Over the past 50 years, human health has worsened. Studies show that 71% of Americans are now overweight, as reported in the last five years [1]. This means a staggering 100 million people in America are obese. Today, eating processed foods and fast foods may kill more people prematurely [2] than other chronic diseases like cancer.

Similarly, we have more dangerous items that we consume in our daily lives. One such is Diet Soda! Do you know diet soda is terrible for you and has nothing to do with weight loss!

Many studies prove that it is not suitable for human health. [3]. Public health officials must tell people to avoid diet soda. This is as important a warning as health experts do for regular, sugar-sweetened soda. [4] Studies reveal that 15 per cent of American children and 30 per cent of American adults consume artificial sweeteners, including aspartame, sucralose & saccharin.

What is the problem with Artificial Sweeteners?

Artificial sweeteners are known to confuse the body’s natural ability to manage calories based on intake of something sweet. Some studies suggest people are likely to overeat even if they consume diet soda. Also, people who consume artificial sweeteners are twice as likely to develop metabolic syndrome. [5]

Why is Diet Soda Bad for you?

There is a lot of research linking diet soda drinking to all sorts of health troubles. Some health issues one can face after long-term consumption are discussed below:


Studies conclude that drinking more than four cans a day of diet soda can increase your chances of risk of depression by 30 per cent [6]. The risk appears to be greater for people who drink diet soda than regular soda. Health experts advise that, instead of consuming this slow poison called diet soda, drinking four cups of coffee/per day has protective effects. This also lowers depression risk by 10 per cent.

Kidney Damage

Studies suggest that long-term diet soda consumption can cause a 30 per cent greater reduction in kidney function and result in renal disease (7).

Type 2 Diabetes & Metabolic Syndrome

Some studies have found that drinking diet soda daily can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome by 36 per cent. It also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 67 per cent compared to non-diet soda drinkers (8). The artificial sweeteners in diet soda may also tamper with the gut-brain connection. This leads to brain trickery that results in “metabolic derangements.” Zero-calorie sweeteners, including aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose, develop glucose intolerance.

Cardiovascular Disease

Studies conclude that those drinking diet soda daily are more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack. This means more chances of dying from cardiovascular disease. The risk remained constant even when researchers adjusted smoking, weight, exercise, high cholesterol, sodium intake, and other similar factors [9].

Compromised Lungs

Drinking soda increases the risk of developing symptoms related to asthma & COPD. The more soda a person drinks, the higher risk they run at.

A Less Protected Brain

Aspartame, a common artificial sweetener in diet sodas, degrades the brain’s antioxidant defence system. The results of relevant studies found that long-term consumption of aspartame may lead to an imbalance in the antioxidant/pro-oxidant status of the brain. This mainly happens through the mechanism involving the glutathione-dependent system. (10)

Aspartame has links to causing migraines & headaches, anxiety, depression, multiple sclerosis, short-term memory loss, hearing loss, fibromyalgia, fatigue, weight gain, brain tumours, chronic fatigue syndrome, Alzheimer’s, lymphoma, diabetes, arthritis, chemical sensitivities, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Cancer, etc.

Ending Note:

In conclusion, you have likely recognised that poisonous can on your refrigerators’ shelf. Multiple studies from the past have warned us about side effects, and it is high time to pay heed to them.

With a clear answer on how bad diet coke can be for your health, it is imperative to avoid and shift to healthier alternatives. Humans have been traditionally relying on natural drinks, fruit juices, and herbal concoctions for ages. The ancient people had it all accustomed according to the weather. Food and health have always been interlinked and associated closely. Even the age-old Ayurveda nods ahead in acceptance for the same. Find a list of superfoods you can experiment with to cleanse your body. Some herbs can help with disorders like Autism and ADHD; all you need is to exploreHere’s an instant recipe of pot coconut milk for you to prepare and yet another to boost your immunity.

At Healing Oracle, we have constantly been warning about processed food’s risks to human health. All we aim is to live natural and healthy and stay happy because WE HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE; LET’S RESPECT AND LIVE IT TO THE BEST!

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