results from those earlier days.

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Autism is vaccine damage
Dr Bradstreet’s paper of 2012 was ground breaking in its discoveries. The paper is called Initial Observations of Elevated Alpha-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase Activity Associated with Autism and Observed Reductions from GC Protein—Macrophage Activating Factor Injections and it was here that he noted how Autism tends to be caused by the MMR and other vaccines that are putting viruses and heavy metals like mercury into children. A shortage of lipids may also contribute to to the damage done.

We now see thousands of cases against the vaccine industry, as another Italian court has awarded €178,000 to a family who’s child contracted autism from the MMR Vaccine. And as Vaccine damage in children is reaching epic scales across the world.

The viruses within the vaccines sabotage the immune system by sending out Nagalase to prevent the production of the child’s GcMAF, and therefore the child’s immune system becomes chronic. 

Read more about how GcMAF works here

Autism is usually a viral disease (to a greater or lesser extent) in the brain and the stomach.

In 85% viruses are involved, and the child will respond to GcMAF. In 15% of children with autism, they made a full recovery. 

In 15% of children, if nothing happens in 16 weeks, then the autism may not be viral and therefore unfortunately, the GcMAF of the time did not help when it was administered alone. But with a special blend of oil, stem cells, diet and supplements, we have advanced on this and created a wider GcMAF protocol and so are having much preferred results.

GcMAF has three excellent effects within the brain and rebuilds the immune system, which then attacks the viruses that cause autism.

Please watch this video to show how GCMAF works on a cellular level. You can see why it has been referred to as the Pac-Man of the immune system

Improvements in the child are often seen as early as five weeks – about the same time it often takes to permanently eradicate the herpes virus, for example.   

New findings in Autism

Since 2015 we have discovered more about Autism and GCMaf. Here are some of these key findings:

Autism sufferers tend to have an altered immunity and show the signs of having immunological abnormalities involving such things as: cytokines, immunoglobulins, inflammation and detrimental cellular activation. As well as alterations in various cells of the immune system, including the Natural Killer Cells (NK) and Macrophages. NK cells can be stimulated and test results show diminished cytotoxic activity overall, when the the NK cells are stimulated by the GCMaf protocol.

The Macrophage Migration Inhibitory Factor (MIF): Another important factor linked to Autism is the Macrophage Migration Inhibitory factor (MIF) which is a pro-inflammatory immune regulator expressed in brain tissue and has important influences on the neural and endocrine systems.

MIF Plasma levels were found to be higher in individuals with autism. Individuals with autism with the highest levels of plasma MIF were found to have the most severe behavioral symptoms.

Immunoglobulin Levels: Decreased levels of total plasma (IgG and IgM) have been observed in a large group of individuals with autism. The reduced levels correlated with behavior, such that individuals with autism with the most severe behavioural symptom scores also had the lowest IgG and IgM levels. 

Environment: A complex interplay between immunological and environmental factors may also have a role in autism. Polybrominated diphenyl Ethers (PBDEs) for example, are flame retardant/resistant chemicals added to products, so they won’t catch fire, or burn so easily if they are exposed to flames, or high heat. With an altered/immune system, these chemicals have an impact on the brains neuron-development.

Improvements in GcMAF
The development of GCMaf has also moved forward and so there is now a Second Generation High Dose GcMAF immunotherapy available from Bulgaria that can now be administered to overcome the above problems of immune system dysfunction, including that of MIF which (as stated above) plays an integral role in autism and leads to commonly observed symptoms. 

Vitamin D: Children with autism often have very high levels of vitamin D3, occasionally toxic levels (and low levels of D2) which may be produced by gut bacteria. We do not recommend any change to vitamin D3 (which may result in severe hyperactivity) or any change to anything else, until you are four weeks in with the GcMAF. Even then, not unless the child has had a vitamin D level test known as a 25 Hydroxy test

GcMAF Dosage: there is no one size fits all and this is just a guide. 0.25ml High Dose GcMAF 1,000ng from Maf Vial, injected twice a week by intramuscular, or subcutaneous injection, is an average dosage, but as we say, no one size fits all and so it is recommended that you get in touch to discuss your case.

Please see video instructions here on how to inject GcMAF

It does not work on it’s own

Due to the above findings, we never use GCMaf alone. It is always used alongside other natural treatments and in order to achieve full success, we use a special oil, we change the diet and other things, for full effect. 

To purchase GcMAF products see the full range and prices here

We can now regain speech within 3 days

Some improvements in symptoms should be observed within 2 months. When adding the oil, diet and supplements, we can regain speech in just 3 short days in most cases and more words follow as improvements are made.

A minimum treatment course of 6 months should be expected, but each individual patient is different and additional courses may be required based on positive progress. 
Patients may need longer term maintenance doses of GcMAF therapy to stay well and symptom free, until their immune system is fully developed enough to cope with challenges. 

For example, and as a rough idea on costs, there are 5 doses (0.5ml per dose) of 1000ng GcMAF in each 2.5ml vial. Injecting, or dropping each 0.5ml dose under the tongue, every 3rd day, would equate to 10 doses per month, which is two vials a month in total. Due to the currency exchange, the amounts differ, depending on your location.

US Dollars: Each vial is $250.80 x 2 = $501.60 per month. So a minimum 6-month course will cost $3009.60.

Euros: Each vial is €230.80 x 2 = €461.60 per month. So a minimum 6-month course will cost €2,769.60.

Shipping costs: The above costs do not include shipping, which costs an extra 50 Euros/Dollars a time, so is best to order a bigger supply, so as to avoid extra shipping costs.

Please note: there will be extra costs for the oils, shipping and other supplements to consider, as well as the longer term maintenance needed for your child’s continued health. So please allow for these extra costs when considering a budget for a GcMAF protocol for anyone suffering from Autism.

Please see here for a list of GCMaf prices and products

Please email me at and state the country in which you want the delivery to be made. Delivery is up-to 4 working days following payment.

For other articles and information regarding GcMaf please see: 

I wait to hear further from you

Love and Light

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