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With the pandemonium caused by the ‘pandemic’, Covid Pass restrictions have been heavily imposed on citizens throughout Europe. As of now, 14 European countries have different domestic restrictions based on the Covid Pass. Within Europe, every country has imposed travel restrictions based on the Covid Passes.

With some countries in Europe the restrictions are light, but in some like Lithuania the restrictions to those that choose not to vaccinate are heavy and oppressive. With people losing many of their basic human rights, losing their jobs and losing their liberty.

Whilst the vaccines themselves are still in trial and have many reported dangerous side effects and even a supreme court ruling against it, it is no wonder that many citizens do not want to take this risk, leading to mass protests across Europe and the world that is not ever discussed by or shown on the mainstream median channels.

In May 2021, many EU countries introduced a Covid Pass for domestic called the “Opportunity Pass” and here we describe how in Lithuania in particular, the government has created two different freedoms of movement for the vaccinated and the non vaccinated. The differences are staggering as the non vaccinated have become outcasts, demonized by the mainstream and fired from their jobs.

IF you agree to getting the vaccine and the pass then you are given freedom of movement, if however you choose to obtain, the consequences are far reaching and debilitating.

The pass allows you a participation opportunity in society. Without it, citizens lack an opportunity and have many restricted rights.

Here’s how you get Opportunity Pass:

You must be fully vaccinated with doses from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, or J&J.

A negative PCR test (valid for 48 hours after sample collection). Or have proof of Covid contamination within the last 7 months.

The Covid Pass provided by the government is in the form of a QR code. To use it, citizens show the QR code to a “verifier” scanner. The scanner confirms and authenticates the Pass. Once verified with your safe health status, you then need to show your ID to the verifier & confirm the match of information contained in the Pass & your ID.

In Lithuania at least, the technology has become the ruling authority on people’s movements in many European countries and the world. This has happened right under our noses as the freedom of movement is becoming more and more restricted.

Restrictions for people without the Opportunity Pass

Bearing in mind the dangers of the vaccines, the unvaccinated will become more and more restricted. These are some of the restrictions:

  • Can’t visit cafes, restaurants, “non-essential” stores, shopping centers, public indoor spaces, fitness centers, gyms, or saunas.
  • Citizens are barred from attending outdoor events of more than 500 people.
  • Citizens may be barred from traveling by train.
  • Students will be barred from entering university without the Pass.
  • Citizens are banned from visiting patients in medical facilities, or senior care, the only exception being terminally ill patients & children under 14 years of age (with doctor’s advance permission).

Exception: Citizens are eligible to receive emergency care without an Opportunity Pass.

A fig-leaf to mask the Coercion:

The government opposes the fact that the vaccine is non-mandatory, as citizens still get the Opportunity Pass if they have proven immunity from infections, or do the tests. That’s the fig leaf that masks the pressure to get vaccinated.

The testing option is similarly designed to be difficult. Earlier, people could get tests for free through government health plans. Now, it’s a mandate to get tested for the Opportunity Pass at private labs with your own money and a negative result is merely valid for 48 hours from the time of sample collection.

Not many will be willing to do a test every 1-2 days to live life freely. The money and time make the idea incompatible for the vast majority of the population.

As per the government mandate, only PCR tests are acceptable for the Pass, that’s another burden of testing.

On average, the tests would cost more than 1000 EUR in lab fees per person per month in addition to the time of visiting the lab.

The result is citizens are hugely burdened and pressurised into the vaccinations, over testing and free movement.

This is Government coercion to get vaccinated on a global scale and must be opposed!

The Fight for freedom

Covid restrictions have introduced an authoritarian form of government in the European Union to the kind of scale we have never seen before. During the 20th century there were many wars and battles against this kind of government-led authoritarian regimes and the propaganda of the “Show me your documents” authoritarianism of the USSR.

Yet this regime of government control did not involve a single tank or missile, instead it has been media led as as psychological war upon the medical world as the reported ‘pandemic’ led to a vaccine mandate that has paved the way for total political reform within the space of less than two years.

So we now see a total compliance to this new regime of media-led propaganda and the fear-driven health authoritarianism of “Show me your Covid QR Code!”.

What can be done about it all? Has the battle been lost and the war already been won?

What can now be done we ask?

Please read Gluboco Lietuva, an ordinary Lithuanian man’s account of what it is like to make a choice against this new oppressive regime.

He talks of the perils and challenges he faces in his country preceding the mandate for ‘Opportunity Pass’ as he and his wife have so far chosen not to have the vaccine.

Please read the article in full here

And spread and share his message.

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