Natural herbs for pancreatic cancer treatment


Pancreatic cancer is the fourth-leading cause of death in the USA alone, and it is bound to claim more than 48000 lives this year. This disease typically shows up too late to be treated effectively. Unfortunately, only 4% of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer live for five years after diagnosis.

It does not have to be that way!

Especially, when it was clearly stated in a 2008 study that some herbal medicines have been shown to kill pancreatic cancer cells.

The 2008 Discovery

Natural herbs for cancer treatment have been in use in the Middle Eastern countries for ages, long before the researchers actually discovered it in the last decade.

Researchers at the Kimmel Cancer at Jefferson in Philadelphia have found that thymoquinone, an extract of Nigella Sativa seed oil, blocked pancreatic cancer cell growth and killed the cells by enhancing the process of programmed cell death.

Nigella Sativa, a herb used in traditional medicine, may after all help in the fight against pancreatic cancer, one of the most difficult cancers to treat.

We’ve already established the effectiveness of Cannabis oil therapy against different cancers – and more and more pieces of evidence keep unearthing themselves to support its effectiveness against cancerous tumors.

How does Nigella Sativa Work Against Cancer?

According to Hwyda Arafat, M.D., Ph.D., an associate professor of Surgery at Jefferson Medical College of Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Nigella Sativa is shown to help treat a broad range of conditions, it has been found useful for some immune and inflammatory disorders that previous studies have also shown anticancer activity in the pancreas.

Hwyda, with her team, used a human pancreatic cancer cell line for the research. They found that adding thymoquinone, a compound found in N. Sativa, killed approximately 80 percent of the cancer cells.

They clearly showed and documented that thymoquinone triggered programmed cell death in the cells (or apoptosis) and that a number of important genes, including p53, Bax, bcl-2, and p21, were affected.

Mind you the p21 gene regulates different phases of the cell cycle. N. Sativa substantially increased apoptosis in cancerous cells.

The discovery is incredibly valuable – and can help cancer patients in their journey to full recovery.

Choose Natural for Your Health

We’ve always indoctrinated the use of natural cancer treatments for all kinds of treatments. Through mindful anti-cancer diet regulation, cannabis therapy, and some lifestyle changes, people can keep cancer at bay altogether!

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