Healing Oracle Newsletter – Volume 1

The Healing Oracle Newsletter
Volume 1
The Healing Oracle would like to welcome you to the first edition of the Healing Oracle Newsletter. The Team has relocated and expanded into Progresso, Belize. The past several months have been taken up being proactive getting our center set up for a June 1st opening. This is a very exciting undertaking for the entire team and everyone involved both locally and abroad.
The center is set to combine mainstream medicine, holistic medicine, psychological support, nutrition, exercise, together, all under one roof.
Please ensure to see the following short youtube video.
Healing Oracle Radio
Our Online Radio Station, Healing Oracle Radio presenter Sean Maguire received a massive welcome back to the station, and will soon be appearing on our very next show which will be announced shortly! You can listen to our live stream and somtimes catch a live show with Sean Maguire or Robert J. Morris. If not, the autoDJ is always playing music or old pre-recorded podcasts from the amazing radio host Sean Maguire.
Web and Media Development
Robert J. Morris has excelled as our in house video producer/writer and webmaster, and is continuing to provide more and more functionality to the healing oracle web site. Check back often to see what’s new!!!
The website is seeing massive additions as we continue to move into our new home here at healingoracle.ch! Please feel free to direct any of your comments, suggestions and complaints to [email protected]
Featured Article
Help for Anyone With a Terminal Illness
Have you, a loved One, friend or family been diagnosed with a terminal condition?
has time passed by so quickly without taking that dream family vacation in paradise that you had always dreamt of?.
if so the Oracle team may just have the answers you have been waiting to hear .

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