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Cancer may not always the death sentence it is made out to be. 

Please read this inspiring story of how a 35-year-old man from the Midwest was diagnosed with an “incurable” type of cancer, but against all odds is not only still with us, but is doing well to this day.

Here Luke Vir, shares his personal journey of how he became the first person to ever stop and survive Wildtype No 2 GIST (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors)

We can only hope that this story will inspire others who find themselves in a similar position as Luke. Cancer is likely to effect every single one of us at some point in our lives and especially in the USA. But, we are here to show the world that there are other ways, call them “alternative” if you will, but in this case the alternative has helped where nothing else would.

If you are unlucky enough to be diagnosed with cancer, the good news is that there are other products apart from chemotherapy, radiation and surgery out there. The human body is an amazing thing if you let it work the way it was first designed. For stories like the one we are about to share, it shows that thanks to amazing products like immunotherapy, known as GcMaf, cancer does not always have to mean the end.

If you have heard of Wildtype GIST, then you will probably understand that it is not only rare (effecting less than 1000 people in the world and rising), but was, until now, considered “incurable” by modern medicine.

Thanks to immunotherapy GcMaf, a clean diet, natural supplements and a clean lifestyle, it is possible to beat even the rarest and most aggressive types of cancer. In June 2016, at the age of 32, Luke’s world changed when he discovered a lump in his abdomen. At first he thought it was possibly a hernia, but it continued to grow.

In August 2016, Luke’s life was shattered by the news that it was not a hernia, but in fact an 11cm mass tumor in his intestine, together with excessive tumours in his liver. An endoscopy and biopsy revealed it to be advanced stage 4 Sarcoma-wildtype SDH-A deficient G.I.S.T (gastrointestinal stromal tumors).

The devastating prognosis was that not only did he have a rare cancer, but also there had never been a previous case cured and it carried a zero chance of survival. Luke’s future was bleak. He was still a young man at 32 years old; his life had just begun. The only hope they now offered him was to extend his life a little, at the very best, whilst the treatments offered would in fact reduce his quality of life even further.

Tragically, it looked as if it was all over for Luke. His loving bride Brandy suddenly faced a future without him, this news ripped their hearts and their world apart. Their future stolen by the dreaded C word. Having placed their trust in the oncologists hands, who were now powerless to help, they were devastated.

Any chance of a family now taken by this dire, terrible news. Their hopes and dreams had been dashed and in such a short space of time. Between September 2016 and March 2017, Luke followed the Oncologists advice, taking Gleevec chemotherapy tablets that left him weak and sick.

Unfortunately, despite these terrible side effects, the tumors continued to grow and time was running out for Luke. His friends and family around him accepting the news, overcome by grief, making it feel like his fate was sealed and he was already gone.

In March 2017 Luke was given Y-90 targeted radiation beads that burnt out his insides, left him traumatised and unable to move. Y-90 treatment is targeted radiation for liver tumors. Luke says:

“They wanted me to do this because at first they said I would need “the Whipple” procedure to remove the large primary tumor, but they were wrong.”

They said it was needed to stop the liver tumor growth before the high risk and invasive whipple treatment. They convinced Luke to go ahead with the Y-90 radiation beads,  because he was desperate to get rid of the tumors.

But on the day before the procedure he got cold feet and tried to back out. He was shocked by the surgeons reaction who, according to Luke: “got on the phone and very rudely said, “if you don’t show up and have this procedure you will end up with a $100,000 bill because the y-90 beads are already on the way and they go bad very quickly.”

Luke clearly did not want to pay this bill and so agreed to have the procedure. Alas, this was all to no avail, the beads destroyed his insides and left him crippled with pain, but had no effect on the tumors.

Luke was being destroyed by invasive ineffective treatments
Luke was being destroyed by invasive ineffective treatments


Luke was getting weaker and less able to live, feeling like his life was being sucked out of him.

Each breath a struggle for survival.

In May 2017 he moved on to Sutent chemotherapy tablets, which also made him weak and sick. Despite this physical torment, they had no effect on the persistent tumors, that simply continued to grow and grow.

Luke was getting worse, not better, every moment mattered, time was going by so quickly.

It is worth pointing out at this stage, that GIST is a soft tissue tumor which has been fully proven to be resistant to chemotherapy and radiation. Not one oncologist has previously successfully stopped, or reduced these types of soft tissue tumors with any type of Chemotherapy drug.

Please see this section for more articles on the cancer industry.

Please note: If you can not obtain Genuine GcMaf, then please feel free to email [email protected] and but be sure to check your spam folder after 2 working days if you have not received her response.

Despite this devastation to his body, his immune system and his mind, Luke continued to fight his corner and was determined to do something. Not believing this was the end, he managed to convince a surgeon to help him. He wanted rid of these awful tumors, by any means necessary, so following an endoscopy, they went ahead with surgery in February 2018 and successfully removed the 10lb Primary tumor from his intestine.

