Functions of Gall Bladder


The human body is designed much like a system. It acts and reacts to the internal changes and whatever goes on in the surroundings. Each human organ has an invariable function and is responsible for different phenomena happening to the body.

The gallbladder is one such organ that is no less than a genius, as claimed by Oriental Medicine (OM). The gallbladder is considered both a fu (yang/bowel) organ and an extraordinary or curious organ. It also resembles the characteristics of both a Zang (yin) organ and a fu (yang) organ.

What is Gall-Bladder?

A part of the biliary system, the gall bladder is a pear-shaped organ. It is located in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen and sits directly beneath the right lobe of the liver. The gallbladder is responsible for storing the bile produced by the liver. Functionally, it resembles a yin organ, keeping a pure fluid (bile), yet does not produce a fluid itself. Being the only yang organ that does not transport impure matters, it is also known as a “curious organ.”

Functions of Gall Bladder:

Store bile produced by the liver: Bile, known as the “central essence,” is vital to the body. Gall Bladder is responsible for storing the bile produced by the liver.

Control the sinews: Gall bladder functions in conjunction with the liver to control sinew. The liver’s role is to nourish sinew with liver blood. The gallbladder’s qi supports the sinews with energy for proper movement & control.

Muscular strength & vitality: The gallbladder also helps with muscular strength and vitality. It works with the liver to clear toxins from the body. At night, the gallbladder actively functions to pull blood away from the sinews; into the liver.

Emotional Functions of Gall Bladder: According to OM, the gallbladder is responsible for decision making, judgment, and courage. It is related to the behaviour within an environment and making appropriate decisions. It is about an individual’s guiding principles to live and make good life decisions. A deficient gallbladder brings a lack of courage, lack of initiative, and lack of assertiveness. It often comes with timidity and poor self-image.

You might be surprised to know that gallbladder is an emotionally charged organ. It can easily be affected by events or the surrounding environment. For example, a quick return to normal after a sudden emotional or physical shock means you have a strong gallbladder.

A balanced gallbladder can provide a base for the process of deliberation. When the gallbladder is deficient, symptoms like indecision, procrastination, hesitation and timidity prevail, with the gallbladder being excess, anger & impulsiveness manifest. An imbalance can make an individual overly concerned with small details and lose sight of the big picture.

Gall Bladder and Other Organs!

Chapter 9 of the Su Wen states, “the eleven depots (zang-fu) receive decisions from the gallbladder”. This means the gallbladder has close relationships with other organs. If the gallbladder qi is correct and righteous, the other organs follow its directional movement.

The gallbladder & heart share a close connection. The gallbladder’s decisiveness supports the heart to control the mind. It guides the shen and provides direction. OM has several different ways of looking at the connection between the heart & gallbladder.

The liver and gallbladder are closely related. It is difficult to discrete their functions & disharmonies. The liver, known as “the general,” generates thoughts & ideas; creates a plan and strategy. The gallbladder, “the general’s advisor,” implements the plan and oversees execution. Any disharmony with a gallbladder affects the liver & vice-a-versa.

This said; it becomes crucial to maintain a healthy liver that is also not overworked at the same time. Any excessive exposure to toxins can cause disbalance among the liver & gallbladder, causing severe health implications. Simple dietary changes and the inclusion of some herbs and foods can help you support your liver.

While you remain cautious about including a good diet, you must also remain vigilant for early signs of liver damage that may help save your life.

Read more here about liver toxicity and some natural remedies!


Given the vitality of this ‘genius organ’, we better advise you to keep a watch for symptoms and include a healthy diet in your daily routines. Avoid stress and synchronise your daily routine with nature’s clock. It is just another way to keep body organs functioning efficiently & live a healthy and happy life.

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