The global plandemic


As many of us are now waking up to the fact that the entire Corona Virus  has been an exercise in control, we see further documents emerging (and have in fact been publicly available all along) that lay out how all UN member countries acted in compliance with an agreement that was signed in 2005 by 194 countries.

Please watch this video below that highlights the international health regulations documentation that lays out how this was all planned. It is a Live training exercise that must complete by September 2020.

Global Medical despotism is not a conspiracy theory. It is a genuine conspiracy.

This is the link to the International Health Regulations page on the WHO website.

And here is a link to Global Pandemic Monitoring Board (GPMB) 2019 report. You will note that all countries must be in compliance with the health regulations by September 2020. If you look at page 39 you will this little tidbit:

“The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two systemwide training and simulation exercises, including one covering the deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.”

If you weren’t aware of the GPMB, you are going to be shocked who is on the board. A couple of entities involved are the World Bank, the Gates Foundation, Anthony Fauci…you get the point. They are all listed.

The bottom line is the US has signed an agreement to be in compliance with laws from an international body. The WHO claims that it is legally binding. They even strongly suggest that each nation enact legislation down to the municipal level (schools) that with make the US compliant with the WHO regulations.

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Source: Humans are free and Richard Batista

DOCS HERE: A World at Risk, 2019, Annual Report GPMB:… International Health Regulations (2005)… Some of the links/pages I referenced during this talk:……


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