Luke remains very grateful for this, as it gave them new hope and something to fight for: “To get 10lbs of tumor load out of my system was a game changer… the mental mind games you go through with that big sucker, it’s always on your mind and in the way, literally. So thank you Dr Burns and mainstream medicine for that.”

But tragically, despite this successful surgery, Luke was given yet more bad news. He was now informed that his chances of survival where still at the dreaded zero and that he would in fact only survive another four months.

His heart raced and legs weakened at the thought of despite what he had been through, he once again faced the prospect of losing his life, leaving his loving wife and family and friends behind. He was in turmoil.

Luke reflects back on this now: “They said I would die in June 2018.”

Luke and his wife felt utterly let down and abandoned by the medical system. Years of research and billions of dollars and all they can suggest is chemo, surgery and radiation that has never worked for this and many other types of cancer, but leave you weaker and worse off?

Why is the system so flawed, they wondered?

Through tears of desperation and their love for each other, they made a pact never to give up, they placed their faith in God and were determined to fight to the end and hopefully, maybe a miracle would happen, if they just kept the faith. They knew time was not on their side, but they were determined to fight till the end. To find whatever help they could and use the remaining time finding answers. They just knew in their hearts that there must be something more out there, Luke’s prognosis of survival was zero according to his oncological team, but this did not stop them looking.

In fact, it now made them more determined than ever. Like most people facing this death sentence, they searched the internet for answers, Luke was relentless at researching. They were desperate. Let down by western medicine, he now sought the so called “alternative” medical world in the hope he could find a needle in a haystack, a never been found before cure for this rare and aggressive type of cancer.

They needed to find something and find it fast. His body was weakened by the years of devastating medical treatment he had received. The side effects of the chemotherapy still left him immobilised, sick and fuzzy headed. But he was driven by hope and determination.

When finally, one day at long last, he found the break through they had been searching for. Hearing for the first time of something called Immunotherapy GcMAF. Was it the small distant light at the end of this long, dark tunnel that they were searching for?

A hidden gem amongst the rubble?

People were saying it had the potential to halt any cancer. So why not his wildtype GIST, he thought?

OK so it’s never been done before, but screw that, this was his life in the balance and he was tired of people saying he didn’t have a chance. If it could cure many diseases and immune related disorders, then why not his?

He continued to look and found years of research and above all something to grasp onto. His search led to our old Facebook Group (this and its supporting evidence has since been deleted by Facebook, see more on this below) where he found out about the work that we do with Genuine immunotherapy GcMAF.

He saw messages of survival from other cancer sufferers. People of all ages and conditions who had also been given similar terrible odds of survival just like he had, but were now doing well, largely thanks to  GcMAF and lifestyle changes. He also saw that there were many fake GcMaf products on the market, so he had to be very diligent and get the right one, he couldn’t take any chances.

In February 2018 Luke contacted a member of the Healing Oracle team. It was the ultimate game changer in Luke’s battle against these dreaded tumors and it changed their life forever. But this time for the good. He was given a phone consultation and finally he was speaking to people that could help him.

Suddenly his world opened up again. Was this the hope they had been desperately searching for? He furnished us with all the background information he could gather of his bloodwork and his treatments thus far. We were confident we could help Luke as we have seen the wonders of  GcMaf many times now.

Please see this article for a real life story of how Genuine Immunotherapy GcMAF also works for autism.

Toxins all around It was quickly ascertained that their home environment was full of possible carcinogens.

In fact, they seemed to be all around him. He lived in the rural midwest of the USA amongst GMO crop fields, which were regularly sprayed with the toxic pesticide Round up and its lethal ingredient Glyphosate, a well publicised carcinogen.

There was also mould in his house and outdoor barns. Mould is also is a well known carcinogen, as cancer is a fungus that lives and grows inside the body.

Luke’s well water was also full of lead and arsenic, was this also a contributor?

All of this whist being under a great deal of stress from his job, his living environment had become a recipe for cancer and Luke was shocked. Why had no one pointed this out to them before?

This is a common oversight by the cancer industry, as it is rarely accepted that environment is a key to the root cause of cancer. In Luke’s case, as in so many, it was the difference between life and death and his home was a deadly source of toxins.

There is no getting around the fact that the environment you live and the food you eat are a key to your health. The road to recovery often starts by removing yourself from any toxic environment that is a prerequisite to cancer.

Finally, they had the answers they had prayed for and they were now determined to escape these toxic ingredients. The dreaded source of so many of their problems. It was also at this time that Luke started to take the medical breakthrough that is Genuine  immunotherapy GcMAF

Subsequently and for the first time his tumors stopped growing.

