Thanks to Covid we are more aware of our health, especially that of our respiratory system. We are spending more than ever on the available healthcare products that treat respiratory problems. The pharmaceutical industry is huge and influential. It advertises many products, with big claims of helping respiratory conditions, such as colds, flu and of course Covid.

“Microbes, not missiles”, as Bill Gates once famously said. This is where our personal war is fought and won. It’s an invisible, internal war, battled out on a microscopic level. Too small for the human eye to see.

But what if you found out that there was a compound so small you could not (or even should not) see it, yet was powerful enough to boost your entire immune system to its optimal level, making you so healthy, you do not need all of these other advertised drugs?

We are all spending more and more money on fighting invisible viruses, we cannot see. Whilst what we can see is that the average person’s health is actually in decline.

A powerful microbe

If you know anything about GcMAF, also known as VDTP you will know that it is based on the way the human body heals itself. It is the very protein that we all produce, without knowing and is the champion when it comes to fighting viruses. It is our internal ammunition and the perfect weapon to fight infection and to clean out our system.

Put simply, it is what we need to survive, not only to fight infection, once we are really sick, but to prevent sickness in the first place. People with cancer (for example) are low in it, they are simply not producing enough GcMAF to fight invaders and so have become outnumbered and weak.

Obviously there are other factors at play when it comes to health and hygiene, the way we live, what we eat and drink and the germs we are exposed to, for example. These all have a huge influence on our health. But if we all lived healthy lives and ate good food, then our GcMAF levels would remain high and our immune system would be functioning as it should.

Yet, overall we have become so unhealthy, that we all need a booster shot of something. It just so happens that GcMAF is probably the best shot we have.

Increased spending on ‘over the counter drugs’

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, in the year 2021, prescription drug expenditure in the U.S. reached $378 billion, accounting for 10% of total health care spending

The United States spends more on pharmaceuticals per capita than any other developed country; averaging almost $1,000 per person per year.

The average pharmacy in every town
The average pharmacy in every town Photograph: Alamy


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 (the latest year for which data is available) the average annual expenditure on cold, flu and respiratory virus medications per consumer unit (a household, or a single person) in the U.S. was:

$51.60 an increase of 13.8% from 2018, when it was $45.30.

But this only represents 0.1% of our average annual expenditure on overall health care. In 2019, the average annual cost, per American citizen, on health care in general, was $5,1934 US Dollars. Which is a large proportion of most peoples’ income.

In 2021, the U.S. pharmaceutical industry earned a whopping $550 billion in annual revenue, of which $6.88 billion was spent on direct-to-consumer advertising. Whilst, also unsurprisingly, the U.S. is the largest and most profitable market for pharmaceutical companies, accounting for about 40% of global pharmaceutical sales.

The daily drug cabinet courtesy of Janice Chung for The New York Times
The daily drug cabinet courtesy of Janice Chung for The New York Times


What is also not really surprising, is that the biggest growth category is Anti “Covid.” With medication such as; Antivirals, Antibiotics, Decongestants, Antihistamines, Cough suppressants, Expectorants, and Analgesics. These drugs are meant to treat, various infections and symptoms of the respiratory system, such as Covid-19, influenza, the common cold, bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia.

However, the supply does not meet the demand, as the USA also faces challenges such as drug shortages, supply chain disruptions. Whilst the companies themselves are under rising public pressure to lower drug prices and increase transparency.

Let’s be clear about GcMAF

In the light of these statistics, what most people are unaware of is that there could be one simple, clear solution to all conditions that effect the respiratory system, and is a way to cut costs and boost individual health.

“The Eye Sees Only What the Mind Is Prepared To Comprehend”

For most people GcMAF is a new thing, or at worse, a risky and bad thing. As a far lesser known “drug” GcMAF is kept out of sight, in the dark, and out of the minds of the mass consumer.

