We get many inquiries about the common cold and flu and to everyone of them we say the same thing.

What used to be known as an old wives’ tale, now it’s a life hack. Of course, as with anything on the internet there are conflicting views either way. But all we can say is, is there big money in synthesising an onion? Is there money in researching the benefits of onions and patenting them? Well no… So why bother? It’s easier to trash the evidence as ‘crazy’ and an ‘old wives tale’, but all you have to do is try this once for yourself and you will see the fast results. It’s cheap and easy and you probably already have the remedy right there in your fridge.

I tell every person who enquires, and no one has complained as yet. Apart from maybe that their partner thinks the bedroom smells like an Italian restaurant, but hey, the sufferer doesn’t ever notice, as their synapses are blocked, so what’s the issue? You might even get the bed to yourself that night, for a proper rest.

Onions and Garlic

As the very best thing to do for any cold or flu is get yourself to bed wearing socks full of chopped garlic and sliced onions.

This will clear up much of the infection and you will feel a lot better in the morning. It works every time and we all do it ourselves.

Here’s how you do it

• Take enough onion and garlic to cover the whole of the bottom of your feet

• Use white, or yellow onions as these are the most absorbant

• Chop/Dice the onions up small like you would when cooking

• Put the raw onions in the bottom of your socks, spread them out thinly so they cover the whole sole of the foot. Then carefully put the socks on in bed so the onion spreads out evenly.

• Leave the socks on overnight as you sleep. In the morning, you’ll wake up relieved of many of the symptoms of your illness

It’s recommended to leave cut up garlic and onions around the room to clear the airborne virus

Why the socks?

It’s the only time we would recommend sleeping in socks. As mostly we need our feet to breathe as much as possible and to avoid candida build up, but on this occasions we want our feet to sweat. Sweat the toxins out into the onions that is.


We also use garlic as well, which is from the onion family. Garlic contains Alicin, so it will it removes bacteria and it’s anti-biotic properties as well as it immune potentiating power. It’s also anti-fungal which is great for your feet.

So remember to use the two vegetables together for the most effective remedy.

Onions are high in antioxidants

Don’t just take it from us. According to Neuroticmommy.com: “Onions are super high in flavonoids and antioxidants, but are especially high in the flavanoid quercitin. Quercitin has been shown to lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease, thin the blood and ward off blood clots, good for asthma, chronic bronchitis, diabetes, and infections. It’s even been linked to prohibited some forms of cancer. And just like other members of the allium family (think garlic, shallots, leeks, and scallions) onions are anti-inflammatory, anti-virual, and anti-bacterial.

And because they’re high in sulfur containing properties they have powerful antimicrobial properties that effectively battle numerous bacteria, including subtilis, salmonella, and e. Coli. Foods naturally high in sulfur also help the body to detox from heavy metals like lead, arsenic and cadmium.

When onions are cooked they lose most if not all of their healing properties. I know eating a raw onion for some can be hard to do so I roast mine just until tender.  But if you can eat em’ raw, have at it.


Another thing to note is onions absorb everything. They have incredible absorbing properties. Once you cut open an onion it immediately begins absorbing. So if you cut an onion and want to save the other half for later, I’d advise against doing that. Put the other half somewhere in the house to absorb toxicity instead. You can get sick from eating an onion like that, that’s why I say after you’ve put onions around the house DO NOT EAT THOSE ONIONS. Always consume fresh onions. Otherwise you will be ingesting what the onion absorbed and that’s a whole lotta yucky business.


Make an onion poultice – coughs, colds, flus, sinus infections. To make an onion poultice I follow this method.

“Putting sliced onions in your socks while you sleep will detox you from illness. You can even do this if you’re not sick and just want to detox. In Chinese medicine they discovered that there are nerve endings in the soles of the feet. These nerve endings act as access points to our main organs and nervous system. When you wake up in the morning take off the socks and toss the onions.

Using the juice of an onion is good for ear infections and sore throats you can find recipes for that here.

