Our family story began in 2014 when our little boy Wes was 2 years of age. Wes was diagnosed with Mild to Severe Autism, but mostly on the severe end (see ATEC start score below). Our world was shaken and we felt lost not knowing how best to help our little boy.

We knew that answers to our many questions would come one day and our toddler would recognize us again. We never gave up or lost faith or hope no matter how many doors closed behind us, how many miles we drove, how many flights we had to take, how many doors we had to knock on – we would never stop until we got our son back. Getting our boy back quickly became our mission and we were going to fight for our baby boy’s return from Autism. We have had the privilege to work with many wonderful professionals along the way and we are grateful for everyone who spent time trying to assist our son. Our journey to find answers took us to a brave new world on a fast track of education in Medical science, Physiology, anatomy, DNA, Chemistry, Nutrition, First aid, Voice Coach, hematology, neurology just to name a few.

Our earlier Journey was previously logged here.

For a condensed version of the information in this article, with links to products, supplements, and more please Download below:


This is our very personal journey, we are two working, loving parents who were faced with a young child with severe Autism following a vaccine program. We want to share this journey back from being lost in the world of Autism with you. We can assure you that every effort has been made to ensure that the information within this article is correct, complete and accurate. The ideas, procedures and protocols within this article is meant for information gathering purposes only, the treatments and protocols within this article were carefully thought out and researched and were used in a personal protocol designed for our son only. The information within this article are not intended as a replacement or substitute for consulting with your physician. All matters regarding health require the correct supervision, Neither the author nor the publisher shall be liable for any damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions within this article.

We have continued with Mary’s team to be on the cutting edge of treatment/technology and are more than grateful for all the opportunities that we have been given to help improve our son.

Please consider making a donation to help fund our goal towards recovery. The costs for our journey have been well out of our reach for some time and we have been riding on the assistance of friends and families in order to get where we are today; however those resources are wearing thin and we really could use help from those who can offer. Thank you!!!


A quick overview as to how/why we are here… Wes was diagnosed as SEVERELY autistic of course with the likely-hood of never gaining speech. He was vaccinated with DTAP, Tetanus Booster, Polio, Prevnar, and Hib all in one day at 1/yr 8mos old (see red circles below) to “catch him up”. We went home and gave Tylenol like we were told as he screamed for hours and slept a whole day away. We knew something was wrong.
We will never forget that moment for the rest of our lives…

For full background and history go below:

Why We Are Here

Our boy who once looked into our eyes and giggled, interacted with us, crawled to us, mimicked our sounds and even had some starter words, almost overnight became a shell of himself. He was ahead of his cousins and peers, but soon became so far behind that he could no longer connect with them or us, nor did he want to. You can see the change that happened in his eyes.

He became withdrawn, developed baggy dark eyes, allergies, he’d drag his head across the floor, developed aversions to clothing, sound and light sensitivities, teeth grinding, rocking, vocal swimming, stopped responding to his name even if it was shouted close by. He lost that sparkle in his eye, the spark that once showed us he was alive.

Diagnosis & Prognosis

Wes was diagnosed with…

  • Severe Autism
  • Mixed Expressive Language Disorder
  • Apraxia


This is a way for parents to keep track/score their child’s progress over time. I would recommend you take throughout your journey: ATEC Test. [UNDER 10 OVERALL IS CONSIDERED RECOVERED]

Here is the Mild to Severe Chart. We are now in yellow @42. While our score hasn’t dropped much since last time, we have gained many skills. The stimming is still a major set back and speech while improving still has a ways to go.


A Mainstream Perspective…

While our home therapist is aware of the biomed we do, our BCBA is not. We do this so we can get a “clean” eye from a mainstream perspective unadulterated by theories and treatments. I like to know when she is “amazed” by progress it is because it is inline with something we’re doing, so it’s like a blind study of sorts.

The home-based life skills therapy program we utilize helps us to stay on task with goals and we do this in conjunction with items discussed with Mary. I think it’s very worthwhile to mention that Wes was chosen by the company as the top child for his mastered goals and progress for two straight years and was featured in their company newsletter!

While his therapist is wonderful, even she will tell you the burst of progress we saw in such short time was not her doing and nothing short of a miracle. Since then, she has had 100% faith in all we do, even asking us  for recommendations for supplements, doctors, and treatments for her own family!  If this isn’t a true testament to the undeniable positive change we’ve experienced, I don’t know what is.

I was trying to obtain some tracking from the company in order to show progress made since before meeting Mary up to now. Unfortunately, because the goals are always changing there is no clear mapping for progress. We do however take Vineland Reports and I have included his score comparison here that I pulled from pg 4 of his reports. See above and below charts.

Our progress after working with Mary is in the one in green. The red and blue lines/bars are before meeting/working with her.

These both contain the same data  as above chart, these are just presented as column and area charts for a more visual reference.