It was a huge moment for Luke and his family. For the first time, he had positive blood results and thanks to his treatment, the tumors could be contained! They had finally been given the miracle they had prayed for. Something never seen before. They had found a way to halt their deadly progress and Luke and Brandy were both overjoyed and over come with emotion.

So spurred on by this amazing news, Luke and his loving wife left their house and previous life behind. They headed to a cleaner, natural environment to commence the healing process, making Luke’s health their priority, “we bought a new camper van and lived out of it for a year, staying in wonderful, pristine places,” he said, looking back on this life saving move.

Even paying more attention to the sun and its vital source of Vitamin D Luke was now breathing purer air and spending a lot of time outdoors, getting regular amounts of Vitamin/hormone D3 directly from mother nature.

The immune system relies on regular amounts of Vitamin D, despite the bad press the sun gets (largely from the Sun screen industry who make a lot of money selling their barrier creams), the sun is actually the best source of the Vitamin D hormone, as it cannot be found in food. It is the backbone to our immune system.

GcMAF is a vitamin D Binding Protein, it requires Vitamin D to function. Remove the supply of vitamin D and you are weakening the entire immune system, your own GcMAF is unable to fully function. The whole system breaks down. It cannot be underestimated how vital the sun is for good health and wellbeing. Our modern indoor lifestyle means that we are simply not getting enough of it, resulting Vitamin D deficiency.

Luke and his wife enjoyed this outdoor life so much, they totally embraced their new found freedom and in October 2018 they bought a small mountain in northern Arizona, where they have been living ever since, thoroughly enjoying this new and joyous start, they were once told was so far from reach.

Such is the turn around, Luke can now proudly say that he is not just another terrible statistic, but is in fact the first person we know of, throughout medical history, to have survived wild-type GIST Cancer for so long.

Largely down to his personal determination and the support of his loving wife. They focused on his health and with the help of  GcMAF, which was able to boost his immune system back to its natural levels. His body was now empowered and enabled to contain and break down these deadly tumors, the natural way.

Finally, together he and his wife Brandy were able to see a better future. One that was even cancer free, for the first time in so many years, they were overcome with joy in their hearts as the miracle they had prayed for had finally arrived in abundance and Luke could see a real chance of not only survival, but actually an improved and far better life.

Hoping the results would continue to improve, they placed their entire future and faith in our advice, alongside  GcMAF to assist them. Genuine  GcMAF became the elixir of life for Luke.

The team got fully on board, as we attempted what had never been done before, to try to achieve some lasting results against this “incurable cancer”. We knew it would be tough, as this was also down to his own determination to succeed and to stick to the plan.

He had also been on Chemotherapy for a long time and so there was much damage to repair. A comprehensive protocol was written up, containing a variety of supplements, including what we can only describe as the biggest advancement in the treatment of cancer; Genuine GcMaf from, together with a clean diet.

These are not exact recommendations, but for the informational purposes of this article. Luke started around this point:

Lukes Daily Protocal

  • GcMaf (1ml)
  • No10 M Oil (1 ml)
  • Asea (8oz)
  • Vitamin D3 and K2
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Magnesium Orotate
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • Moringa
  • Probiotics
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) sessions
  • A daily Aspira Drain
  • M oil number 12

A bright future by sticking to the plan laid out for Luke, he and Brandy now face a far brighter future, as hope has been replaced with real results. Cancer can be a great teacher if we let it and they now live a pure and healthy lifestyle, free from the materialism that held them captive and nearly destroyed their lives.

They have been given a second chance, never to return to the lifestyle that caused this cancer to come on so strong and so quickly, they are now surrounded by nature and live a pure and simple life. They both appreciate and respect life in a whole new way, which could not have been possible had it not been for cancer and their refusal to give up.

Luke is still going strong and the tumors have not grown back.

He is loving his new found life of freedom and improved health, as these wonderful pictures of the mountain home he has built single headedly clearly illustrate. Luke and Brandys home on the mountain that he built himself In August 2018, Luke posted this message to the now extinct Facebook group (see more on this below): “I’m supposed to have died a few months ago. Still doing incredibly well. Monday’s scan was stable, or better. Tumors looked smaller and oncologist agreed… They weren’t laughing at me and my alternative choices anymore. They were asking lots of questions and were a bit baffled.”

And on 19th June 2019: “Video interview with ‘The Producer’ next week. Everyone dying around me and I’m over here building houses, getting on TV shows, starting businesses, running the homestead, feeling like a million bucks.”

Luke and Brandy
Luke and Brandy enjoying their new life


In fact, Luke’s major regret, is that everyone else around him is still dying unnecessarily from GIST, often too afraid, ill informed, or simply finding the routine too hard to stick to. The greatest problem we find is that messages like this very rarely get much further than our web page and are killed off by social media guidelines. It saddens us all to see others suffer so much and of this Luke says: there are no effective treatments for wild type GIST. Almost everyone of my ‘cancer friends’ I made during this journey are now dead.”