I always keep a bag of white or yellow onions in my house. When I’m grocery shopping I’m always picking up bundles because I know will need them for maintenance and cooking.”

Source: NeuroticMommy.com

the room smelling of onions either.

According to Jyotsana Rao of Stylecraze.com:

Were you aware of the fact that the bottom areas of your feet have direct access points to all the internal organs in your body? As per Chinese medicine terminology, these access points are known as meridians, and they form the pathways to each organ in the body.

There has been an age old controversy regarding the existence of meridians, but those who are well versed with the Chinese medicine know that the meridian system is very closely related to our body’s nervous system.

Experts say that there are about 7,000 meridians at the bottom of our feet that directly link to different organs! Can you believe that?

The image below clearly represents the meridians and their connection points with the organs and systems within the body.

These meridians act as powerful electric circuits within the body, but are often dormant as we mostly cover our feet with footwear. Stimulating these meridians is very important for our body to function healthily.

To stimulate the bottom of our feet and to ground ourselves with the earth’s negative ion field, it is always recommended to walk barefoot wherever and whenever you can!

One of the coolest ways to stimulate these meridians is to put an onion slice inside your socks (at the bottom of your feet) and wear them to bed

Know your onions

Onions are considered a natural remedy for various illnesses, and are known for their magical healing power. They are also known as natural air purifiers, and when applied directly to the skin, they tend to remove the bacteria and kill the germs. The phosphoric acid (the substance that irritates our eyes while chopping onions) present in onions helps in purifying the blood as it enters the blood vessels.

You have nothing to lose by giving this onion and sock therapy a try! It comes with a number of benefits. They are:

  • Blood purification.
  • Removal of germs and bacteria.
  • Elimination of toxins and chemicals from the feet and making them smell better (believe it or not, it works!)
  • Alleviating symptoms of fever like cold and flu.

However, reusing the same onion slice is not at all recommended. So, be careful about that.

Who knew that something so simple and inexpensive can turn out to be so beneficial for our health?

Source: Stylecraze.com

Extra healing remedies

Control your fever with cold cloths. Put cool flannels on your forehead and on the back of your neck. Put them on your body and under your arm pits. Keep them cold with ice cold water. The body is responding to something and so the temperature needs reducing.  

Hydrate with hot lemon and honey. Some brandy for the adults will also help aid sleep.

Chicken soup and broth soup are amazing ways of getting fluids and vitamins as well as much needed hydration.

Liposomal Vitamin C would help your immune system at this crucial moment.

Cool the temperature of the room

Most people are confused by this, as it seems counter intuitive, but actually you need the air temperature in the room where you are sleeping to be below body temperature. The mistake everyone makes is to turn to the heating up and close the windows, trapping the air and encouraging the virus to multiply. A hot stuffy room is a great environment for any germ to thrive. You want to contain the virus and stop it, not help it along. So Crack a window open and keep the air circulating. Turn the heating off.

Leave a bowl of water out as this will prevent the air from drying out.

You need nice air to breathe while you are killing the germs.

Get super snug under a thick duvet to trap the heat to keep you walm so you sleep deep.

If you have any MMS then have 3 activated drops of MMS in a glass of filtered mineral water. This will kill the pathogens.

Further uses for Onions

Onions are amazing. We love onions here at Healing Oracle. Not only do they liven up any meal, but raw onions are a wonderful thing.

Air Freshener

Mother nature is amazing. Who would have thought that the humble air freshener has always been around? It was not invented by Glade, or Febreze, but by mother nature herself. Chemical air fresheners are terrible carcinogenic toxins, but this little power house will neutralise any room in no time. If you have a bad smell in the house, leave a chopped onion out and it will soak up all the smells.

Soak up paint fumes

Put chopped onion in Freshly painted rooms to clear the air born toxins from the paint.

According to EnviroKlenz

“All you have to do is peel and cut up a large onion into two halves and place each half on opposite sides of the room, cut side up. The onion absorbs the paint fumes and does not leave”


So there you have it. Now you know your onions.

Love and Light

Healing Oracle

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