Our progress after working with Mary is in the one in green. The red and blue lines/bars are before meeting/working with her.

Communication, Daily Living Skills, Self-care and Socialization saw the greatest gains!

Where We Are Now

“WHY” Questions
In order to reach our goal of deeper conversation we need to understand “WH” Questions. This is very difficult as it can be so abstract. Here is video of Wes answering Who and What.

Managing Our Emotions:
We have been working on identifying emotions which can be quite a difficult task for kids on spectrum. We use flash cards , books, and pictures to identify items. We’ve established calming methods like when we are upset we will count to 10. If Wes is very upset, we ask, “how are you feeling”? He will answer appropriately most of the time. Then we ask, “why are you sad/mad, etc?” He will respond, “because …daddy/chips/blanket/tickle, etc”. What a huge help in not only determining what is causing an issue, but also serves as a calming mechanism for him to sort through his emotions properly without melt downs. When not recording, I will come close, hold his hands, speak softly, and ask him. As upset as he was here, it’s still such an amazing thing to see him tell me WHY HE IS UPSET!

Wes will mirror some emotions like a smile with work, but has a difficult time with this. We very literally work in front of the mirror when we do this exercise. He is starting to smile when asked to for photo’s. We aren’t entirely sure where his understanding with emotions lie at the moment.

We continue to work on imaginary play through pretend shopping, cooking, building. We also work on making our own food, cleaning up after ourselves, dressing ourselves, turning things on/off, etc. These things we could not complete or have focus for before we worked with Mary. While it seems like I’m just journaling here, it’s very important for you to understand our current level because as we provide you updates on his progress you can see how much has happened after each cycle of treatment.






See the Difference

This is our second update video. If you have been following our journey, you will be happy to see the progress Wes has made since our last video. This video took me quite awhile to make as it was VERY emotional to go through all the video clips and see how things once were. Many I haven’t seen since before his diagnosis. As a parent, it is truly difficult to not want to look back at old videos/photos of your child because you know it will just tear your gut up. I think though, this needed to be done and we cannot heal if we do not accept our past…

Supplements (with product links):

We have removed many supplements and are currently on the following:
(MB12 – moved to Oral), Berberine Complex to control yeast while on MB12. We’ve upped the oil dose as his weight has increased. Download pdf to view with links to supplements.


(vitamin D transport protein)

GcMaf/VDTP is used in the stimulation of macrophages for fighting Autism and debilitating virus and disease. Vitamin/Hormone D binds to GcMaf/VDTP to carry it through  the bloodstream as a messenger molecule. this molecule switches on specific protein pathways as well as switch them off. Almost every cell in our bodies has vitamin D receptors, the number of switches is immense. As Part of GcMafs action in stimulating macrophages GcMaf/VDTP has the ability to reverse Autism and other illnesses effecting the immune system. GcMAF is short for “Gc protein-derived macrophage-activating factor.” It’s a type of immunotherapy, a treatment that revs up the immune system — your body’s defence against germs — to kill them. Macrophages are white blood cells the immune system sends out to gobble up foreign cells . Our bodies make the protein GcMAF to activate macrophages. Autism children and adults release an enzyme called nagalase that blocks the making of GcMAF to protect themselves against attack. GcMAF treatment aims to activate more macrophages so they can fight Autism. 

This short video how it works:

*Spanish subtitles available – Click the CC (closed caption) icon on bottom right of video.

GcMaf, paired with M Oil is the main reason reason we gained speech. After the Dna repair, his genetics showed that it is no longer needed. Since that therapy isn’t readily available, below is links and information regarding GcMaf.
Please note: There are only 2 companies offering genuine GcMaf. We personally chose Vigorlife in Bulgaria, the other company is in Japan. Yogurt is NOT the same product and genuine GcMaf can not be made at home!!!!

Remember to refer to our last article so see what this did for us!

Important Links:

M Oil

We still continue to do M Oil for inflammation. This also helps with Wes’s sleep. We give now 2ml- 3ml twice daily. We draw oil, place under tongue and then chase with organic apple juice via a syringe. See supplement schedule for timing. 

Below are the different oil numbers and their purpose:

Cutting Edge Treatments

Genetic Therapy/Dna Repair

We had an amazing opportunity to work with a top Geneticist out of country. There were restrictions with some of the items we needed to send across seas and were unable to do so which slowed things down a bit for us, however we were still able to successfully get results utilizing the principles of Quantum Physics. This is a very complex, yet non-invasive process used in order to repair one’s genetic mutations for good.

If you remember last report, we did a Nebula DNA test. Now, while I’m not the biggest fan of supplying our Dna data to any online company as we aren’t all completely sure how ethical they are since there have been reports of data breeches with some companies like 23andme, so proceed at your own discretion. However, for us it was necessary to do for a comparison of before/after our genetic repair treatment. See below for more info on how to sign up w/ Nebula.

