VDTP GCMAF Immunotherapy For Cancer


VDTP/GcMAF (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor) is a naturally occurring blood protein created in the human body. This simple yet powerful deamidated glycoprotein acts as an immune system booster, increasing Natural Killer (NK) cell function and macrophage activity to destroy cancer cells, virally infected cells or other diseased tissue from the body.

VDTP/GcMAF has been pioneered by Dr. Yamamoto from Japan who after 30 years of research discovered that all cancers have one thing in common: they all contain a substance called ‘nagalase’ which inhibits macrophage activation and renders our bodies defenseless against cancerous or virus attacks. VDTP/GcMAF changes this scenario for cancer healing.

If you are having problems sourcing a genuine product, here is one link where you can source VDPT/GcMaf

Here are 3 reasons to try VDTP/GcMAF therapy for cancer in parallel with traditional treatments. 

1. VDTP/GcMAF Kills Cancerous Cells

Our immune system is naturally equipped to fend off harmful germs, destroy cancerous cells, and any other invasive pathogen in the body. Macrophages or killer white blood cells are adept in detecting and killing cancerous cells on their own.

However, the immune system must be ‘switched’ to full blast for this to work effectively. This is what VDTP/GcMAF immunotherapy is all about.

2. It is a Natural Treatment 

Traditional treatments for cancer like Chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery are often painful and come with many side-effects. These can be severe and tolling on the patient’s quality of life.

VDTP/GcMAF immunotherapy on the other hand is simply about injecting this natural compound into the body to activate body’s immune system for ‘offensive’ capabilities against the cancer cells. Once VDTP/GcMAF is injected, it activates the killer Macrophages that protect us.

3. VDTP/GcMAF Bypasses Cancer-Defense

The most amazing fact about VDTP/GcMAF immunotherapy is that it bypasses that defense of major cancer cells. Cancer cells make themselves invisible to the killer immunity cells through an enzyme called Nagalase.

Nagalase essentially blocks body’s natural VDTP/GcMAF production which in turns switches off the warrior white blood cells. VDTP/GcMAF doses to the patient during the immunotherapy compensate for this blocked MAF, and triggers a storm of warrior Macrophages that can suppress cancerous tumors.

Please see this video for a full explanation of how GcMAF works

And watch this video captured in time lapse showing how activated GcMAF cells attack and eliminate viruses, bacteria and cancer:

You can read more about VDTP/GcMAF, relevant researches, and stories of recovery from our dedicated archive on the subject.

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