Luke remains the sole survivor, stating in one message: “It’s just me now and I continue to do it all myself. I do a coffee enema, then ozone then eat a really good meal and work on all this from 12-7 every day” 

Luke is still on the road to full recovery; his blood results are back to normal and he is getting stronger and stronger every day. He now dedicates much of his time to helping others, as he said: “I’ve put in hundreds of hours trying to save other people.” And alarmingly: “I just learned today the docs I went to in San Diego just killed another patient like me. We are rare and they see dollar signs above our head and they throw as many procedures and pharmaceuticals at us as they can. Each killing us a little, weakening our already messed up systems. In our case I have definitely seen it’s better to do nothing at all than listen to them. It is sad and scary. The ones who do and try everything the docs say, are gone the quickest…”

No two people are the same. People come in different shapes and sizes and with different stories and lives and so dosing and exact details are down to individual cases, which are not fully described in this article.

When Luke first came to us, he received regular assessments and consultations to establish what would work best for him. We continue to stay in touch to this day and his regime is still to have coffee enemas and to eat a good organic diet, with no sugar, corn, gluten, meat, GMO, processed foods, or dairy.

Luke looking healthy and happy
Luke looking healthy and happy in June 2019


The Healing Oracle team would like to thank to Luke and Brandy for taking the leap of faith in the team and bravely sharing their story. 

Genuine GcMAF

Please note that we prefer Genuine GcMaf, to any other on the market, as it now surpasses even Japanese GcMAF, as by far the most effective. After 20 years of research we can categorically say it is the very best out there and is the biggest advancement in the treatment of cancer known to man, having had so many wonderful results with autism and other forms of cancer and immune disorders.

Please watch this video for a guide to GcMAF:


It does not receive the press and attention it deserves, as it flies in the face of all other cancer research and the highly lucrative cancer industry. But you cannot argue with the results it produces as it has finally received recognition from the medical world

Luke describes now how he was with those first packages of GcMAF, as they arrived by delivery. The delicate little bottles that make you so nervous. “Would they get stopped, or smashed?” they thought, with so many people taking so many risks for this sterile, clear, innocent looking liquid, it looks more like water.

Doctors having lost their lives and practices over it. For Luke and his wife these innocent looking little vials contained their future, their chance of happiness and of life itself. He is still very careful with each batch. Still living with a distant fear that it could get stopped any moment and his tumors return. He tells us of the panic they face every time the GcMAF is close to running out. Will it still come, will it make it to them in tact?

For this naturally occurring protein is so fiercely attacked, that they still live in fear that the access may one day stop. The very product seems the only one that can contain and prevent the devil known as cancer from rising again.

Please watch the video below (made under a time lapse microscope) that shows immune cells attacking and eliminating viruses, bacteria and cancer. It shows in fast forward just how GCMAF works on a cellular level, as it constantly seeks out pathogens and destroys them, even repairing nerve cell damage.

GcMaf is an essential Vitamin D binding protein, present in all healthy people, ie those who are not suffering from a terminal illness. It is the very presence of our own naturally produced GcMaf that keeps us disease free. Our bodies are constantly producing cancers, so the GcMaf keeps them contained and prevents excessive tumor growth. It’s job is to engulf and stop disease, to literally hunt down and destroy pathogens in the body’s blood supply.

With a little knowledge it can be administered at home. This is how Luke does it.

All you need is a small 1mm Insulin syringe and you can do it yourself.

Its pain free.

Please watch this video on how to administer it


If you can not obtain GcMaf, please feel free to email  [email protected]  and be sure to check your spam, just in case.

GcMaf is not a wonder cure on its own, it’s not a magic pill, or silver bullet. Without escaping his toxic environment and his adherence to a strict plant based diet, Luke would not have been so lucky.

The best and most proven diet to follow is the Advanced Gerson diet, with added nuts, for a good natural cleanse. Please see here for more information on Recipes for this diet.

We always recommend that it’s best to consult with a health professional.

Facebook has severely limited the sharing of such knowledge.

The GcMaf Oracle group mentioned in this post, contained so much of this type of information and was a free place for people just like Luke, to share and learn.

Alas it was closed down overnight, without warning and so no chance to even back anything up, ensuring that this information was lost forever.

Please help fight censorship by sharing this post with your friends.

We also invoke the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and specifically the right to free speech. People have a right to know these stories exist.

We do the research, you decide.

Love and Light

The Healing oracle team

*Please note, we are not saying all of western medicine is bad, Not at all. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy works in 3% of cases of all cancers and there are a few types of targeted chemotherapy drugs that, although they will never cure regular GIST, can help for a number of years, sometimes even up to a decade. But these have never been proven to work on Luke’s rare SDHA deficient GIST. 

We do the research you decide,
Love and Light
The Healing Oracle Team
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