23andMe offers genetic testing at a relatively low cost to the consumer by subsequently selling on its customers’ genetic data to other larger companies. Nebula Genomics sequences your genome as opposed to competitors such as 23andMe who genotype your genome. Nebula Genomics claims to generate 1,000 times more data than their competitors with their technology. When consumers have their genome tested by services like 23andMe and, the companies hold the rights to the genetic information, which they often sell to biopharmaceutical companies. Nebula Genomics is partly founded by genomics pioneer George Church PhD.  

Using the full sample reporting, we were able to import Wes’s data into more a robust program in order to view more specific results for our Dna repair treatment. A personal favorite of mine is Sign up. Import Raw Data file from Nebula (or other genome sequencing site). Wait for Results. This company has been bought out by My Heritage, however their site is still accessible w/o support. Also, another site will soon offer direct connection to your Dna account(s) so you don’t have to go through the whole download/upload process.

While these pretty charts are nice to have, they are still fully reliant on the filer for inputting accurate data. Using raw data from one’s genome via their own dna sample, will provide us with concrete comparisons. Here, in our results with gene repair therapy, we see changes in such things as MTHFR, GCMAF, Folic Acid all reduced number of variations, Auts2 (a main gene for Autism/conventional diagnosis) improved by 33%, Vitamin D improved by 75%,  overall methylation detoxification is improved.

Below are cropped screenshots of the results from each report,
before and after gene therapy:

Other Reporting…
It’s worth mentioning some other things you  can do with your raw data. Another site that is helpful for supplement suggestions based off your unique genetic profile is Dr. Amy Yasko’s NRI site. Now we imported data from 23andme years ago into her site and actually used a lot of her supplements. At one point we were at 44 supplements a day. It was costing us a fortune and we were seeing no results. So, I would say find the worst offenders and address those first, which they list out for you.

This site does provide very comprehensive and easy to read reports. Whether you use the suggestions or not, I would still try this site out. It’s free, and why not see what other information you can get from your data, you already paid for it. For tests, you can also go to her site at and find an array of blood, urine, and saliva tests, some with and other w/o doctor scripts required.

Nebula Genetics

Private and secure DNA testing unlike 23andme as mentioned above. You are able to view more specifics of your genome and use the results for a better understanding of your genetic make-up and as a guide to healing.
Go here to sign up.



This kid has gone from all beige diet (gluten free waffles, pancakes, fritters, biscuits, and pear + water mixed juice) to now so much variety! It’s a struggle some days for sure still and we got awhile before he’s “asking for broccoli” but now we’re eating Watermelon, Pineapple, Grapes, Strawberries, Mango, Blueberries, Pumpkin, Apples, Green Beans, Carrots, Peppers, Peas, Corn, Squash, Tomato, Beets, Broccoli, Lettuce, Onion, Cauliflower, Zucchini, Beef, Chicken, Turkey Bacon, Green smoothies, Only water during the day, no more juice!!! Now most of these fruits are thrown into a smoothie, but he used to refuse refuse refuse. It’s been one of the hardest changes yet but man it is paying off!



Food Journal

While it is important to always be rotating, at least for our son we need him to be exposed enough so he can decide if he truly dislike something. Below is an example of were we started out…




It is important to eat clean along with a quality probiotic in order to heal the gut. We’ve been GFCFSF Dye Free, no processed sugars (we use honey and maple syrup one occasion), organic and non-geo food for about 5 years now.

Mary has a wonderful list of recipes here:

We compiled some recipes like Mary’s Flatbread, Zucchini Fritters, Cassava Pizza, GF Bagels, Quinoa Crepes, Grain Free Pumpkin Muffins, Pot Roast, Pot Pie, GF Breaded Chicken Nuggets, “Cheese” Sauce, Cauliflower Rice and Oatmeal, etc..

We also LOVE this website: while it is NOT primarily gluten free they do have gf/vegan options. I use this for ideas and then swap out the gluten/dairy items.



Track Your Progress

Below you can download a custom daily tracking sheet we created and used for chelation, supplements, meals, moon cycles, behaviors, etc.
If you’d like a custom tracker created or any other types of documents, I offer those services here!






As much as I truly hate to charge parent’s in need of guidance, I have for years created trackers, documents, and very thorough guides to help as many people possible. As a super busy Autism mom, my time is very precious, and now I’m finding that the only time I can offer my help to others is when I set the time aside to do so professionally. I am looking forward to helping any families dealing with the same issues!  Please email me if you are interested in learning more or visit my website at

We do the research you decide

If you have any questions that you would like to put to Dr Fermin, or Mary, then please send us an email

Should you need to access GcMAF please contact [email protected] 

And download this order form: 


If you would like to contact Mary who helped Wes, contact: [email protected]


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