Natural Treatments For Breast Lumps


A breast lump is a common finding among females, and a test can ascertain if a breast lump is cancerous and requires treatment. Here’s all you must know about Breast Lumps!

A breast lump is a small round mass in the breast tissue. It may feel like anything from smooth, firm ball to doughy or rubbery. Some of them are normal, but others might be cancerous. Therefore, you must be sure if there is something wrong with your breasts. While a breast lump may be a sign of breast cancer, often, it is not related to cancer. 8/10 breast lumps are noncancerous.

Caution: Lumps that feel harder or different from the rest of the breast may be a concern and must be checked. This type of lump can be a sign of breast cancer.
Contact your doctor if you find:

  • Lump, thickening hard knot inside breast/underarm area
  • Redness, warmth, swelling, or darkening of the breast
  • Change in size/shape of a breast
  • Scaly, Itchy, sore or rash on the nipple
  • Sudden nipple discharge

The cancer cells directly attack the body’s immune system and damage their capacity to fight back and secure the system. Since the immune system itself is a shield to prevent the growth of cancerous T-cells, we need to adopt an approach that boosts the immune system and helps us live better lifestyles. Immunotherapy is an alternative that provides hope to the masses. With the ongoing research related to the impacts of immunotherapy on cancer and other chronic diseases, it is imperative to consider it not as a therapy but as a way of living.

With the drug resistance, cancer relapse, and side effects associated with chemotherapeutic drugs, scientists are turning to sources with proven efficacy, such as natural compounds for breast treatment and prevention. Data from studies prove certain natural compounds promote apoptosis & inhibit metastasis, which prevents cancer growth.

Some Effective Compounds to help with Breast Cancer naturally:

Genistein: An isoflavone phytoestrogen present in Leguminosae (Fabaceae); Genistein possesses anti-tumour effects for various cancers. It is present notably in soybeans and native of South-East Asia. The compound assists in overcoming cancer drug resistance and suppresses the recurrence of cancers. It also reduces tumorigenesis of cancers that require estrogen. Studies found that Genistein is a preventive agent for chemically induced mammary tumours as it induces cell differentiation and inactivation of the epidermal growth factor signalling pathway. In addition, it has anti-oxidation, anti-proliferation, anti-cancer activities; it also promotes apoptosis and suppresses angiogenesis and metastasis. The compound suppresses tyrosine kinases, inhibiting cell survival and cancer progression, which is why it is a potential therapeutic agent to help fight various cancers.

Curcumin: A component found in the spice plant Curcuma longa turmeric, Curcumin (CUR) is commonly used for medicinal purposes and is effective against various cancers. The anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour, anti-microbial, anti-oxidative, and anticancer properties are some reasons for which it drew attention from researchers. It has anti-carcinogenic effects on squamous cell carcinomas and lung, breast, pancreatic, brain, head and neck, and colorectal cancers. CUR regulates expressions of different proteins, including transcription factors, inflammatory cytokines and enzymes, and gene products associated with cell survival and hinders tumours. Unlike chemotherapeutic drugs, CUR has minimal side effects. Thus, it is a promising agent for treating various cancers.

Diosgenin: A steroid saponin derived from plants Dioscorea villosa and Trigonellafoenum graecum, Diosgenin (DG) is found mainly in China, India, Thailand, and South-East Asian countries and some part of the Mediterranean region & Northern Africa. For various cancer cells, the DG compound suppresses growth & progression and promotes apoptosis. The cancers beneficially affected by DG include osteosarcoma, colon carcinoma, leukaemia, and Breast Cancer. DG prevents cancer growth by regulating cell-signalling events related to cancer differentiation, proliferation, apoptosis, and development. With no reports indicating toxic effects on non-cancerous cells, DG is a promising agent for treating various types of cancer and associated tumours.

Garcinol: Garcinol is valued in the Indian subcontinent, Africa, and China for its anti-oxidative, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer properties. Garcinol suppresses histone acetyltransferases and induces ROS. By modulating the NF-κB signalling Pathway in Breast Cancer Cells, suppresses cell growth & promotes apoptosis. For MCF-7 BrCa cells, garcinol suppresses E2-promoted proliferation and enhances apoptosis. In addition to fostering apoptosis and stopping cancer cell invasion, garcinol suppresses the Wnt signalling pathway. Studies found that the anti-carcinogenic effects of garcinol against BrCa are associated with the reversal of EMT phenotype. Garcinol prevents migration of MDA-MB-231 BrCa cells by decreasing expression of α9-nAChR and cyclin D3, which are associated with breast tumorigenesis. Successfully suppressing the factors contributing to the growth of breast tumours, garcinol is an anticancer agent with the potential to treat BrCa.

Thymoquinone: Present in seeds of Nigella sativa, cultivated in the Mediterranean region and Western Asian countries, studies found Thymoquinone (TQ) to have activity against various types of cancers, including breast, liver, ovarian, larynx, prostate, and colorectal cancers. The antitumor activity of TQ involves several targets, including p53, p73, STAT3, NF-κB, PPAR-γ, and ROS. TQ has anticancer effects on BrCa cells. It exhibits anti-migratory and pro-apoptotic properties against BrCa cells by elevating phosphorylation of p38 and ROS signalling. Thus, TQ can be a promising compound to be used in alternative cancer treatment.

VDTP/GcMAF is a naturally occurring blood protein created in the human body. This simple yet powerful deamidated glycoprotein acts as an immune system booster, increasing Natural Killer (NK) cell function and macrophage activity to destroy cancer cells, virally infected cells or other diseased tissue from the body.

Ending Note:

Breast cancer is a multifactorial disease with many different factors, and it can have either an independent or combined effect. Individuals at high risk for breast cancer should know about the possible causes to diagnose it early and reduce the impact or late-stage effects like recurrence, mortality rates etc. Treatment using natural resources and methods are hope for many under possible risk of Breast Cancer and associated tumours!

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