It is a simple clear liquid, that comes as an immunotherapy spray, that can effectively and safely help you fight Covid and other flu viruses. As we seek transparency. The simple difference here is awareness; it does not have the budget for a nationwide TV and media campaign and is easily debunked.

GcMAF does not have a voice and so most people have not even heard of it. The market is saturated with products that cloud our awareness and hide this simple and clear solution. Put simply, GcMAF covers a far wider spectrum of health. It negates the need for other mass produced pharmaceutical drugs.

A simple spray

It comes in both spray and injectable vial form, but the spray is the most accessible and can be used by everyone, as it’s safe and easy to use. There are no age restrictions and so the entire family will benefit from just one, or two spray bottles of GcMAF. Children simply have to take half.

Four sprays under your tongue, once a day and your entire immune system will be back and firing. Your ability to fight any virus, including those that effect the respiratory system, will be optimised. It absorbs quickly in your throat and under your tongue and has no known side effects.

The research showed great results

Amazingly, in trials, approximately 4 sprays, once a day, first thing in the morning, before breakfast (for adults) started to reduce some of the symptoms, especially in breathing and coughing, within the first day. And within 4 days, Covid patients could breathe alone without the support of oxygen.

For children under 5 years, it was a 20ng dose, or 1 spray a day, and for infants, it was only 1 spray a day and for up to 4 days to relieve the symptoms of Covid and other viruses affecting the respiratory system.

Please watch this video for a clearer idea of how GcMAF works:


Keep it clear

There are several forms of GcMAF on the market today and we are aware of the risks when it comes to shopping for the best GcMAF products.

Some versions are significantly higher grade than others. But the good news is that there is in fact a clear guideline you can use.

Firstly, go to a reputable and trusted source, but once you have ordered it, please also check the liquid itself. As there is one final and clear test that anyone can do, and that is simply down to the clarity of the liquid itself. Please check this before you inject, or spray your GcMAF product and some may come in coloured glass, making it harder to tell, but the clearer the liquid, the better.

Clear GcMAF solution is a sign of high quality

It means that it is made from small micro proteins that dissolve easily and is suspended in a high-grade suspension fluid.

On the other hand, cloudy GcMAF indicates inferior quality as this shows that it contains larger proteins, or unwanted items, that have not dissolved properly, which shows that it is mixed with a low-grade holding solution, or is something else. Making it less effective and reducing its shelf life.

Please note that all medical research mentioned was conducted with a clear, transparent solution.

Beware the effectiveness of coloured, or cloudy GcMAF
Beware the effectiveness of coloured, or cloudy GcMAF


If your GcMAF solution is cloudy or discoloured, then it’s unlikely to be a high grade product

GcMAF and other therapeutic agents should be pure and clear to the naked eye. You CANNOT combine GcMAF  with anything else and claim that it is still GcMAF, as it’s not.

For example, colostrum contains many other components and GcMAF and colostrum combinations have not been properly researched and therefore carries a greater risk.

Since this happens on a microscopic level, please watch this timelapse video footage of GMAF at work, thanks to nanotechnology:


In Conclusion

Whatever you put in your body has a long lasting effect. And therapeutic products like GcMAF or any other should be pure enough for your body to break it down without creating harmful toxins. All trials are based on high grade products that are clear. So keep it clear!

 We also feel that the U.S. Government should re-evaluate its pharmaceutical spending and policies, especially in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has exposed the vulnerabilities and inefficiencies of the current system.

Some possible solutions include creating a domestic manufacturing capability, adopting new production technologies, and changing the composition of the Strategic National Stockpile. These measures would require a partnership between the public and private sectors, as well as a balance between innovation and affordability.

If you have any questions about the content of this article, please email: [email protected]

We hope that you found this article helpful, and we wish you all the best of health.

Love and light

The Healing Oracle team.

This article is written for research purposes only

Please be advised that this does not proceed your doctors advise. Please seek medical advise from a trained medical professional before considering any medication.


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