Nagalase is an enzyme produced by cancer cells and certain viruses, such as HIV, influenza and certain parasites. Nagalase is very harmful to us and our immume systems. It has the ability to degrade an essential protein called Gc-protein, which is the precursor of a powerful immune stimulator called GcMAF (Gc-protein-derived macrophage activating factor). By destroying Gc-protein, Nagalase prevents the formation of GcMAF the role of which is to activates the white blood cell macrophages that keep the immune system strong and destroy infected and cancerous cells.

In short, Nagalase suppresses the immune system, allowing cancer and viral infections to progress and take over the body.

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The many benefits of Nagalase testing

Nagalase testing is essential for anyone to understand and monitor the health of their own immune system. It has many benefits for diagnosing and monitoring cancer and viral infections:

  • It can detect cancer at an earlier stage than the current “gold standard” of cancer diagnosis and testing, which is intrusive and dangerous, such as biopsies and MRI scans.
  • It can monitor the efficacy of therapy for cancer and viral infections. Since Nagalase levels decrease rapidly after successful treatment, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or immunotherapy, we can tell how well the treatment is doing.
  • Nagalase testing can help determine the optimal dose and duration of Glyco Protein derived activating factor (VDTP) therapy, as well as evaluate its effectiveness and safety.

So Nagalase testing has always been important, but it has always had limitations and was only ever 60% accurate. Despite this, it is in great demand, but alas, is also largely unavailable to most doctors and hospitals.

Until now…

The benefits of these new rapid Nagalase test kits

Introducing the latest innovation in Nagalase testing and immunotherapy.

New to the market, never seen before, the new Nagalase rapid test kits are an extremely effective way of testing your immune system. Easy to use, they give a 98% accurate result in less than 10 minutes, at home and in Hospital.

Thanks to the ground-breaking research and development of BioRemedix and their team: these latest kits are a game changer in our battle against cancer and other diseases of the immune system.

All it requires is a small blood sample to measure the activity of Nagalase in the patients serum, or plasma. Based on a proprietary method that consists of a two-step immunocapture assay. These new tests can now even detect very low levels of Nagalase and can differentiate between free Nagalase (active enzyme), bound Nagalase (inactive enzyme), and total Nagalase (free plus bound).

Testing ourselves in this way will mean a greater improvement in the quality of life and survival rate of all patients with cancer and viral infections. By detecting cancer early, monitoring treatment response, and guiding immunotherapy, Nagalase testing can help patients achieve better outcomes and reduce the risk of complications.

Since Nagalase levels indicate tumor recurrence, or metastasis after treatment, so patients will be able to test themselves and monitor their own recovery.

These new and improved tests can greatly improve accuracy at 98% and so pinpoint the use of effective immunotherapy, such as VDTP treatment for cancer and viral infections. VDTP therapy is a novel approach to cancer that involves administering exogenous VDTP to patients to restore their immune function to fight cancer and infections.

These tests are useful for EVERYONE!

Nagalase Rapid Test Kit instructions


Benefitting even healthy people. Nagalse testing can become a type of self-monitoring MOT for your body, as a health check and marker for everyone’s immune system. Even if you feel well, these tests will help everyone understand how their immune system is performing and give early signs of the presence of cancer, or other diseases, as a true test of your own immune system.

In conclusion

BioRemedix have overcome the challenges and limitations of previous Nagalase testing, meaning these kits can soon be widely available and adopted in all clinical practices.

Their research has concluded to validate the accuracy and reliability of these new and improved Nagalase test kits and BioRemedix have established standardized reference ranges and cut-off values for different types of cancer and infections. They have compared Nagalase testing with other biomarkers and diagnostic methods and have evaluated the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of Nagalase testing in different settings globally, making them affordable and available for everyone for the first time.

Production is currently limited to manufacture to order and are currently only available in minimum packs of 50 Nagalase kits. The RRP price is $165 per kit.

And so as these test kits become more readily available, Dr Zaka Abbaszade and the Bioremedix team can be very proud of their achievements during research and development in overcoming the limitations and obstacles of the previous forms of Nagalase testing. And so they have Negated the lengthy wait times and generalised results of previous tests. No longer will you need to send off for the kit, arrange the hospital visit to draw the blood, to centrifuge it and then wait 3 weeks to 6 months for the result. As these easy to use kits will give you a 98% accurate result in minutes!

And so, for the first time, these tests can be easily performed alone, at home, in clinics, blood working labs and hospitals around the world.

Ask your Practitioner to stock these tests if they do not do so already.

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