Dr. Susan Barnes-Smith

Susan Barnes-Smith, ND trained with Stan Malstrom, ND, and with several Native American Medicine People. She is a Master Herbalist (1983), a Certified Nutritionist (1997), a Nationally Certified Diplomate of Asian Bodywork Therapy (1997), an AOBTA Certified Instructor for Tui-Na (2003) and an ANCB Certified Traditional Naturopath (1999). Susan has been practicing as a Holistic Practitioner since 1980. She founded Wholistic Innerworks in 1984. In 1985, she and Randy began working as a team to develop their own combination of Tui-Na and neuromuscular work. She received the American Massage Therapy Association State Meritorious Award for Colorado in 1997. Susan teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tui-Na (Chinese Orthopedic Medical Bodywork), Herbal Medicine, and Nutrition for Health and Healing.

Susan Barnes-Smith is a director of Wholistic Innerworks Foundation, Inc., an umbrella organization for The Medicine Wheel – a School of Holistic Therapies (a school for Naturopathic Medicine). She has been involved in metaphysics and holistic living since 1965. She shares her philosophy of Whole, Natural and Pure with anyone and everyone interested.The school was closed in the States in 2012, when she moved to Belize, Central America, where she could live in semi-retirement. She is currently instructing an apprenticeship program for Traditional Healers.