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Welcome to Healing Oracle, full service provider’s in-patient treatment center for cancer patients located in Progresso, Corozal, Belize.  Healing Oracle has treatment options for patients with all types of cancers, from early to advanced stages of the disease.

We combine the latest non-toxic, evidence-based medicine that selectively targets cancer cells, with a sophisticated WHOLE BODY CANCER TREATMENT PROGRAM. As a result, we can comprehensively treat not just the cancer itself, but also the often ignored, underlying conditions that stimulate the growth, and later, the resurgence of cancer. We start from the root cause. We find what the cancer is feeding off and stop all feeds.

Healing Oracle features more treatment options under one roof than any other cancer clinic. Our paradise location in Belize gives us the option to leverage highly effective treatments that are not available in many countries like the U.S.A. or Canada.  As a result, we can avoid toxic treatments such as chemo- and radiotherapy that leave a trail of destruction in the body. Our philosophy is to treat the cancer effectively from all angles, while at the same time doing no harm to a body that is already dealing with the stress of the disease. We do not shock the body.

We are committed to providing the best patient experience through our exceptional clinic care and ongoing support.

EXPERIENCED AND DIVERSE MEDICAL TEAM.  Led by world-renowned cancer researcher Mary Jewell and cancer physician, Dr. Fermin Celma, our core Medical Team boasts of experts in the field of both alternative, integrative and conventional medicine who live by the highest standards of international professionalism.  They are supported by a compassionate nursing and support staff, ensuring that you are not only well cared for, but at all times feel appreciated and respected as you deserve.

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