This lady had end stage liver cancer!

Told she would die and nothing more could be done! 2 years on. She is now in remission, no thanks to the “medical establishment”! You too can do it!

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Mrs H from USA 56 years old

(stage 4 colon cancer and liver cancer)

She arrived with her liver in a poor state and inflamed, she had problems also with her lungs. We used our protocol which improved the inflammation in the liver within a few days. She also received two weeks of oxygen therapy with  which drastically improved her breathing. When she left she was feeling that she had much more energy, liver was fully reduced, breathing greatly improved and traveled around Europe, she is very positive and will continue protocol, we are pleased with the progress so far.

Mr P from Africa 45 years old


He arrived with a seriously enlarged liver and spleen which caused great discomfort; he had not eaten for a week due to pain deriving from liver. The patient coped well with protocols set. He has returned to Kenya and emailed stating that he is feeling much better, he continues protocol, eats well and has returned to work. This was really pleasing results.


B from Israel 66 years old

(diabetes 1, lung cancer, cough, foot and nail fungus, liver cancer and colon cancer).

He arrived looking weak and slightly jaundice with an elevated liver which caused a degree of discomfort. We set him a personal protocol during the day, plus sit baths, painting of lungs, . Liver wraps 24 hours. He had amazing results with our oxygen therapy for lungs. The jaundice disappeared and good color appeared. When he left us after 3 weeks he was insulin free, steroid free, pain free, liver size was normal, he felt he had more energy. We used Tea tree oil, lavender oil and colloidal silver for the fungus in his feet and nails which was looking good when he left. He will continue protocol.

Mrs B from Denmark 79 years old

(lung cancer, cough and foot fungus)

This lady arrived walking slowly and very carefully on a walking stick, she was panting short breaths and did not look at all well, and she was pale and fragile. She did oxygen therapy with a personal protocol. Within a week she was breathing much better, coughing has ceased and she could walk without her stick, she stayed for 3 weeks and did not have a problem with breathing at all when she left, she continued to do the protocol until her cancer was gone. We used Tea tree oil, lavender oil, oregano oil and colloidal silver to clear up her fungus and it worked as planned.

Mrs S from USA aged 54

(Thymoma Cancer)

She followed her personal set protocol during the day time. Plus Cancer herbs, MSM, sea water, apricot Kernels, black seed oil, black salve. The black salve drew out the cancer, we sealed the hole that was left, it healed very well. She was amazed at her results, she continues protocol. S.

Mr F aged 58

(prostate cancer)

He commenced with his protocol designed for him during the day. Plus Gooche patches, MSM, black seed oil, Moringa, MSM, apricot kernels and cancer herbs during the evening. He felt that he was much happier and healthier, he will continue protocol, we await news of tests.

Mr B aged 82 from Bulgaria

(skin cancer)

This was the worst case of skin cancer I have ever witnessed, his whole face, neck and head was covered. We did protocol black salve with lots of topical applications during the day time. Moringa, cancer herbs, sit baths during the evening, within three weeks and the skin cancer was reduced by 80% a truly remarkable 3 weeks.

Mrs R aged 56 from Bulgaria

(breast cancer, 5 cysts in left breast)

We commenced with her personal protocol during the day, plus patch on the breast with CDS, water and DMSO mix. black seed oil, apricot kernels, MSM and cancer herbs. This was really pleasing as all 5 cysts had disappeared; she has since been scanned and shows no sign of cancer.

Mrs k aged 53

(Thynoma Cancer)

My first post did not include Mrs K from Australia as she is known on this forum. She followed her personal protocol during the day time. Plus Cancer herbs, MSM, sea water, apricot Kernels, black seed oil, black salve. The black salve drew out the cancer, we sealed the hole that was left, it healed very well. She was amazed at her results, she continues protocol. She also did enema’s, sit baths etc.
She is busy jumping up and down after her 4 week stay, after returning home to Austrailia, where she had a tumor that was 8.4cm after a four week stay with us at the center in Bulgaria she had a further test, she jumped with joy at being told the tumor has drastically reduced in size to 3.5cm that is a 5cm reduction in just 4 weeks. This is just another one of our amazing results. As Starllyte continues protocol her tumor will continue to reduce, we are so pleased that she took a leap of faith to come to us.She will be updated her posts very soon, we the team at the restoration center continue to support her on her journey to full health restoration.
  We see an abundant amount of people suffering from Leukemia, there was a man here a month ago that had not eaten for a while, had had been terrified at the size of his liver and spleen, he came from Kenya and his liver and spleen had been the highest had I had seen, it protruded so much the man could not sit up or eat without severe pain. He was extremely underweight. The liver wrap was wonderful for him and worked quite quickly. We also started with his personal protocol and built up very slowly with protocols set.
As well as I.V therapy. He ate fresh avocado’s daily, drank milk thistle and artichoke tea during the evening, took burdock root powder capsules for cleaning the blood, ate 10 apricot kernels, 4 cancer herbs, 2 artichoke and milk thistle capsules, 2 tea spoons of black seed oil, 250ml/cc sea water and 2 x MSM. Whilst here we noticed that he had Macular Degeneration of the eyes, this was confirmed when he returned to Kenya.