Outpatient Appointments

Outpatient Appointments
and Treatments

To include:

The Healing Oracle center is for Holistic and complimentary Medicine. This is the largest private medical sector provider of Holistic medicine in Belize. Our successful clinics previously being held in Mexico and Bulgaria. Our clinic offers an innovative, patient-centred service integrating the best of conventional and complementary treatments for a wide range of conditions. Our clinic is led by consultants, doctors and other registered healthcare professionals who have received additional training in complementary medicine.
The clinic operates on an outpatient clinic basis as well as an inpatient center.

Working closely with the other hospitals, clinics and professionals, it has access to modern conventional techniques as well as inpatient services when required. Clinical services include palliative care, women’s health, complementary cancer care, allergy service, addictions, Parkinson, HIV, MS, skin clinics, acupuncture, rheumatology service, children’s service, weight loss management, organic insomnia, Psychological disorders, musculoskeletal medicine and stress management.

The clinic provides an integrated pharmacy service where patients and public can obtain specialist advice from fully trained pharmacists. Other patient and staff services include a retail pharmacy outlet and a specialist complementary and alternative medicine library. Within the clinic there is also an education unit which runs courses on integrated medicine for health care professionals.

We also have a H.D on site at all times with an extensive pharmacy.

This is a service provided for the local people of Belize, and those wishing to stay in local accommodation in Belize but receive treatments

To arrange an outpatient appointment, Email mary@healingoracle.net

Outpatient Therapies

  • Consultation up to 60 minutes – 120 USD
  • Stem cell therapy I.V. – 5000 USD -7000usd
  • GcMaf therapy I.V. – 200 USD per application
  • Laetrile therapy I.V. – 120 USD per dose
  • Ozone therapy I.V. – 120 USD per dose
  • DMSO therapy I.V. – 120 USD per dose
  • Herceptin I.V. – 250 USD
  • Bicarbonate therapy I.V. – 120 USD per dose
  • Vitamin C therapy I.V. – 120 USD per dose
  • Laetrile therapy I.V. – 120 USD per dose
  • EDTA chelation therapy I.V. – 120 USD per dose
  • Oxygen therapy – 30 USD
  • Vitamin D therapy
  • MMS therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Immunotherapy – 140 USD per dose
  • Colon therapy – 700 USD for 7 days
  • Anti-parasite therapy
  • Emotional therapy
  • Magnetic therapy – 40 USD per dose
  • Magnetic testing – 120 USD
  • Acupuncture
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Mentoring